Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


159 AC

Efforts to pacify the Dornishmen continue, as the king returns to King’s Landing. A grand tourney takes place to celebrate the king’s great victory. Tensions in the city of King’s Landing due to the Dornishmen lead to violent riots.

Month 1

Day 9: Lord Tyrell resumes his attempt to restore full control of the Boneway, in the wake of the king’s journey in the pass having scared away the rebels. Outriders and patrols are established, based at newly-raised timber watchtowers.

Day 18: Arriving at Wyl, Daeron takes time to rest his forces before resuming his journey down the Boneway.

Day 28: After weeks of relative silence, an attack against one of the new watchtowers led by Alyx Sands succeeds in killing its small garrison, seizing its supplies, and then burning it down. The smoke from the fire draws Lord Tyrell himself with a troop of horsemen, but the bandits vanish before they appear.

Month 2

Day 1: Word arrives in King’s Landing that King Daeron has safely arrived at Blackhaven, where Lord Dondarrion feasts him and his captains.

Day 6: A resurgence of banditry in the Prince’s Pass suggests Ser Wallace Chester was overly-confident that he had driven Andrey Blackmont deep into the mountains, too weak to launch assaults against the supply trains and merchant caravans hazarding the pass. The garrison at Blackmont, just strong enough to hold the castle, refuses Ser Wallace’s demand that they deal with the matter and instead cite the fact that Lord Tyrell had left it in Ser Wallace’s trust.

Day 11: Ser Wallace sets out with a troop of household men and Dornish levies for the Prince’s Pass to once more deal with rebels.

Day 14: Entering the Prince’s Pass, Ser Wallace determines to avoid skirmishing with the rebels, instead attempting to locate the fastnesses from which they operate. Local Dornish smallfolk are forcibly enlisted in the search, and some are put to the question to reveal what they know.

Day 15: Lord Manwoody at last makes an appearance, after being content with letting his band rest and grow stronger in the heart of the red mountains where Lord Tyrell has been unable to penetrate. Though his numbers have dwindled, those who remain are a hardened core of rebels. Attacking a merchant train, they seize new supplies, burning what they cannot use. Lord Manwoody sends a portion of his troop north towards the marches, while leading the other part to skirt the pass and catch it up again further south.

Day 17: Lord Tyrell receives a report of the

Month 3

Day 2: Prince Viserys, Prince Aemon, and others of the court depart the Red Keep for the stormlands, there to provide King Daeron a royal escort into his city. Torrential rains in the stormlands slow the king’s progress.

Prince Viserys Day 4: Prince Aegon Targaryen moves Cassella Vaith from her apartments in the Dornish Tower after taking her as his mistress while his father the Hand is away in the stormlands to provide the returning King Daeron an escort into the city.

Day 14: King Daeron arrives at King’s Landing with an escort led by Prince Viserys, and is met by a huge crowd of subjects and loyal men. Some anger is sparked when he takes time to speak with the Dornish hostages, but the feast afterwards is merry save for the strained silence between the king and his cousin Prince Aegon, doubtless over the matter of Prince Aegon’s taking a Dornish hostage as a mistress.

Month 5

Day 14: Damarya Allyrion, one of the Dornish hostages kept in the Red Keep, is arrested at Prince Viserys’s command. Rumor has it that the lady blamed a fellow hostage, Serion Uller, for her situation. Rumor would later whisper that the mad Dornishwoman had plotted to poison the king, as she was removed from the Dornish tower and instead placed in a tower cell where she is kept apart from her fellow hostages and supervised day and night by septas and servants.

Month 6

Day 2: Thoryn Saltcliffe, son of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Lady Reyna of House Tyrell, is born in King’s Landing.

Day 16: The first day of jousting opened in grand style, as the king presided over the event. Notable events included Ser Endros Buckler unhorsing Olyvar Oakheart, the Green Oak of the Kingsguard, Prince Cadan Martell knocked senseless from the saddle by Ser Elmer Crakehall, a lengthy series of tilts between Ser Janden Melcolm and Ser Axell Farman, and at last the victory of Ser Almer Connington over Ser Janden. Awarded the first prize and the right to crown the day’s Queen of Love and Beauty, Ser Almer gave the crown to Princess Rhaena Targaryen.

Day 17: The second day of jousting saw Ser Triston Templeton as the victor of the day after defeating warriors such as Ser Aidan Dayne, Lord Manfred Dondarrion, and Seth Blackwood. Ser Sarmion Baratheon, after having been beaten by the Knight of the Twilight, was enraged and withdrew from the jousting rather than continue. Ser Triston crowned his cousion Lady Jyana Arryn the day’s Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 18: The third day of jousting allowed any knight who broke at least three lances in the course of the event a second chance to joust if they were defeated. This proved useful for a number of knights, who jousted in forceful style, such as Ser Sarmion Baratheon, the Stormbreaker. After being defeated by Ser Aidan Dayne, Ser Sarmion seemed set to have a piece of revenge by facing Prince Cadan Martell. However, the Dornish prince managed somehow to defeat the giant Baratheon before succumbing to exhaustion and retiring from the lists. In the end, it was Ser Gueren Waters who won the right to face the undefeated Ser Aidan Dayne in the lists. The famed tourney knight defeated the Dornishman and went on to crown his lady wife as the Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 19: The fourth day featured riding at rings for the ladies of the court. Princess Daena and her companions acquitted themselves well during the competition, but it was the northwomen Aisling Ryswell and Marian Stark, and Lady Ammena Piper, who proved the best on the day. Lady Aisling won ahead of Lady Ammena by a narrow margin, earning a prize of fifty golden dragons. Afterwards, the jousting featured a novel format, as four champions were placed to defend four pavilions. A knight who wished to joust could challenge only the first champion and then, if he defeated him, could take his place or hazard the second champion. This led to many remarkable feats of arms, such as Ser Jace Rollingford, the Knight of the Fountains, managing twenty-five jousts over the course of the day before finally being replaced in the first pavilion. In the final joust, Balian Blackwood defeated Ser Walder Frey, one of the Twins of the Crossing, and placed the crown of Queen of Love and Beauty in the lap of his lady wife. Later that evening, a feast featuring troupes of mummers entertained the court.

Day 20: The fifth day of jousting had a small field of knights, sixteen, but many jousting contests as those who were defeated were sent on to fight in a second contest whose victor would face the undefeated champion of the initial event. Among the most notable feats were a contest on foot between the Iron Serpent and the Knight of the Twilight as they unhorsed one another, which Ser Dagur Saltcliffe won, and the seven passes between the friends Prince Aemon and Ser Jaesin Lannister. The Dragonknight ultimately defeated the Lannister heir, but the prowess of both knights greatly pleased those who watched. Ser Jaesin went on to defeat all challengers in the losers’ contest, winning the right to face the undefeated Dragonknight a second time for the final prize, but the knight graciously forfeited it as he felt Aemon had proved himself the better man on the day. As always, Prince Aemon crowned his sister Princess Naerys as the Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 21: The day opened with an archery competition, beginning with a competition for the ladies of the court which was won by Aisling Ryswell ahead of Princess Daenya. In the competition for men, the first prize was given to Ser Aidan Dayne and the second to Ser Bryon Waynwood after both knights proved to be talented with the bow. Some time later, the sixth joust of the grand tourney began with sixty-four entrants. The mysterious Weeping Knight entered the lists, refusing to speak as he vanquished one opponent after another until he faced the Knight of the Twilight. Ser Aidan unhorsed him, but
chivalrously allowed the knight to keep his identity secret so long as he promised to seek Ser Aidan in the lists again; the Weeping Knight nodded his assent. The tourney ended with Ser Aidan the victor, and he caused some surprise when he crowned Aisling Ryswell, step-niece of Lord Terin the master of laws, as the Queen of Love and Beauty despite having carried his cousin Tanyth’s favor in the previous days of jousting.

Day 22: A joust of love takes place on the seventh day of King Daeron’s grand tourney. Among the most notable feats of the day were Lord Whalen Rosby’s successful, bruising quest to outdo Ser Jace Rollingford’s twenty-five jousts in a single day, Ser Bonifer Buckwell’s defeat on horse and on foot of the Weeping Knight and revealing him to be none other than Ser Ardon Tyrell, and an epic contest between Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Ser Almer Connington. At the joust’s conclusion, the ladies of the court voted for the champion who jousted best for love of a lady. The prize was given to Seth Blackwood, who had fought vigorously and steadfastly on behalf of Lady Marian Stark despite taking injuries that ultimately incapacitated him.

Day 23: The day opens with King Daeron raising to knighthood over a hundred squires. Following this, the joust begins in good style with many of the new-made knights challenging the seven champions who defend the honor of the Queen of Love and Beauty, Princess Daena. Many great champions fall, and many names are made, by the deeds done that day. The final joust of the grand tourney features the last two champions standing: Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Ser Aidan Dayne, called the Knight of the Twilight. The two famed knights are unhorsed in the first pass, and after a delay they are called upon to fight on with tourney swords. Though the Dragonknight seems to show the sharper skill, Ser Aidan manages to disarm him, only to be disowned in turn. Hungry for glory and victory, the two reach for their unblunted daggers to fight on when King Daeron shouts for them to halt. Rather than risk having two such champions take serious injury, he announces the grand prize to be shared. Both the Dornish hostage and the Dragonknight agree to uphold Princess Daena’s rights to the crown of Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 24: Ser Jaesin Lannister, heir to Casterly Rock, is inducted into the Kingsguard during the grand feast that ends King Daeron’s great tourney. Lord Loren is present for the event, and does not seem pertubed at the loss of his heir. Ser Jaesin is then given the task of becoming sworn shield to Princess Daena. After this, the king announced that Daena would be betrothed to Prince Baelor, ending long speculations that the king himself had intended to finally wed.

Month 7

Day 3: Bandits successfully capture a wagon in the Boneway filled with supplies, and a separate wagon with swords and other weapons intended for the garrison at Yronwood. Lord Tyrell, his resources stretched thin, sends to the local Marcher lords and to King’s Landing for additional assistance.

Day 7: In Sunspear, certain tensions between men of the king’s host under Ser Alyn Velaryon and certain Dornish knights begin to grow. Despite the efforts of Oakenfist and Prince Marence, matters are exacerbated by a drunken Prince Rhodry. Though he is dragged away by his brother’s guards, a fight later breaks out outside Ser Alyn’s headquarters in the shadow city, leaving two men dead.

Day 9: Ser Alyn hangs a pair of men-at-arms for their part in the fight, after a brief trial. However, Prince Marence prefers to send the shariffs who took part in the murderous event to Ghaston Grey, causing some annoyance among Ser Alyn’s men.

Day 14: Certain knights and lances in Sunspear, after one too many encounters with some of the loudest of the Dornish knights, band together and swear to defend one another. Emboldened by this, however, they cause more problems, rather than fewer.

Day 15: Matters come to a head when, after trading insults, Ser Aubry Allyrion of Godsgrace throws down the gage and challenges the northman Jaremy Dustin to a duel. Dustin’s fellows leap in to take his part, and soon a number of Dornish knights match them. Before they can come to blows in the very alleys of the shadow city, Ser Robin the Gross—the Lord Shariff—happens by in a palanquin and has his shariffs spearate the combatants. He charges them to lay their complaint before their overlords.

Day 16: Counselors of Prince Marence meet with certain officers of the king, and soon determine that matters may be best settled by allowing chivalry to run its course. A combat of honors is allowed outside the city walls, between twenty-one of the king’s men and twenty-one Dornishmen.

Day 19: The Combat of Honor takes place. A famous event, although a mere footnote when set against all the troubles. Over half the number are killed or so gravely wounded as to die of the wounds shortly after. Fourteen of the king’s champions—among them the heir to Barrowton, Jaremy Dustin, although two others would die from injury in the next few days—then swore to mark the occasion by calling one another brothers, and named themselves the Brothers of the Battle. Ser Aubry Allyrion survived, as did seven other Dornishmen, but having cried their surrender, they were disgraced and departed Sunspar ignonimously once recovered from their wounds.

Month 9

Day 1: In this month, Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and a company of men depart for the Boneway, reportedly at the behest of King Daeron, to join Lord Tyrell in the Boneway.

Day 23: Arriving in the Boneway, Saltcliffe consults with Lord Tyrell and soon takes his men into the heights of the red mountains of Dorne, hunting after outlaw bands following Lord Manwoody and Red Rhys of the Scourge.

Month 10

Day 7: The first rumors begin to spread that Prince Aegon has a second mistress which he has kept secret from the rest of the court. The source of the rumors is unclear, but follows hot on rumors from the mouths of Aegon’s friends and companions that he has bedded Reyna Tyrell while her husband the Iron Serpent is away in the Marches of Dorne.

Day 15: Princess Elaena’s nameday celebration features extravagant gifts, including a dragon’s egg from her brother King Daeron. However, it’s overshadowed when Prince Aemon the Dragonknight learns that his brother Aegon has kept the commoner Megette as a mistress for four years, and had gone so far as to wed her in a farcical ceremony. Unaware of his younger son’s anger, Prince Viserys ordered Aemon to escort Aegon from the festivities following a number of sharp, crude remarks aimed at Reyna Tyrell, whom he blamed for revealing his scandalous relationship. Once outside the feasting hall, however, the two brothers fell to arguing. Aegon seized Aemon’s sword and in a rage attempted to kill him, and succeeded in slicing open his face from ear to jaw. Even as blood poured down, the Dragonknight managed to disarm his brother with a chamber pot carried by a cowering servant, the results of which led a court wit to dub the fight the duel of shit and steel. Aegon was confined to his chambers while Aemon was treated by maesters for the terrible wound.

Day 22: Prince Aegon offers up an unwilling but public apology to Lady Reyna Tyrell for instigating the conflict that led to all the trouble. In the course of this, Aegon exchanges sharp words with Jonn Lannister, who was formerly a companion in his carousing.

Month 11

Day 14: Merry Meg is taken to Fairmarket and returned to her erstwhile husband, a blacksmith in the town. Her four daughters by Prince Aegon are given over to the Faith, at the suggestion of the pious Prince Baelor.

Day 20: The execution of Ser Edmund Wyl, a rebel cousin of Lord Wyl captured by Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and his men in the Boneway, takes place in the Red Keep. Brought in chains to King’s Landing, Wyl was condemned to a traitor’s death. His final words were defiant, and a near-riot broke out among the smallfolk witnessing the event in the Red Keep’s outer ward following certain inflammatory actions and words from Ser Sarmion Baratheon and Ser Jonn Lannister. It requires the intervention of the gold cloaks to disperse the riotous crowd.

Day 29: Rosalind Hill becomes an informal companion to Princess Elaena.

Month 12

Day 18: Reports reach King’s Landing of a troublesome nest of brigands operating in the waters and area about Saltpans. Lord Hawick, in King’s Landing at the time, determines to ride to Saltpans while leaving the rest of his household, including his wife and her lady-in-waiting. However, Lady Hollyse insists on following with her husband, and so Soranna Hawick travels with her.

Day 22: Several Dornish hostages, travelling to Baker’s Square because of word that one baker has taken to making a fair copy of Dornish flat bread, encounter trouble when the baker’s wife claims Ser Aidan Dayne did not pay enough. This shortly afterwards leads to the claim that a child was injured by the Dornish knight, and suddenl anti-Dornish sentiment flared. The gold cloaks accompanying them attempt to hold the crowd back, but Ser Aidan is struck by a rock and dazed. His cousins, the Toland twins, help lead him to safety, while a watchmen manages to extricate a bruised and bleeding Joleta. The officer of the company remains behind, trying to keep the crowd back, and is dragged down and apparently killed. The unrest continues into the night, with the unfortunate baker and his wife attack, and on into the next day, growing progressively more violent. Some rioters call for the Dornish hostages to be executed.

Day 23: The riot begun the previous day begins to grow out of hand, as mobs begin to turn general anti-Dornish sentiment into little more than mindless violence and looting. It’s said that courtiers blame Ser Richard for being much too gentle in an effort to resolve matters without bloodshed, although it’s less commonly remarked that this was in part on the advice of certain members of the small council. Flea Bottom is already nearly lost, and only troops of a dozen or more watchmen dare enter the neighborhood. One such troop recovers the body of the officer killed in the initial riot. Baker’s Square is practically abandoned due to the unrest.

Day 25: The riots are put to a final and violent end when King Daeron himself leads his retainers and various knights and men-at-arms against the rioters, following the failure of the City Watch under Ser Richard Harte to contain the rioters to Flea Bottom. Ser Richard is publicly disgraced and left to command a mere reserve to evacuate women and children, while Daeron splits his force in three parts to bottle the mob and attack it from three sides. Ser Jonn Lannister and Prince Aemon the Dragonknight are given command of one flanking force, the king would command another, and Ser Reynard Caron would lead the van that would pin the mob. The company come just in time to help save the lives of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and most his men, trapped in an abandoned home following some mysterious errand; one of his lieutenants, Ser Osric Vikary, dies of wounds. Ser Dagur joins in the battle once his wounded men are safe.

It is later claimed that the bodies of the rioters numbered in the hundreds, and that blood pooled ankle-deep following the king’s command that no quarter be given

Day 27: Following the Dornish Bread Riot, Ser Richard Harte, commander of the City Watch of King’s Landing, is said to have resigned his office. Disgraced by his failure to stop the unrest before it grew so violent, it’s whispered that the king had demanded that Ser Richard resign his office.