Blood of Dragons

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Advancement Flaws

While not technically a form of advancement, flaws can change in the course of play. Players are allowed to switch out certain flaws for other flaws, and players may also be required to take certain flaws, such as those representing severe injuries or significant changes in status.

A flaw can only be switched out if it makes IC sense to say that it no longer has enough impact on the character that whatever effect the flaw had needs to be on the sheet. A personality-related flaw, such as a Defect, would still be part of the character’s personality, but it would be said to no longer have enough of an effect on the character to require a coded effect.

If a player wants to have suffered a serious injury, such as the maiming of an arm or a leg, or if the player wants to have had their status change radically, such as being disowned, they should ensure that they are able to switch out an equivalent amount of flaw points to make room for their new flaw.

However, in some cases it will be allowable for a character to exceed their flaw allotment. For example, if the character has no flaws that can be switched out and they wish suffer an injury as part of an approved plot, then Admin may approve an exception. Before proceeding with actions that lead to consequences that would result in a mandatory flaw, players who feel they have no flaws to switch out should consult with Staff to obtain an exception.

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