Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Policy Purges

Idle players are generally purged towards the end of each month. For the purpose of purges, players are considered idle if they have not been approved and have not connected for 15 days or if they have been approved and have not connected for 30 days. Players can, however, keep from being purged by setting themselves on vacation. To do this, see +HELP +VACATION.

If a player expects to be absent for more than 30 days, +vacation must be used to specify the dates between which the player expects to be absent. The player must also note a reason for the absence. A player idle for more than 30 days without this information set is eligible for purging. Additionally, an absence of more than 60 days, or an absence of an indefinite length, must be approved by the Admin in order to save the player from being purged. If you need to be gone for more than 60 days, or for an indefinite length of time, you should notify the Admin via +jobs (see +HELP +JOBS) and explain your situation. Decisions about saving a player from being purged for a long or indefinite length of time are made on a case-by-case basis, and when approval is given the Admin will use the +vacation command on the player.

Furthermore, players need to be aware that additional rules govern how long they are allowed to keep a particular character, even if they may be allowed to keep their player object for longer. See INFO CHARACTER IDLING for more information about this.

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