Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


164 AC

The feud between the Brackens and Blackwoods comes to its conclusion thanks to the intervention of the Tullys and visiting knights and lords from the royal court, a Dornish embassy reaches the court, and a notorious outlaw joins forces with pirates of the Narrow Sea to seize Stonedance on Massey’s Hook.

Month 1

Day 2: At the Battle of Pennytree, Bracken troops attack, only to find the Blackwoods forewarned by Prince Aegon, and hastily prepared with sharpened stakes and ditches. Notables dot either of the sides clashing in the fields outside the village; Sers Ammon “Blackhand” Massey, Balian Blackwood, and Ardros Piper, heir to Pinkmaiden, lead the Blackwood left, center and right respectively, while Sers Luthor Rivers, Jan Marbrand and Farin Prester, as well as squire Ryckon Westerling head the Bracken left flank.

The battle ends with Bracken retreat upon a charge of Blackwood cavalry, led by Sers Dagur “the Iron Serpent” Saltcliffe and “Black” Jonn Lannister, heir to Casterly Rock.

Day 5: At the Battle at the Ford of the Red Fork held by the Brackens, the Blackwood invasion produces a chaotic fight and finally a rout; the Bracken side, commanded by Sers Brus “the Bloody” Bracken, Luthor Rivers, Farin Prester, Ryckon Westerling, and Kenron Piper emerges victorious. Sers Ardros Piper and -grievously wounded- Ammon Massey are taken captive until ransomed.

Day 7: Riverrun mobilizes its first levies, to station on the Blackwood-Bracken boundary’s key points and patrol them.

Day 9: Another skirmish of the feuding ensues, as the Blackwoods assail Bracken harvests to burn them.

Day 10: Near a burning Blackwood mill, the feuding parties fight, only to be surprisingly encircled by a Tully peacekeeping force under Ser Tomas Rivers; Sers Theonald Locke, Astos Corbray and Jostyn Grell among its ranks. Swords are drawn and prisoners taken until Blackwoods and Brackens finally ride off.

Day 11: Ser Marius “the Little Lemon” Dalt is appointed a Spice Factor of Sunspear.

Day 13: Death οf the Jousting Lord, Whalon Rosby of Rosby, of illness, presumably spurred by grief at the crimes of his son Ser Quenton, cursed as the Ripper. His eldest son, Ser Bolen, succeeds him.

Day 20: The funeral tourney of Lord Whalon Rosby draws in many a splendid Crownlander knight. It is Prince Aemon who wins, felling Ser Jace Rollingford. The Dragonknight opts to honor the deceased.

Day 26: With over five thousand sword in his ranks and the Stone Hedge already subdued, Lord Tully ends his vassals’ warring at a parley at Raventree Hall. His efforts succeed largely due to the revelation of the accidental nature of Ser Hoster’s murder by the now-deceased Ser Lucas Blackwood, following the Bracken’s attempt of heavy sabotage of Ser Balian during the wedding tourney.

Day 28: The melee at the Blackwood-Bracken border by the Red Fork celebrating peace is won by Ser Dermett Corbray, heir to Heart’s Home, who fells Ser Luthor Rivers; and thus earns a heavy purse.

Day 29: The traveling party of the court begin their journey back to the capital.

Month 2

Day 7:  Audrik and Kell Serry, twin sons of Lord Justyn Serry and his Lady Katla of House Greyjoy, are born during the court party’s stop at Harrenhal.

Day 9: Many a knight and lady of the court witness presumably paranormal scenes of butchery in Harrenhal’s ruined bowels.

Day 15: The opening of Sunspear’s newest brothel, the Black Cat, a property of Ser Laurent “the Sand Dog” Dalt and his wife Caitrin “Speardancer” Blackmont, is attended by many veritable Dornish nobles. The deathly violent entertainment offered proves divisive.

Day 19: The court finally reaches King’s Landing.

Day 20: An Ironborn contingent arrives at King’s Landing to act as an embassy. Lord Admiral of the Iron Fleet Eurik Greyjoy at its head, its other members are Greydon Greyjoy, Rafe Botley, heir to Lordsport, and Tormund “Bloodaxe” Stonetree.

Day 23: A tourney at Sunspear ends in minor disaster when Prince Rhodry Martell intentionally strikes Lord Joscelyn Mallister at the helm with his lance, -unexpectedly- nigh crushing his jaw and leaving him comatose, and thus derailing the announcements concerning an impending Dornish embassy to King’s Landing.

Day 26: Death of Lord Armaund Fell of Felwood, of illness procured by lingering injury, that he in turn received during the Dornish Rebellion. His only son Ser Aimery succeeds.

Day 29: A melee under the auspices of the new Iron Islands’ embassy takes place in King’s Landing; uniquely, upon longships lashed together in Blackwater Bay. Tormund Stonetree secures victory for his team, felling squire Garlan Hunter, but has to be chided into allowing proper division of the prizes, namely, several coin and foreign luxuries.
A hallmark of the fight, the admirably long performance of Ser Walton Smallwood.

Month 3

Day 2: Ser Jan Marbrand is installed as Deputy Warden of the Kingswood by Warden Ser Farin Prester, while Ser Cleyton Waxley is appointed Officer.

Day 3: Sers Theonald Locke and Jostyn Grell are temporarily banished from the Red Keep at the King’s behest, after dueling.

Day 8: Work begins to rapidly demolish Visenya’s Sept, standing on King’s Landing’s hill of the same name since Aegon’s Conquest, and replace it with the greatest sept in the Seven Kingdoms, per King Baelor’s vision.

Day 14: In Sunspear, Prince Marence announces the members of the embassy to King’s Landing, led by Ser Perrin Blackmont and Lord Orlyn Jordayne. Among their number are Maia Gargalen, Ser Aubry Allyrion, and Ser Aidan Dayne as head of the guard, and also accompanied by his squire Prince Maron Nymeros Martell and the prince’s bastard cousin, Lewyn Sand.

Day 18: Ser Alek Reyne is moved from the command of King’s Landing’s River Gate to that of the Iron Gate.

Day 20: Ser Rynos Prester becomes the focus of scandal when exposed as having introduced a lewd book to court.

Day 25: Ser Anton Piper is promoted from Officer of the City Watch to Commander of the Lion Gate by Commander of the Watch Ser Richard Harte.

Day 27: The tournament celebrating the birth of Lord Serry’s twin sons is won by the erstwhile heir to the Crag Ser Humfrey Westerling, who unhorses Ser Dermett Corbray. Projecting the scorn and protest of many, Lady Serry drops his prize in the dirt.

Day 29: The day after a parting feast, the emissaries depart Planky Town for Dorne. Among their number are Prince Marence’s son and heir, the young Prince Maron, and Price Rhodry’s bastard son, who act as squire and page to Ser Aidan Dayne, the Knight of the Twilight.

Month 4

Day 4: On the occasion of forgiving the penitent Sers Theonald Locke and Jostyn Grell, King Baelor decrees a ban on dueling throughout the Red Keep and King’s Landing both.

Day 4: A sprung mast causes one of the two galleys taking the Dornish embassy to King’s Landing to have to take down its sails and use only oars until it could be repaired at sea. It is slow going.

Day 7: Finally able to sail again, the escort ship almost immediately manages to scrape against reefs, developing a serious leak into the hull tha requires the galley to be taken to shore. The ships move to the isle off the Broken Arm while repairs are carried out.

Day 12: Ser Dermett Corbray weds Damia Farman in King’s Landing.

Day 13: The Tourney of Love and Beauty in honor of the Corbray - Farman union is won by Ser Kendros “Longaxe” Goodbrook, heir to Goodbrook, who bests Ser Jan Marbrand, and thus bestows the Queen of Love and Beauty’s crown on Elyanna Baratheon.

Day 18: Prompted by the circulation of obscenities, Septon Elwood preaches a remarkably long and fiery sermon concerning the wages of sin at the Red Keep’s Royal Sept, moving the King himself to tears of joy.

Day 19: Pirate vessels that had had received a signal (using smoke) from the island. It is a hard-fought match, and one of the Dornish ships is nearly taken when the other is finally able to disengage from the other ship after having set it alight. Lord Orlyn Jordayne helped to turn the tide in that battle, leaping over the decks to turn the flank of the pirates so that the other Dornish knights and sailors might overwhelm them. It is a bloody battle, with thirty dead, including the captain of the escort ship and two knights who were part of the embassy, and twice as many wounded. The crippled escort ship and the ship with the emissaries travel west, deeper into the Sea of Dorne, to avoid any more battles if the surviving pirates receive reinforcements.

Day 20: The escort vessel is sent on to Ghost Hill or the Tor—whichever port is nearest as the winds allow—because it is too damaged to make the rest of the journey, and the emissaries go on without escort. Contrary winds mark the rest of the journey, leading even the knights to try their hands at the oars on occasion, and it all made most uncomfortable by the fact that some spoiled food leads to sickness among many.

Day 24: Lannister kinswoman, and former lady-in-waiting to Princess Rhaena Sirona Hill, disgraced following her accidental self-incrimination as keeping copies οf Ser Rynos’s lewd book, is banished from court and sent to a motherhouse by the King.

Day 27: A tremendous storm from the south drives the Dornish emissaries on through the Straits of Tarth, and their ship barely survives the pummeling it receives.

Month 5

Day 1: King Baelor receives an offering from his sister Princess Elaena; her striking braid of platinum hair streaked with gold, cut off in a plea that she will renounce beauty and its temptations for her freedom, but he remains unmoved.

Day 1: Battered, the Dornish emissaries and their vessel survive the storms and are finally able to come to land safely without risk of being destroyed on the rocks. Their supplies having run dangerously low, their morale almost broken, they sojourn near the base of Massey’s Hook for a time. A nearby fishing village provides some meager aid to the foreigners, and promises to send word to the nearest castle of their presence. The Dornish soon depart, however, not realizing that no one in the village actually did such a thing.

Day 6: After several days taking in supplies and repairing what they could of the creaking galley, the Dornish travelled on, not realizing that the villagers made no effort to report their presence or safety.

Day 8: Princess Naerys gives birth to premature twins that don’t survive the day. King Baelor promptly resolves to pray and fast to alleviate what sin may have taken the princelings.

Day 14: The Dornish embassy arrives at last at King’s Landing, after a long and troubled journey from Dorne in which they were beset by storms, pirates, dead calms, spoiled food and consequent illness, and more. Having arrived unlook for late at night, there was no honor guard to greet them, nor great fanfare, and instead they were escorted to the Red Keep by a company of gold cloaks stationed at the Mud Gate.

Day 15: Ser Laurent Dalt, Castellan of the Planky Town is appointed Keeper of the Sandship, replacing his departing goodfather.

Day 16: In the first of their in-between competitions, the Crackclaw Point and Kingswood Wardenships set out to overrun makeshift forts of the other. Ser Sarmion “Stormbreaker” Baratheon’s fortuitous presence in Kingswood ranks grants victory.

Day 23: In the second of the Wardenship contests, the Kingswood levies, lured by the ruse of the abduction of ladies Elrone Darklyn and Jyana Arryn into charging up a hill, are crushed as a Crackclaw cavalry ambush headed by Ser Eon Hunter sends them into the ranks of Ser Ammon Massey’s men.

Month 6

Day 1: The third contest between Crackclaw and Kingswood sees the latter defending a cove and bluff. The Crackclaw Wardenship attacks divided - half it’s men aboard a Sea Watch ship, only to be engaged by Ironborn allies of the Kingswood Wardenship. The scuffle sees Kingswood men victorious, and the parties locating a horribly mutilated man, apparently the work of Sullehman Saan.

Day 8: King Baelor collapses after thirty days of fasting and is in a grave way.

Day 8: Ser Ammon Massey is appointed -second- Deputy Warden of Crackclaw Point for his recent military devices.

Day 15: Vortimer Crane, son of Ser Albyn Crane, heir to Red Lake and Delanei of House Roote, and Patrek Tully, son of Ser Brynden Tully and Sarya of House Baratheon, are born in King’s Landing.

Day 22: Ser Humfrey Westerling, erstwhile heir to the Crag and a sworn sword to Ser Tarell Darklyn, departs the capital for the Wall, there to take the black.

Day 22: A melee hosted by Lord Aryard Manwoody is won by Prince Rhodry Martell. His prize, a grinning golden skull with sapphire eyes.

Day 26: It becomes known, at long last, that King Baelor recovers.

Day 27: The Tourney of Love and Beauty sponsored by the court’s knightly societies is won by Ser Galfrid Velaryon, who unhorses Ser Dermett Corbray and proceeds to crown Princess Naerys Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 28: The Tourney of Battles, hosted by the Brothers of the Battle takes place. Ser Aidan Dayne carries the day, defeating Ser Dagur Saltcliffe

Month 7

Day 5: Ser Coran Wyl, heir to the Boneway, weds Lyra Fowler in Sunspear.

Day 6: Two Fowlers reach the final of the Wyl - Fowler wedding tourney, with Ser Athis finally yielding the day to Ser Darion; their prizes, robust purses.

Day 7: Lord Aryard Manwoody is appointed Warden of the Broken Arm of Dorne, while Ser Jordan Dayne is installed as Castellan of the Planky Town in his employer Ser Laurent Dalt’s stead.

Day 8: Princess Leyla Martell, only child of Prince Cadan Martell and Senara Santagar, heir to Spottswood, suffers a riding accident that is to leave her bedridden for a time.

Day 13: Edmund Tully, son of Ser Edmure Tully, heir to Riverrun and Simona of House Corbray, as well as Amaena Prester, daughter of Ser Farin Prester and Aurana of House Buckler, are born in King’s Landing.

Day 22: Near Crackclaw Point,  Wardenship troop headed by Sers Ammon Massey and Maric Locke, along with squire Andred Stone, and Sea Watch forces led by Sers Brynden Tully, Victor Reyne and Jorian Crakehall that were sent,  at the command of Prince Viserys, to rescue a Lyseni messenger that was captured by pirates following his shipwreck, are assailed by the culprits, Saan’s men, if unsuccessfully. It proves a bloody affair.

Day 27: A Kingswood Wardenship patrol looking for missing men and led by Deputy Warden Ser Jan Marbrand, as well as Officer Ser Cleyton Waxley and Sers Dermett Corbray and Janden Melcolm is ambushed and routed by a swarm of bandits; their leader, a Skagosi wild man that is to be known as “the Eater”.

Day 30: His post as Warden of the Kingswood relinquished, Ser Farin Prester hastily departs, along with most of his household, for his ancestral home of Feastfires. Ser Jan Marbrand fills his place as Acting Warden.

Month 8

Day 5: Elwenne Reyne, daughter of Ser Josmyn Reyne, Officer of the Kingswood and Alyce of House Bar Emmon, is born in King’s Landing.

Day 9: Kingswood levies, notables such as Sers Jan Marbrand, Luthor Rivers, Janden Melcolm, Dermett Corbray, Cleyton Waxley and Ryckon Westerling in their ranks, after chancing upon another decimated village, are lead to what is revealed to be a trap by the Eater and defeated. The Skagosi is seen biting out the throat of another attacking bandit chief.

Day 10: Crackclaw Wardenry troop locates the Shipbreakers in boggy territory, resulting in a fierce battle. The King’s men are victorious, the pirates killed by blade or swamp.

Day 17: Lord Kennoth Bracken of the Stone Hedge weds, as his second wife, Halanna Ryger, daughter of the Master of Laws Lord Terin Ryger of Willow Wood, in King’s Landing.

Day 17: Crackclaw forces find and promptly attack Sullehman Saan’s camp, making off with the captured messenger.

Day 18: Saan and his lieutenant Vaario Quanis descend, with their troops, on the royal forces at House Crabb’s seat of The Whispers and nearly secure victory, only retreating upon the arrival of reinforcements. Warden of Crackclaw Point Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, as well as Ser Mathin Lannister and Andred Stone, prove chief defenders.

Day 20: Owain Mallister, son - and heir - of Lord Joscelyn Mallister of Seagard and his Lady Erena of House Lydden is born in Sunspear.

Day 24: Elias Corbray, son of Ser Astos Corbray and Belissa of House Caron is born in King’s Landing.

Day 25: Half a fortnight after chancing upon another massacred village, Kingswood Wardenship levies trace the head of the unrest, an escaped Red Rhys of Dorne, at a network of caves; a bloody skirmish ensues, until a cave-in forces mutual retreat.

Month 9

Day 30: Ser Jan Marbrand is confirmed as the new Warden of the Kingswood by the Hand of the King Prince Viserys.

Month 10

Day 3: Ser Jostyn Grell is installed as a Custom Sergeant of the harbor, to work under Harbormaster Ser Sarmion Baratheon and his assistant, kinsman Ser Harstyn Tully.

Day 7: An archery tournament in honor of the men soon to depart for battle is held, with Ser Albyn Crane and Jannia Tully winning for the noble knights and ladies, respectively. They are rewarded with gilded arrows.

Day 17: Lord Jonothor Arryn of the Vale musters his fleet at Gulltown, at the Hand’s command. It stays put, lest Sullehman Saan appears.

Day 17: War refugees from the Kingswood begin to noticeably flock to King’s Landing.

Day 28:  Word of a split in the pirate fleet pushes Prince Viserys to dispatch the Sea Watch and the Crackclaw and Kingswood Companies, many a noble in their ranks, north, to deal with Saan. He also sends Lord Alyn “Oakenfist” Velaryon, Master of Ships, and another fleet to the Stepstones to deal with Vaario Quanis and as a message to a mobilized Pentos.

Day 29: The royal forces set sail from the capital.

Month 11

Day 5: Victims to a trap, the Sea Watch is ambushed, amidst fog, by the full strength of Quanis and Saan both, and soundly defeated.  Many ships are sunk, with the Kingswood troop barely escaping their own. The remaining fleet, blocked from King’s Landing, limps to safety toward Gulltown,  the pirate one in pursuit.

Day 7: Saan is witnessed burning a lone Sea Watch vessel and massacring the crew.

Day 10: Tidings of the shattering of the Sea Watch plunge the royal court and the city of King’s Landing in mourning. A noblewoman’s suicide adds to the shock. Hand of the King Prince Viserys immediately prepares to raise new forces, enlisting, among others, the Ironborn embassy.

Day 12: King’s Landing and the Red Keep face the first signs of a bloody flux bout, that is thankfully, to wind down due to the change of weather.

Day 15: Lyra Wyl is appointed a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah Martell.

Day 16: The “Eye of the Storm”, a vessel of the Sea Watch and to the Crackclaw and Kingswood Wardenships, engages with pirate ships near Gulltown and is saved by the Arryn fleet’s intervention.

Day 24: Red Rhys treacherously takes House Massey’s seat of Stonedance and imprisons the family.

Day 26: Damia Corbray is delivered of a stillborn daughter in the Red Keep’s Royal Sept.

Day 27: Lord Corwen Baratheon of the Stormlands dispatches three warships north, in response to Prince Viserys’ call.

Month 12

Day 2: The “Eye of the Storm” reaches King’s Landing, to a rapturous welcome, escorted by a token force of four warships begrudgingly offered by Lord Arryn - the bulk of the Valefleet having remained at Gulltown.

Day 9: Prince Viserys bids Wardens Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Ser Jan Marbrand, as well as Commander of the City Watch Ser Richard Harte, gather forces to deal with Red Rhys and sends a fast ship to inform Lord Velaryon of the order to remain at the Stepstones.

Day 13: Word of Stonedance’s fall reaches the capital.

Day 16: Ser “Dread” Daven Wyl weds Joleta Gargalen, heir to Salt Shore, in Sunspear.

Day 17: The Wyl - Gargalen wedding tourney takes place. Ser Corrent Gargalen, brother of the bride, carries the day, defeating his rival Ser Darion Fowler with an aim widely considered dubious.

Day 18: Resolving thus a tense war council, Prince Viserys appoints Ser Richard Harte to the command of the army that will march for Stonedance.

Day 18: Prince Maron Martell returns to King’s Landing, along with Ser Aidan Dayne and Lewyn Sand, after several months of visiting the Dornish Marches and the Reach.

Day 19: The royal host -about two thousand men, including the comprised strength of the Crackclaw and Kingswood Wardenries, men of the City Watch of King’s Landing and those sent by lords with holdings near the capital- sets sail upon a patchwork of a fleet, remnants of the Sea Watch together with Ironborn embassy longships and Arryn, Baratheon and Redwyne ships, to liberate Stonedance.

Day 20: Shortly after the Iron Throne envoy to Braavos, Royal Steward Ser Conrad Arryn, returns to report the failure of his diplomatic endeavors toward the Sealord due to the manoeuvering of the Free Cities alliance, a new more ostentatious embassy is announced, Prince Aegon himself at his head.

Day 20: Lords Wendwater and Bar Emmon of Sharp Point attempt a pincer movement against Red Rhys’ forces around Stonedance but are repulsed with heavy losses.

Day 24: Ser Richard’s army makes landfall on Massey’s Hook, about ten days on foot away from Stonedance and at his command, despite opposition from Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, pushes forth immediately.

Day 27: Ser Daven Wyl resigns his post as Officer of the Broken Arm Wardenry as the rivalry between his House and Warden Lord Manwoody apparently increases.

Day 30: In the first conflict of the royal forces with the vagabonds, fought in freezing rain, the van, led by Ser Jan Marbrand and the Kingswood Company, chief among them Sers Janden Melcolm and Ryckon Westerling overtakes the stone defenses set by Red Rhys across the neck of a narrow defile. While the rearguard under the command of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, aided by the Crackclaw Company, notably Sers Ammon Massey and Eon Hunter, manages to drive away crossbowmen led by the Eater through a narrow path at the defile’s lip. It is deemed an easy victory, almost bloodless for most of the royal army.