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House Lannister of Casterly Rock

A roaring lion, gold on crimson

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Lannister from the books.

Family Tree

  • Loreon Lannister (b. 123), Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, and Shield of Lannisport,
    • his wife, Lady Jeane of House Lefford (b. 120),
    • their children:
      • Lady Lira (b. 137), m. Lord Jonothor Arryn (b. 127),
      • Ser Jaesin (b. 139), a knight of the Kingsguard,
      • Ser Jonn (b. 140), heir to Casterly Rock,
        • his first wife, {Kellyn Crakehall} (b. 140), lady-in-waiting to Princess Rhaena Targaryen, found murdered in an alleyway (d. 163),
          • Jonn's son, Damon (b. 156), betrothed to Lysessa Tyrell (b. 156),
          • Jonn's daughter, Lenora (b. 159), Symond's twin,
          • Jonn's son, Symond (b. 159), Lenora's twin,
        • his second wife, Jyana Arryn (b. 142), called the Jewel of the Eyrie,
          • Maester Creston (b. 112), a member of their household, known for his skill in the healing of burns and the alleviating of pain,
          • Elleria Celtigar (b. 144), a lady-in-waiting,
      • Ser Mathin (b. 144), a famous knight, once squire to Prince Aemon Targaryen knighted after the Battle of Godsgrace, Deputy Warden of Crackclaw Point (see House Targaryen),
    • his siblings:
      • Lady Joanne (b. 114), m. {Lord Oswell Fossoway} (b. 114), Lord of Cider Hall, dead of a fever (d. 166),
      • Lady Lucia (b. 116), m. Lord Edgarren Roxton (b. 114), Lord of the Ring,
        • Lucia's son, Ser Jon Roxton (b. 134), heir to the Ring,
          • Jon's first wife, {Sylvia Osgrey } (b. 140), said to have died in childbed (d. 157),
            • Jon's daughter, Patricia Roxton (b. 156),
            • {A stillborn son},
          • Jon's second wife, Jonquil Mooton (b. 134),
            • Jon's son, Leynerd (b. 160),
            • Jon's daughter, Elissa (b. 161),
            • Jon's daughter, Esmerei (b. 163),
            • Jon's son, {Andrian} (b. 164), died in the cradle (d. 164),
            • Jon's son, Lorence (b. 165),
        • Lucia's daughter, Elvyra Roxton (b. 137), m. Ser Samson Tarly (b. 135),
        • Lucia's daughter, Lucelle Roxton (b. 138), m. Ser Thomas Hastwyck (b. 139),
          • Lucelle's son, {Tommard Hastwyck} (b. 158), dead of a summer fever (d. 160),
          • Lucelle's son, Jonah Hastwyck (b. 162),
        • Lucia's son, Ser Tancred Roxton (b. 141),
        • Lucia's son, Gaston Roxton (b. 145), an acolyte at the Citadel,
        • Lucia's daughter, Mylessa Roxton (b. 147), betrothed to Lord Aimery Fell, Lord of Felwood, a famous knight,
      • {Tyshara} (b. 118), dead in childbed (d. 140), m. Ser Erik Peckledon (b. 112), a household knight at Casterly Rock,
        • Tyshara's daughter, Septa Sharra (b. 135),
        • Tyshara's son, Ser Arryk Peckledon (b. 140),
      • Elspeth (b. 120), m. Ser Joran Drox (b. 118),
        • Elspeth's son, Ser Dormund Drox (b. 138),
        • Elspeth's daughter, Jorelle Drox (b. 140), betrothed to {Ser Berion Yarwyck} (b. 135), killed in Dorne (d. 158),
      • {Joy Hill} (b. 120), his bastard half-sister, taken by the Ironborn during the Dance (d. 136),
      • {Jenna Hill} (b. 122), his bastard half-sister, taken by the Ironborn during the Dance (d. 134),
    • his father, {Lord Jason} (b. 96), Ser Tyland's twin, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 129),
    • his mother, {Lady Johanna} of House Westerling (b. 95, d. 143),
    • his aunts, uncle, and cousins:
      • Lady Shella (b. 92), m. {Lord Alfros Connington} (b. 88, d. 137),
      • {Lady Allise} (b. 95), died in childbed (d. 122), m. {Lord Cyril Lydden} (b. 91), dead after choking on his food during a feast (d. 147),
      • {Ser Tyland} (b. 96), Lord Jason's twin, Hand of the King, dead of the Winter Fever (d. 134),
      • Lady Tyrianne (b. 98), m. {Lord Samwell Blackwood} (b. 96, d. 129),
      • Ser Rickard (b. 100), m. Sandria Ferren (b. 102),
        • Rickard's son, Ser Dennis (b. 122), an officer of the City Watch of King's Landing and commander of the Gate of the Gods (see House Targaryen), m. Gwendolyn Vikary (b. 127),
          • Dennis's daughter, Shalla (b. 156),
        • Rickard's son, {Ser Landyll} (b. 123), killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Carellin Estren (b. 129),
          • Landyll's son, Ser Loreon (b. 151), called Brightmane,
          • Landyll's daughter, Cindria (b. 154),
          • Landyll's natural daughter, Rosalind Hill (b. 139), m. Ser Endros Buckler (b. 135),
        • Rickard's son, Ser Galan (b. 126), called the Green Lion,
        • Rickard's daughter, Melissa (b. 134), m. Ser Anton Piper (b. 138),
      • Ser Hector Hill (b. 104), a bastard uncle, called the Silver Lion, m. Lessa Drox (b. 107),
        • Hector's son, Ser Albert Hill (b. 129), a household knight, m. Aressa Marbrand (b. 134),
          • Albert's son, Landon (b. 160),
          • {Several miscarriages},
        • Hector's son, {Ser Rickard Hill} (b. 131), slain by {Ser Bastian Sand} (d. 157),
        • Hector's daughter, Sirona Hill (b. 136), formerly a lady-in-waiting at Tarbeck Hall rumored to be mistress of Lord Tarbeck, once lady-in-waiting to Princess Rhaena Targaryen, now an exile from the court in the wake of scandal,
    • his household:
      • Kennet Crakehall (b. 111), his steward and friend,
      • Ser Elmer Crakehall (b. 137), Kennet's son, captain of the guard,
      • Ser Albert Hill (b. 129), a cousin and household knight,
      • Ser Brion Lantell (b. 125), captain of Ser Jaesin's personal guard,
      • Arton Lanny (b. 134), bodyguard to Rosalind Hill,
      • Ser Alaric Lantell (b. 144), formerly squire to Ser Jaesin, a member of the household guard in King's Landing,
      • Ser Parl of the Port (b. 123), a retainer,
      • Ser Marshall Falwell (b. 114), master-at-arms.