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Advancement Experience Points

Experience points (XP) are the main component of the advancement system, and they can be gained and spent in several different ways.

Gaining XP

Players can gain XP for two separate pools: the character pool and the player pool. The character pool stays with the character if a player puts it back on the roster. The player pool stays with the player, even if they switch characters. However, if a player object is purged, the player will not get the player pool back if they return.

XP for the character pool are gained via a fixed allotment of 1 XP per week (characters on the roster do not gain any points), except every 4th week the allotment will be 2 XP, for a maximum of 65 XP per year. The allotment is only given out to players who have connected within the week preceding the payment. Weeks run Monday to Sunday.

XP for the player pool can be gained via nominations from other players, but they are primarily gained via various OOC contributions to the game, most commonly by completing player-level +jobs. Player-level +jobs (simply type +jobs to see these) are created by the Staff and players who are interested in completing the +job can let Staff know and they will then be assigned to this +job. Staff can earn points for their player alts by completing player-level and staff-level jobs.

Some examples of player-level +jobs (as well as some tasks that may not always be added to +jobs) and the XP rewards associated with them:

  • Creating characters: 1-2 XP for a partial setup depending on what is needed, 3-5 XP for a full CG depending on the complexity of the character (Cameos, for example, are worth 3 XP)
  • Updating characters: 1-2 XP depending the work involved
  • Descing public rooms: 1 XP per room
  • Planning and running events and plots: 1-5 XP depending on complexity, scope and workload
  • Running NPCs (combat puppets generally excluded) for events and plots: 1-3 XP depending on complexity, scope and workload
  • Various other tasks: 1-5 XP depending on complexity, scope and workload

Plots can also be player-initiated, they do not necessarily need to first have been posted up as player-level jobs by Staff, but in order to be eligible for an XP reward they cannot be personal plots that center around the player’s own character.

In addition to completing player-level jobs, players can also earn XP for helping out in the following ways:

  • Recruiting new players that are approved and remain active for at least 1 month: 3 XP if they CGed a new character, 2 XP if they took a previously CGed character
  • Submitting properly formatted and filled-out logs that are of public interest: 1 XP per log (max 1 XP per month)
Spending XP

XP can be spent on practising skills, training stats (not implemented) and on purchasing assets.

Players can spend a maximum of 20 XP per every 4 weeks on stats or skills. XP will first be taken from the character pool, then from the player pool. There is no limit on how much XP can be spent on assets at any given time, but the Staff can deny asset purchases if the justification given does not seem reasonable or in line with the character’s IC circumstances.

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