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House Connington of Griffin's Roost

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Connington from the books.

Family Tree

  • Athell Connington (b. 109), Lord of Griffin's Roost,
    • his first wife, {Lady Gallisa} of House Tyrell (b. 108), died in childbed (d. 144),
    • their children:
      • Maenylla (b. 129), a maid sometimes called Mean Maeny, a royal companion in the Maidenvault (see House Targaryen),
      • Gallard (b. 134), m. Melarra Hightower (b. 143),
        • Gallard's daughter, Jaenessa (b. 169),
      • Ser Almer (b. 136), a knight of growing fame, m. {Keira Sand} (b. 140), murdered by bandits in the kingswood (d. 161),
        • Almer's son, {Asher} (b. 160), murdered by bandits in the kingswood (d. 161),}
        • Almer's squire, {Lymond Buckwell} (b. 145), killed in Dorne (d. 157),
        • Almer's maidservant, Nan (b. 94),
        • Almer's lieutenant, Ser Crispyn of Tarth (b. 134),
      • Walessa (b. 140), m. Ser Pylman Trant (b. 135), heir to Gallowsgrey,
        • Walessa's daughter, Pelyne (b. 157),
        • Walessa's daughter, Patrice (b. 161),
        • Walessa's son, Peregrin (b. 164),
        • Walessa' son, Podrick (b. 168),
    • his second wife, Lady Elenora of House Darklyn (b. 122), formerly wed to {Ser Albar Caron} (b. 122), heir to Nightsong, killed in Dorne (d. 157),
      • Elenora's children by her first marriage (See House Caron),
    • his siblings:
      • {Ser Steffon} (b. 110), as fierce as he was handsome, killed by Ser Wyland Wyl in the Dornish Marches (d. 133), m. {Lady Elenda Caron} (b. 90, d. 143),
      • {Ser Adon} (b. 111), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131), m. Sara Kidwell (b. 111),
        • Adon's daughter, Lyllian (b. 128), m. Ser Harwin Marbrand (b. 126), a famous knight,
        • Adon's daughter, {Arrana} (b. 130), killed when a tower collapsed during a storm (d. 142),
        • Adon's son, Ser Dickon (b. 132), a household knight at Storm's End (see House Baratheon),
      • Lady Caronne (b. 112), m. Lord Clement Celtigar (b. 107),
      • Maester Kelbin (b. 114), serving at Strongsong (see House Belmore),
      • Lysena (b. 116), m. {Ser Garett Buckwell} (b. 114), heir to the Antlers, killed in a tourney (d. 149),
    • his father, {Lord Alfros} (b. 88, d. 137),
    • his widowed mother, Lady Shella of House Lannister (b. 92).
    • his uncle and cousins:
      • Ser Syrion (b. 112), castellan of Griffin's Roost, m. {Semiona Cafferen} (b. 112), died in childbed (d. 136)
        • Syrion's son, Ser Bennard (b. 130), m. Danisa Waynwood (b. 129),
          • Bennard's daughter, Aleyna (b. 150),
          • Bennard's daughter, Sarmera (b. 152),
          • Bennard's son, Bernel (b. 157),
        • {A stillborn daughter}.
    • his household:
      • his squire, Ormory Rosby (b. 146), heir to Rosby,
      • Ser Rease Trant (b. 145), brother to Ser Pylman Trant, a household knight.