Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


2.1.4. How can I tell what characters are in play?

As a new player, you may want to know what characters are already being played. Perhaps you want to see what Houses are represented by PCs at court or perhaps you are thinking of requesting a particular character but want to know if any relatives of the character are in play.

If you look up a character using +cdb NAME, a played character will be listed as a PC at the top of the output. To list all of the current PCs, use +cdb/search state/pc. You can also list PCs by open areas, +cdb/search state/pc|location/king’s landing for King’s Landing and +cdb/search state/pc|location/Dorne for Dorne. If you want to list the PCs from a specific House, for example House Lannister, use +cdb/search state/pc|house/Lannister.

This is particularly relevant if the character you are looking at has a closely connected character in play (a spouse, a betrothed or a lover), since we ask that you speak to the player of said character before you are approved (ideally at the application stage) since they have some say in who plays a character closely connected to their own. It is, for example, important that your ideas for the characters are compatible and that your schedules allow you to play with each other.

To get in touch with another player, you can either use the board by posting a topic or sending a PM or you can ask the Admin to pass a message and/or your email address onto the player in question.