Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


163 AC

The king resumes his role in running the realm after his long recovery from the ardours of his march of penance through Dorne, while in the south trouble assails the Dornish as the Yronwoods raise up arms against the Martells. Towards the end of the year, the Blackwoods and Brackens resume their ancient feud, but members of the royal court come to the riverlands for a wedding take part in bringing it to an end.

Month 1

Day 1: A grand New Year’s melee is held at Sunspear. Many notable knights take part, but in the end, the contest comes down to the famed Ser Michael Blackmont, the Speardancer, and Prince Rhodry Martell. The latter carries the day and the prize of a costly fighting spear.

Day 10: During an excursion for hunting at the Kingswood, Lady Ammara Costayne and Ser Josmyn Reyne, along with their retinue, chance upon remaining brigands. The lady manages to save the knight’s life by killing an attacker with her bow. The company finally emerges unscathed, the foes having been effectively dealt with.

Day 14: Lord Justyn Serry of Southshield is wed to Katla Greyjoy in King’s Landing. The nuptials are performed by the Most Devout Geryn, and a splendid feast follows in the Red Keep’s Great Hall.

Day 19: Lord Joscelyn Mallister of Seagard is wed to Erena Lydden at Seagard. She is his second wife, his first wife having died less than a year beforehand.

Month 2

Day 11: King Baelor holds court for the first time since his return from Dorne. To little surprise, the king announces the betrothal of his cousin, Prince Daeron, to Princess Mariah Martell, the eldest child and now former heir of Prince Marence Martell. With the aid and advice of the High Septon, the marriage of Ser Ethos Mertyns and Joleta Gargalen is annulled. Prince Aemon Targaryen is named the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, succeeding Ser Reynard Caron, killed in Dorne.

Later, not quite expected announcements concern the emptying of the gaols and dungeons of the Red Keep, remittance of all fines for criminal conduct being turned over as donations to the Faith, and finally, the king’s plans for a great sept being built upon Visenya’s Hill. Every tax, toll, and tariff raised in the city over the next month is to be devoted solely to the project. The pleasure of the High Septon and Most Devout, as well as the distress of the Master of Coin, are noted by the court.

Day 19: Mere days after she was forced out of the family manse by her husband Ser Jonn, amidst rumor of infidelity, Kellyn Lannister’s body is discovered in an alley in King’s Landing, bearing all signs of murder, reportedly attributable to the serial murderer known as the Ripper.

Day 20: Sunspear receives tidings both worrisome and glad. News of King Baelor’s designs, the betrothal of Prince Daeron to Princess Mariah chief amongst them, arrive immediately after reports of a village on the northern side of the Dornish Marches looted and razed by Dornishmen. Rumors around the event, the bloodiest in the Marches since Mors Manwoody’s defiant raids following Dorne’s subjugation are already rife, with the names of bandit Red Rhys of the Scourge and Lady Yronwood implicated.

Month 3

Day 4: The Ripper claims another victim; Ser Tancred Baratheon, heir to Storm’s End, found murdered abed along with a whore.

Day 23: The White Tourney takes place in King’s Landing, in honor of King Baelor. It is dubbed thus, as, confirming rumors, the winner, Ser Galfrid Velaryon, is offered not only a hefty amount of coin but also a position in the -depleted- Kingsguard. Both gestures, if only days apart, are extended to the second-best, smallfolk knight Ser Sorin of Sevenstreams.

Day 29: Under Sers Farin Prester and Luthor Rivers and with the approval of the King, work begins for the construction of a septry in the Kingswood.

Month 4

Day 1: Ser Willard Ryger, heir to Willow Wood, is promoted from officer to Deputy Warden of Cracklaw Point by Warden Ser Dagur “the Iron Serpent” Saltcliffe, following his proof of merit and leadership through victory in a planned scuffle.

Day 11: Lord Justyn Serry presents the Starry Sept Scroll, acquired following generous donations to the Sept-Beyond-the-Sea of Braavos, to the King. Much moved, Baelor decrees that the relic, which contains an illumination of Aegon the Conqueror’s coronation and a transcription detailing the High Septon’s sermon for the occasion, is to be displayed in the grand Sept on Visenya’s Hill once it is finished.
Afterward, Reyna Saltcliffe and Ser Albyn Crane, heir to Red Lake, present written pledges on behalf of all Reach Houses to provide skilled workers and supplies for the Kingswood septry, which are eventually fulfilled.

Day 24: Aeron Saltcliffe, son of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Reyna of House Tyrell,  is born in King’s Landing.

Day 29: The King presides as Sers Galfrid Velaryon and Sorin of Sevenstreams, along with Ser Kenric Darry, are inducted in the Kingsguard at Visenya’s Sept, with the High Septon administering their vows, Lord Commander Prince Aemon draping them with white cloaks, and the court looking on. The crowd outside pulses with cheer, particularly for the common-born Sorin.

Day 29: Prince Marence Martell appoints his notorious councilor Ser Mavros Uller as Sunspear’s envoy to the restless Lady Yronwood.

Month 5

Day 3: Serion Uller, formerly one of the war hostage Dornish nobles, is anointed a Septon and remains at the Red Keep’s Royal Sept, with Baelor’s blessing.

Day 14: Byron Reyne, son of Ser Alek Reyne, Commander of King’s Landing’s River Gate and Ameria of House Serry, is born in King’s Landing.

Day 23: While hunting with his court, Prince Marence receives word of Lady Yronwood’s imprisonment of Ser Mavros, accused of trying to suborn her vassals against her. The response proves swift: war. While Ser Joris Yronwood is arrested following heated remarks, the Prince and his officials promptly begin discussing the moves of Sunspear’s forces. The spears, Marence declares, are to be commanded by himself.

Day 26: Nobles and commoners of King’s Landing alike bear witness as a barely covered Prince Aegon plummets from a manse’s window onto the street -and Maester Talbard Storm- and is thus spared the fate of his mistress; that is, getting butchered by their attacker, the Ripper, who manages to escape.

Month 6

Day 3:  The Martell fleet departs Planky Town for Yronwood.

Day 10: Wildfire presumably used and set by the Ripper blazes up and down the Street of the Sisters in King’s Landing, severely damaging Dagur and Reyna Saltcliffe’s manse, among other buildings. Nobles and smallfolk alike fight the red flame with bucket brigades, as pyromancers try to tame the wildfire with sand.

Day 16: Ser Joris Yronwood is released from imprisonment.

Day 22: Hampered by a storm that struck the Martell fleet about three days prior, the Prince’s Pride, a vessel to many notables, including Prince Rhodry Martell, Samara Sand, Sers Jarvis Sand, and Valerin Dayne,  and Liane Uller, is assailed by Free City slavers. Noblemen and women fight and kill alongside sailors. The first attack is valiantly repelled, with the slavers retreating to regroup.

Day 23: Ser Luthor Rivers, Warden of the Kingswood, resigns his post and departs King’s Landing with the bulk of his sellsword company, the Sable Rams, for Acorn Hall. His Deputy, Ser Farin Prester, is to succeed him.

Day 23-24: The slavers successfully distract the Prince’s Pride to launch a surprise attack in the night, infiltrate the galley and nearly annihilate the viciously resisting defenders before reinforcements arrive to crush the rogue vessel and save the depleted Dornish. 

Day 29: The Martell fleet lands near Yronwood.

Month 7

Day 2: A Martell outriding party, Sers Aidan Dayne “the Knight of the Twilight”, Valerin Dayne and Tamlyn Toland, as well as Lord Aryard Manwoody among its ranks, is ambushed by Yronwood forces in the Red Hills. Ser Aidan finally secures a safe retreat; the losses are equal, the captives of the Yronwoods but a couple.

Day 9: Following prayer, Baelor announces to the many of the court attending him he experienced a visitation of the Mother. Heading her call, he decrees, he will cleanse the city of sin; the brothels are to be shut, the whores, to be forced out.

Day 14: The prostitutes are expelled en masse from King’s Landing through the Gate of the Gods, the King himself looking on.

Day 15: As Princess Naerys hosts a feast to calm tensions in light of murders and fires, Ser Conrad Arryn, the Royal Steward, exposes a drunk and inconsistent Ser Quenton Rosby as the Ripper. The man resorts to murderous violence yet is quickly subdued.

Day 17: With the planning of a successful hunt in his record, Ser Janden Melcolm is named Royal Huntsman.

Day 17: A Martell contingent arrives at Yronwood to parley with Lady Linnet.

Day 19: Ser Ethos Mertyns -willingly or not- leaves his post of Deputy Warden of the Kingswood.

Day 21: The embassy to Yronwood ends, a failure, prompting the princely army to action.

Day 26: A battle in the high meadows of the Boneway results in an indecisive Martell victory and the Yronwood host’s retreat into the Boneway, there to continue the fight - presumably a manoeuver aiming at buying the rebels time until House Wyl is convinced to join them.

Month 8

Day 2: Word spread around King’s Landing a week prior is fully confirmed as the High Septon annuls King Baelor’s marriage to Queen Daena.

Day 3: Martells and Yronwoods battle at the high meadows of the Boneway. At Marence’s command, light skirmishers on foot under Ser Laurent “the Sand Dog” Dalt, aided by Ser Aidan Dayne, beside horsemen block Yronwood retreat to the north. Prince Rhodry leads the van, and Lord Manwoody, the charge of the right force, along with Ser Tamlyn Toland. As the Yronwood force retreats west into the hills and sloping mountains, toward an ancient ringfort situated at an apparent dead-end, an indecisive Martell victory is secured.

Day 5: A Tourney of Love and Beauty is held to celebrate the betrothal of Ser Humfrey Westerling, heir to the Crag, to Jannia Tully. The occasion produces an impressive joust lasting twelve tilts, twixt Sers Kendros Goodbrook and Sorin of the Kingsguard. Ser Jace Rollingford, “the Knight of the Fountains”, emerges as the winner, his earnings thus including a silver-maned colt and a suit of armor. He opts to honor the bride to be, despite the presence of the now-Princess Daena.

Day 6: The Tourney of the Battles, sponsored by the Brothers of the Battle knightly society, is held. Ser Brynden Tully carries the day, defeating Ser Mathin Lannister.

Day 7: While the loyalists wait for the surrender of the entrapped rebels at Marence’s behest, they find themselves stranded between them and a new host, seemingly evening the odds for what may be a quite brutal engagement. Lady Yronwood rides forth to parley -her escort including Ser Mavros, effectively sworn to silence until he can reveal her accusation against him was true, and her fellow architects of the insurgency, Red Rhys and Alyx the Witch, promptly betrayed and delivered to the Prince after negotiations produce rather even terms. It was Rhys’ means that helped many Yronwood men to climb down into the ravine from their dead-end and join their lady at the Martell rear, a neat ruse. Thus ends the conflict.

Day 14: Ser Astos Corbray weds Belissa Caron, lady-in-waiting to Princess Naerys, who is among the attendees herself, in King’s Landing.

Day 18: The Martell host departs Yronwood, where it briefly stationed, striking across the desert to the Scourge.

Day 27: Over sixty knights take the field for Princess Rhaena’s sixteenth nameday tourney. Victory, be it through tilt or judgment, is contested twixt finalists Sers Humfrey Westerling and Brynden Tully. Reyna Saltcliffe’s interjection in the princesses’ discussion tips the scale in favor of Brynden, who is then gifted with a splendid pendant, passed to Rhaena from the late Queen Daenaera.

Month 9

Day 1: Farryl Prester, son of Ser Farin Prester and Aurana of House Buckler is born in King’s Landing.

Day 2: Per King Baelor’s decree, his three sisters the Princesses are sequestered in the Red Keep’s Old Keep, there to live in virtue, approachable only by women and men sworn to celibacy like the Kingsguard; lest they or others, fall victims to temptation. It is said Elaena wept, while Daena had to be literally dragged into their confinement.

Day 4: The Martell host reaches Sunspear, finally back from an ill-fated expedition.

Day 18: Ser Brynden Tully weds Sarya Baratheon at Storm’s End, with many of the court in attendance. A grand tourney follows the next day.

Day 19: Over sixty knights take the field in the tourney celebrating the Tully-Baratheon union; an occasion lacking not for spectacle. Debate erupts about the badly-aimed lance of Ser Kendros Goodbrook when facing his enemy Ser Josmyn Reyne. The latter’s joust against the bridegroom results in a breathtakingly fierce melee; his one against Ser Elys Mertyns, heir to Mistwood, a full eight tilts. It is Ser Elmer Crakehall who eventually, felling Ser Luthor Rivers, wins the event and rich prizes both.

Day 21: Near Storm’s End, a hunting party of nobles is ambushed by the infamous Sullehman Saan, returned to Westeros; it proves a bloody affair, yet he eventually escapes, after having grievously wounded a vengeful Ser Ammon Massey.

Day 21: It is announced that King Baelor and Prince Marence have agreed on an Iron Throne embassy to Dorne, revealed to be headed by Most Devout Geryn, once a Tyrell, and in the coming days, to include Lords Mallister and Connington as well as Sers Hurin Costayne and Osmon Beesbury.

Day 22: Lord Athell Connington hastily weds Elenora Caron, née Darklyn, at Storm’s End; for their departure south approaches.

Day 26: It becomes known that King Baelor has opted for mercy toward the mad murderer Ser Quenton Rosby, in the form of a lifetime of penance in the confines of the Quiet Isle.

Day 30: Bertrand Crakehall, son of Ser Elmer Crakehall and Fiona of House Reyne, is born in King’s Landing.

Month 10

Day 2: Prince Marence reveals to his court the impending betrothal of his sister Princess Ariana Martell not to her apparent suitor, Ser Coran, heir to Wyl, but to Farien, heir to Yronwood.

Day 16: The Iron Throne embassy to Dorne departs King’s Landing with some fanfare, upon royal galleys.

Day 16: Suicide of Ser Quenton “the Ripper” Rosby; he is found hanged inside the wheelhouse carrying him to Quiet Isle.

Day 16: Red Rhys of the Scourge, condemned to take the black, sails from Planky Town -with Martell escort- for the Wall.

Day 23: Doryssa Rivers, daughter of Ser Luthor Rivers and Pennei of House Massey, is born in King’s Landing. She is named after her late great-aunt, murdered at the hands of Sullehman Saan.

Day 24: Ser Josmyn Reyne weds Alyce Bar Emmon in King’s Landing.

Day 25: The Reyne - Bar Emmon wedding tourney is marred when Ser Humfrey Westerling -apparently deliberately- gores hedge knight Ser Lem “the Lying” of Pendric Hills, later revealed to have been a family sword of old, with his lance, earning him swift imprisonment. The newly arrived Ser Dermett Corbray, heir to Heart’s Home, causes controversy as he presents the bride’s smallclothes, collected from the bedding of the night prior. Ser Luthor Rivers carries the day, defeating Ser Yorick Staunton; his prize, a golden short sword, studded with rubies.

Month 11

Day 1: After Prince Aegon’s intervention, Ser Humfrey Westerling is shown clemency by King Baelor and released from imprisonment.

Day 7: The Iron Throne embassy reaches Sunspear, where it is greeted and feasted by Prince Marence and his court.

Day 18: Ser Brynden Tully is appointed a captain and a naval officer of the Crown, at the agreement twixt it and his good brother Ser Arion Baratheon, heir to Storm’s End.

Day 22: A skirmish in the vicinity of Kingswood against bandits under Bors Breakhelm, known to scourge the wood and keep in captivity or terrorize many displaced King’s Landing whores, takes place. It is the latest in a series of assaults aiming to root out the vagabonds and having involved for more or less long many a noble knight and squire; among them Sers Astos and Dermett Corbray, Cleyton Waxley, Urston Coldwater, Florian Piper, Elmer Crakehall and Tarell Darklyn, heir to Duskendale, as well as Andred Stone.
  On this day, the Warden Ser Farin Prester and Sers Ammon Massey, Albyn Crane, Dalton Florent, heir to Brightwater Keep, Eon Hunter, Jan Marbrand, Janden Melcolm, Luthor Rivers and Theonald Locke are first in battle to see the campaign end successfully; Bors is killed by Luthor, his men captured en masse.

Day 29: Many and more of the court join in progress to Riverrun, there to attend a, presumably, double Tully wedding.

Month 12

Day 6: A charitable fund for Septry orphans that are to learn a craft is set up in King’s Landing, under Prester auspices.

Day 10: During the court’s stop at Acorn Hall, Ser Humfrey Westerling is disowned by his lord father, in the wake of a letter of egregious insult to Riverrun causing the collapse of his tumultuous betrothal to Jannia Tully and the condemnation of the Crag to a crippling recompense.

Day 10: Princess Naerys Targaryen, also amongst those traveling, is announced to be with child, prompting feasting.

Day 11: A melee at Acorn Hall, in which the knights championing the intended bride, Andrya Tully, rout those of the groom, Ser Willard Ryger. It is followed by a singing contest.

Day 12: An archery tourney at Acorn Hall sees Ser Eon Hunter and Jannia Tully emerging victorious among the lords and ladies respectively. The reward, fine bows, and full, stylized quivers, as well as a jeweled head chain for the lady.

Day 13: In Sunspear, a grand tournament is held in celebration of the embassy’s arrival -and won by Ser Aidan Dayne, who faces Ser Laurent Dalt for the second time, and with victory secures an electrum plate and the silver gilded crown of the Queen of Love and Beauty to bestow on his cousin, Tanyth Toland. Notable proves the match between Sers Daven “the Dread” Wyl and Tamlyn Toland, counting a full ten tilts and fourteen broken lances.

Day 19: Many and more of the court and Riverlander nobility witness Ser Willard Ryger wed Andrya Tully at Riverrun.

Day 20: No less than eighty knights take the field in the Ryger-Tully wedding tourney, lasting from morrow to afternoon. A fine ten-tilt match is observed betwixt Sers Brus “the Bloody” Bracken and Balian Blackwood. Eventually, Ser Dagur Saltcliffe fells Ser Argett “Tailcutter” Prester for the victory, just as violence erupts between Brackens and Blackwoods, due to the mysterious beating to death of Brus’ son Ser Hoster.
The mystery Knight of the Ashes falls upon them both, slaying blindly until Tully forces restore peace and also subdue the rogue knight, revealed to be Ser Humfrey Westerling.
Lord Kermit Tully commands that the warring parties stay at Riverrun, yet both promptly disobey.

Day 25: Blackwoods and Brackens clash at the Bracken-held village of Buckle, marking the newest revival of their feud. In response, Lord Tully calls his banners in favor of peace - not to the unanimous approval of his vassals. In the days following, many a notable of the court pick a side in the conflict.

Day 26: Ser Humfrey Westerling is expelled from the Riverlands at Tully behest.

Day 27: Accompanied by Ser Jaesin Lannister of the Kingsguard, Prince Aegon rides for the Stone Hedge and Raventree Hall to promote the restoration of the King’s Peace.

Day 27: Allia of Lys, Prince Cadan Martell’s concubine, is slain in bed by a viper’s bite. At her death, for which there seems to be no apparent culprit, she is heavy with his child.