Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Roleplay Tools

While roleplay and not code is the primary purpose of Blood of Dragons, we do feel that certain coded systems can be great tools for enhancing and facilitating that roleplay. Below follows a brief rundown of the most important of these, with pointers to their respective +help files and relevant SYSTEM files for more information.


This command displays the name, gender, IC/OOC status, shortdesc and idletime of all players in the same room as you. See +HELP +GLANCE.


This command allows people to setup groups to talk to each other within when in a crowded room. It is similar to the places command found on many MU*s but it also alters the display of the room, making it plain which group someone belongs to, and this means it can be used to create virtual locations within a room.  See +HELP +GROUPS.


This command allows you to knock on an exit designated as a door. See +HELP +KNOCK.


This command allows you to turn the lights in a room on or off. See +HELP +LIGHT.


This command allows you to invite another player to join you. If they accept, they are teleported to your location. See +HELP +MEETUP.


This command displays the weather conditions and the IC time. See +HELP +TODAY.


This command allows you to set and display views on yourself, on objects and on rooms that you control. See +HELP +VIEWS.


This command is used to warn another player that their actions are putting their character in danger. See +HELP +WARN.


This command is used to whisper ICly. See +HELP +WHISPER.

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