Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Newbie Exploring

To explore your surroundings, you need to learn how to use Look and Examine and how to move around. Remember to never type in the < and > shown in the examples below.


To see what the room you are in is like, and to see who else is in that particular room, type LOOK. You can also type LOOK <object name> to look at a particular object. The contents of room are listed under the “Contents” header in the room.

To look at yourself, for example, type LOOK ME. You can also use L as a shorthand for LOOK.


To see more information about your character than you get via LOOK ME type EXAMINE ME or, for shorthand, EX ME.

You can also use Examine on other people and objects, but you will not get as much information about them.


Exits out of your current room are listed under the “Obvious exits” header in the room. You see it when you look at the room. You can type the name of the exit to go through it into the next room.

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