Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Staff Overview

The Staff on Blood of Dragons consists of the Admin Staff (also called just the Admin), the Senior Staff and the Junior Staff. Though not technically part of the Staff, the Emeritii and the Greeters are considered to be holding Staff-related positions. References to the Staff applies to all levels of Staff (but not to the Emeritii or the Greeters). References to the Admin applies only to the Admin Staff.

The Staff character is a separate player object from the Staff member’s roleplay character(s). This player object is not used for roleplay and it is only this player object that has access to Staff-specific commands and channels. It is, however, fully disclosed on the game what Staff member is playing what roleplay character(s), as the alt information in +finger (see +help +finger) and the +alt command (see +help +alt) will list both roleplay characters and Staff characters.

In the case of Emeritii, they will keep their separate Staff character when they resign from Staff. Greeters, however, have their Greeter flags and powers added directly to their regular roleplay character.

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