Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Policy Security

This file lists security-related matters that are against policy:

* Purposefully attempting to harm the MUSH database, server, or site will result in site-banning, @nuking and possible measures such as contacting ISPs and sysadmin.

* Lying to an member of the administration in matters that concern the user agreement and/or any of the game’s policies.

* Subverting official coded systems on the MUSH for the purpose of gain. Subversion includes discovering and not reporting loopholes in coded systems, even if one does not take advantage of them.

* Giving another person access to your character or password without permission from the Admin.

* Spying on players without their knowledge, whether through coded objects or through the use of puppets. The only exception lies with the Admin. See INFO POLICY PRIVACY for more information.

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