Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


2.3.1. What kinds of characters are available?

In most cases, you should select a character from our pre-created family trees. Players can also request entirely original characters, but in general this will be allowed only for more experienced players and even then fairly rarely. It should be considered as an option only if the concept you have in mind really doesn’t fit any of the existing characters.

The characters in the family trees cover are predominantly noble characters, ranging from the most minor to the most major of nobles. The family trees also include non-noble household members. We feel that nobles or household members in noble houses are the most suitable characters considering our focus on court life and court politics, which means that there are few roleplay opportunities for commoners or merchants that aren’t closely tied to any noble house. We may make additional provisions for non-noble characters at a later time, but nothing has been decided regarding this.

Please note that with a few notable exceptions almost no characters in the family tree hold positions of importance at court. This does not mean that players cannot play characters that hold offices from the start of play. Except in the case of some major offices that had to be filled from the start, the Admin have avoided predetermining whether someone holds and office or not. If a player wishes to play a character who holds a court office they can request any character that has not been played before and that could feasibly hold a political office and then propose what it is they want to do with the character during the application stage. The Admin are always happy to work with players to find a suitable position at court for their characters.