Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Roleplay Money

On Blood of Dragons there is no coded support for IC money. The OOC Credits which each player receives with each login (type ‘score’ to see how many you currently have) are only used for OOC purposes (some commands, for example, cost OOC Credits since they are computationally expensive).

The IC currency system looks like this:

Gold Coins
  • Dragon (= 210 Stags or 30 Moons or 11,760 Pennies)
Silver Coins
  • Stag (= 7 Stars or 56 Pennies)
  • Moon (=7 Stags or 392 Pennies)
Copper Coins
  • Star (= 8 Pennies)
  • Groat (= 4 Pennies)
  • Half Groat (= 2 Pennies)
  • Penny
  • Half Penny

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