Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Visit to Highgarden

The Measure of Men
IC Date: Day 6 of Month 10, 162 AC. (about 9 am)
RL Date: June 12, 2011.

The heir to Hightower rejoins the train headed up the Roseroad from the Reach shortly before its arrival in King's Landing. As the travelers prepare for the final day's ride to the city, Bradwell takes the measure of three very different men, as they do the same with him.

Melee at Grassy Vale
IC Date: 28-09-162
RL Date: June 05, 2011.

The search for Ser Josmyn Reyne turns to blood upon the fields before Grassy Vale.

Runs in the Meadows
IC Date: Day 26 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 6 pm)
RL Date: June 03, 2011.

On the hunt for Ser Josmyn Reyne, the expedition stops at a ferry crossing on the Blue Byrn for a rest and a few drinks – and get more than they bargained for in the process.

Campfire Songs
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 9, 162 AC (about 6 pm)
RL Date: June 01, 2011.

Several members of the party in pursuit of Longaxe and Edwyd Bulwer stop for the night and share ribald songs around the campfire.

Reach Justice
IC Date: Day 24 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 11 am)
RL Date: May 31, 2011.

As the knights in pursuit of Edwyd Bulwer and Kendros Goodbrook, the Longaxe, pause on the banks of the Blue Byrn to take a short rest and meal and consider their next steps, Ser Myles Hightower begins a discussion with Ser Janden Melcolm, a Knight of the Vale, on the culpability of this feud between the Reynes and Meadows. Ser Willard Ryger interjects and questions Ser Myles' knowledge of chivalry, and Ser Myles takes umbrage at Ser Willard's haughty tone and presumption to dispense justice in the Reach. Before the altercation is done, Ser Myles promises that Ser Willard will be called upon for satisfaction upon the return to the capital.

The Spooky Woods
IC Date: 12-9-162
RL Date: May 30, 2011.

A twilight hunt turns horribly wrong as kidnapping ensues.

The Cloak!
IC Date: Day 20 of Month 9, 162 AC.
RL Date: May 27, 2011.

Anton and Melissa enjoy each other's company and share tea and cake on board a barge. A misunderstanding over a cloak leads to Anton in the river and much fodder for gossip.

A Happy Reunion
IC Date: Day 19 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 10pm)
RL Date: May 26, 2011.

Lady Delanei Crane, wife to ser Albyn Crane arrives together with her daughter Ella at the barges, after a fatiguing ride from Red Lake to meet the travelling court. While a servant has been send to search for Albyn, Ser Alek Reyne kept her company. Albyn is about to arrive - coming from a meeting with Jannia Tully - and see his wife and daughter for the first time in about a year.

“I Almost Called You His Name…”
IC Date: Day 10 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 7 pm)
RL Date: May 23, 2011.

An affair is ended before it was ever truly begun. Angered words of bruised hearts are exchanged between Galan Lannister and Carmella Dondarrion.

Snowflakes and Sharp Stakes
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 4 pm)
RL Date: May 23, 2011.

Three children of the Lord Hightower meet on a barge up the Mander toward King's Landing in a gathering partially unexpected and wholly uncommon. There, they discuss controversial matters involving their mother's house, House Reyne, that could embroil the southrons in greater troubles. Of course, they're not the only ones headed to King's Landing.

IC Date: Day 3 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 11 pm)
RL Date: May 11, 2011.

Conversation and good company in the pavilion of the Green Lion. Once Ser Alek Reyne leaves, the Lion Galan and the Lady Carmella renew their dance once again. In the end, Galan escorts Carmella back to her quarters...