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Character Concepts

Since each character created on Blood of Dragons will remain for good in the CDB (the character database), and possibly end up played by several players if the first one leaves, it is important that the characters are fully fleshed out and easy for someone else to pick up and roleplay. Additionally, the Admin try to consider each concept in light of whether it looks like a character that will be fun for the player.

All in all, this means that for the first player of a character it may take some effort to put together a concept that will get them through CharGen as painlessly as possible. Some things to consider in order to improve this outlook are discussed in this helpfile.

Concept Creation

Each player approaches creating a character differently, and to a certain extent all styles are welcome on the game. However, since the game does feature a fairly extensive CharGen, it is not possible to get started on the game with just a rough idea of your character in mind that you then flesh out as you go.

If you don’t generally write backgrounds for your character (and even if you do), it might be helpful to start off by creating a concept that is built around answering some questions:

  • What kind of person is the character? Try to create an ‘in a nutshell’ description of the character, to give yourself a starting point.
  • What were the key formative experiences for the character? Make sure to take into account any pre-existing information about the character as well as the relevant IC history.
  • What kind of role do you see for the character on the game? Not all concepts are right for all games. Consider what you know of the game and consider how your concept will fit in with that.
  • What are the character’s long and short term goals and chief motivations? It is important to figure out what makes your character tick and goals in particular can help you create a story arc for your character.
  • Last, but not least, consider what will make the character fun to play.

Good Concepts

Blood of Dragons focuses on the noble houses of Westeros and the Game of Thrones. As such, players are encouraged to consider concepts that fit within the structure of the noble houses rather than concepts that place them outside of this structure. Being a noble isn’t necessary, as there is plenty of room for being employed within a noble house, but only experienced roleplayers should consider taking on more solitary roles. The nature of the game may make it difficult for such characters to find regular roleplay, unless played by someone who is used to being very proactive and good at creating their own roleplay.

Common Concepts

If you prefer to avoid concepts that are relatively common on the game, you may want to consider avoiding the following:

  • Younger characters, especially young, unmarried female characters.
  • Female characters with extensive knowledge of healing and/or herblore.

Generally Unavailable Concepts

There are also some concepts which cannot be applied for. However, the Admin may, at their discretion, give players permission to create a character that falls under these otherwise unavailable concepts.

  • Magic users
  • Female characters with weapon skills other than bow (primarily for hunting) and limited small blade skill (primarily in Dorne)
  • Characters from outside of the Seven Kingdoms

A more extensive guide to available and unavailable concepts can be found in this Article.

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