Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


New Address

The new address for the MUSH will be This address will become functional shortly, but in the meantime can be used to connect to the game.

Hosting Issue Solved

We’re happy to be able to report that we have a new host for Blood of Dragons. We don’t yet have the precise address that we’ll be using, but the game will now be hosted on the same server as the website, allowing us to proceed with plans such as making the character database accessible through a web-interface.

As soon as the game is up at the new address, we’ll post to announce this.

Losing Our Host

Unfortunately, we have some very bad news. Our current host,, will be closing down in two months, leaving Blood of Dragons without a home. Those who have logged on recently will know that the timing is about as bad as it could be, as we have recently been preparing to finally open for beta play sometime relatively soon after the US release of A Feast for Crows.

At this time, we have no solution for this problem. There are many commercial hosts out there, but quite a few don’t take PennMUSH (and changing to something else is not an option for us) or offer mySQL databases. Furthermore, we aren’t sure we can manage a commercial host financially in any case. We will be investigating what other options may exist, however, and if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

CharGen Progress

Despite our work being a little disrupted by the server’s downtime, we have now reached (and done much work on) the Assets & Flaws section of the CharGen. We are also working on finalizing the INFO (NEWS) files to be able to upload those to the game and to the website.

Game Back Up

Blood of Dragons is now back up, thanks to the hard work of’s site admin following an attack on the server. Please note, however, that the port is now 3000.

Game Down

At the moment, our host ( is down, which of course means that Blood of Dragons is down too.  Unfortunately, we have no idea what is wrong with the server as our only way of contacting the site admin is through is email. Hopefully, the downtime won’t be too lengthy, but at the moment we can’t say anything about when the game might be up again. We’ll just have to hope its nothing serious, especially since we were making good progress with the CharGen before this happened. As soon as we know something more, we’ll post again.

CDB Additions

We’ve now finished adding the batch of houses we created during the summer to the character database. This brings us up to a total of 1767 characters. Of these 13 are Features, 623 are Closed (due to being dead, too young or unable to be in King’s Landing), 171 are Restricted and 960 are Open. So, there ought to be something for everyone in there, or so we hope.

A few more characters will be added later on, but almost all of these will be Features, so the characters currently set to Restricted or Open are pretty much a definitive list of the characters which will be available for players to chose from.

CDB Code Completed

Since we’ve had a few people comment about the lack of updates, here’s some information on what we’re doing at the moment.