Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


141 AC

A tourney at Gulltown and ensuing violence.

Month 11

Day 23: During a tourney at Gulltown hosted by Lord Grafton, a melee for squires becomes chaotic when angry Grafton men-at-arms push themselves into the mix after seeing Benfrey Grafton knocked about by three other squires who had allied against him. In the ensuing fracas, the horse of one of the squires—Rance Coldwater—rears and then falls to the ground on top of the squire. A number of bones are broken, and soon it becomes clear that internal organs have also ruptured. He dies within the hour. His grandfather, Ser Edmore, demands satisfaction from Lord Grafton, who refuses and states that such mishaps happen from time to time.

Day 24: The three men-at-arms are killed by Ser Edmore, his son Ser Dennard (father of the deceased squire), and his grandson Ser Urlon the Stray (brother of the deceased squire) when they are apprehended in an inn. The three knights are defiant when taken under arrest, but Lord Grafton soon releases them without referring the matter to the Eyrie.