Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


164 AC


Month 3

Day 14: In Sunspear, Prince Marence announces the members of the embassy to King’s Landing, led by Ser Perrin Blackmont and Lord Orlyn Jordayne. Among their number are Maia Gargalen, Ser Aubry Allyrion, and Ser Aidan Dayne as head of the guard, and also accompanied by his squire Prince Maron Nymeros Martell and the prince’s bastard cousin, Lewyn Sand.

Day 29: The day after a parting feast, the emissaries depart Planky Town for Dorne.

Month 4

Day 4: A sprung mast causes one of the two galleys taking the Dornish embassy to King’s Landing to have to take down its sails and use only oars until it could be repaired at sea. It is slow going.

Day 7: Finally able to sail again, the escort ship almost immediately manages to scrape against reefs, developing a serious leak into the hull tha requires the galley to be taken to shore. The ships move to the isle off the Broken Arm while repairs are carried out.

Day 19: Pirate vessels that had had received a signal (using smoke) from the island. It is a hard-fought match, and one of the Dornish ships is nearly taken when the other is finally able to disengage from the other ship after having set it alight. Lord Orlyn Jordayne helped to turn the tide in that battle, leaping over the decks to turn the flank of the pirates so that the other Dornish knights and sailors might overwhelm them. It is a bloody battle, with thirty dead, including the captain of the escort ship and two knights who were part of the embassy, and twice as many wounded. The crippled escort ship and the ship with the emissaries travel west, deeper into the Sea of Dorne, to avoid any more battles if the surviving pirates receive reinforcements.

Day 20: The escort vessel is sent on to Ghost Hill or the Tor—whichever port is nearest as the winds allow—because it is too damaged to make the rest of the journey, and the emissaries go on without escort. Contrary winds mark the rest of the journey, leading even the knights to try their hands at the oars on occasion, and it all made most uncomfortable by the fact that some spoiled food leads to sickness among many.

Day 27: A tremendous storm from the south drives the emissaries on through the Straits of Tarth, and their ship barely survives the pummeling it receives.

Month 5

Day 1: Battered, the emissaries and their vessel survive the storms and are finally able to come to land safely without risk of being destroyed on the rocks. Their supplies having run dangerously low, their morale almost broken, they sojourn near the base of Massey’s Hook for a time. A nearby fishing village provides some meager aid to the foreigners, and promises to send word to the nearest castle of their presence. The Dornish soon depart, however, not realizing that no one in the village actually did such a thing.

Day 6: After several days taking in supplies and repairing what they could of the creaking galley, the Dornish travelled on, not realizing that the villagers made no effort to report their presence or safety.

Day 14: The Dornish embassy arrives at last at King’s Landing, after a long and troubled journey from Dorne in which they were beset by storms, pirates, dead calms, spoiled food and consequent illness, and more. Having arrived unlook for late at night, there was no honor guard to greet them, nor great fanfare, and instead they were escorted to the Red Keep by a company of gold cloaks stationed at the Mud Gate.