Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Advancement Nominations

Each month players are able to nominate five other players (not ones own alts, and only one nomination per other player) for a reward of SP, XP or, more rarely, Influence or Renown. The nomination is submitted via a specific command, and it has to be accompanied by an explanation of why the nomination is being made. The explanation has to relate to the specific reason for why the player is deserving of a reward for the month in question. Nominations should be made for roleplay, plot running and/or OOC assistance that has occurred within the month in question.

The Admin are particularly keen to see players rewarded for having their flaws play a significant part in their roleplay and for being willing to lose, fail or face other negative consequences. Additionally, players who follow-up on their roleplay with posts to the Roleplay board and by setting Events and Relations on their characters are more likely to given these rewards when the final decision for each month is made by the Admin. They review the nominations for the month and determine what to award and to whom. The Admin can also choose to reward players whom they feel were overlooked by the nominations.

Regarding SP, it will be very rare for someone to be awarded more than 1 SP at a time, and general it will probably also be rare for more than one player to be awarded an SP during any given month. The Admin also reserve the right to refrain from awarding SP to the same player several months in a row, and to not award any SP at all if there are no suitable candidates.

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