Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


User Agreement Overview

In order to join Blood of Dragons MUSH, prospective players must read through the following files that make up the User Agreement. They must make sure that they understand the information as well as accept the rules contained therein. If there is anything in it that you do not understand, please contact an Admin (+ADMIN will show who is on-line) before proceeding.

Since Blood of Dragons is a derivative game based upon George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire setting with the author’s permission, players must acknowledge and abide by the rules laid down in INFO USER AGREEMENT COPYRIGHT and INFO USER AGREEMENT LICENSE.

Players must understand that privacy can in no way be guaranteed on a MUSH and they must familiarize themselves with INFO USER AGREEMENT PRIVACY.

In light of the suggested rating (see INFO USER AGREEMENT RATING), a player who is considered a minor in whatever state or country they reside in may not join this game without the expressed approval of their legal guardian. In such a case the legal guardian must also be the one to agree to the rules and policies outlined in the User Agreement and he or she will also be responsible for making sure the player also understands these rules and policies and for making sure that the player abides by these.

The policies outlined in INFO POLICY must be read and adhered to. Players are also responsible for being aware of the contents of all INFO, SYSTEM and THEME files; ignorance is not an excuse for infringing on any of the rules of the game, and such infringements may lead to such corrective actions as the Admin feel are appropriate. But the most crucial files to read, and this should be done before beginning play on the game, are the INFO POLICY files.

Players must also agree that the Admin have the right to make any changes or additions to the policies and rules of the game that they deem necessary. When such changes or additions are made, players are required to read these, and to either accept these changes or additions or give up their character(s) on the game.

Finally, players must accept that the Admin (see INFO STAFF) are the final authority on the rules and policies of the MUSH and may interpret them in whatever manner they deem appropriate. Violations of these policies can lead to a player receiving one or more sanctions, as explained in INFO POLICY SANCTIONS. The Admin of the game are the final judges of what is or is not a violation, and this list may be expanded on and/or altered without any prior notice. The players are responsible for keeping themselves up-to-date.

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