Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Advancement Intro

We have not yet worked out the specifics of how advancement will work on the game. Below are some of our preliminary thoughts on how it might end up working.


We are considering allowing characters to advance one tier. Most likely, this would not apply to Vs (the change would be too great to be ICly justifieable) and possibly not to IIs. If a character is moved up one tier, it could use up the asset & flaw points now available, its skill caps would change to that of the new tier and we may possibly allow them to also increase their stats. But that may make too much of a difference to be ICly justifieable. It would also depend on whether we allow stat increses in general, which we may not.

Assets & Flaws

It will be possible to buy those assets that are marked as available Post CG. Those asssets will not have to be balanced with flaws. It will also be possible to acquire flaws through roleplay.


We may allow stat increases, but this is far from certain. Our initial plan was to not allow these, so we have to consider how we would fit it in with the rest of the system. If we do them, they would probably be quite slow and limited to 10% or 20% of the original stat.


There will be a way of raising skills, though precisely how it will work remains to be decided. Most likely, it will be a fairly slow process that is slowed down even further the higher up you get. There may also be a cap on total skill points in use or a cap on the total number of skills over a certain value (that value would be tier dependant).

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