Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Intro Help

Whether it is some code you can’t figure out, some files you can’t find or don’t understand or an issue with something that has happened on the game, ICly or OOCly, there are several options open to you when it comes to finding assistance with your problem.

To start with, it’s entirely possible that answers to your questions can be found right here in INFO, SYSTEM, THEME, +HELP and here on the website. The advantage of looking here is that it’s not dependent on someone being available to help answer the questions.

A good next step, unless the issue is a private one, is to ask for help on one of the channels (see +HELP COM for how to do this). If there are other players around, chances are one of them might be able to help.

Finally, don’t ever hesitate to contact the Staff, especially if the above methods have not helped. Staff always welcomes the opportunity to help players with questions or problems. You can contact Staff via page (we have no rules at all against paging the Staff, but it is always possible that the Staff member you page may be busy or idle, so pages are not always guaranteed a quick response), via +jobs (see +HELP +JOBS) or via +mail (see HELP MAIL). Using +jobs is preferable to using +mail, as +jobs are stored permanently. If you wish to address something only to the Admin (Nymeria and Balerion), you should use the Admin level for +jobs or email your concerns to to [email protected]