Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Happy Reunion
IC Date: Day 19 of Month 9, 162 AC. (about 10pm)
RL Date: May 26, 2011.
Participants: Albyn Crane, Alek Reyne, Delanei Crane and Jannia Tully
Locations: The Mander: the Barges.
Comments: A rare moment where Albyn and Delanei openly demonstrate their love. ( not sure though if this is important enough to log?). I also seem to have lost Jannia's participation which was just a pose from afar though. Nothing that involved her in the scene.

Summary: Lady Delanei Crane, wife to ser Albyn Crane arrives together with her daughter Ella at the barges, after a fatiguing ride from Red Lake to meet the travelling court. While a servant has been send to search for Albyn, Ser Alek Reyne kept her company. Albyn is about to arrive - coming from a meeting with Jannia Tully - and see his wife and daughter for the first time in about a year.

Noticing Delanei from afar – a few barges further – Albyn quickens his already fast pace and seems to pass the wooden gangways of the ship without noticing how easy he could hit the water beneath it if he isn’t careful enough. Somehow he manages to get onto the deck unharmed where Delanei stands together with Alek – probably not even noticing the last. A bit out of breath, the heir of Red Lake ends up before his wife and stares at her. Then suddenly he hugs her - lifting her up so he’s looking up at her - his eyes straight into hers. “ Hello.” he simply says but the love almost dripping from his voice.

Delanei seems a little disheartened as she stands next to the older man, looking over her shoulder once more, before staring onto the riverbank. “I am sure it’s not on purpose. It is probably hard to find him on such a large boat.” Delanei straightens herself, a hand smoothing over her stomach, before she finds the much out of breath man before her. Her green eyes get rather large, and seem to glisten with a bit of moisture. As he wraps his arms around her, her arms wrap around his shoulders, a melodic laugh escaping her, as she lays her forehead against his, clearly happy as any one could be. “Dearest…” She seems to forget anyone is there for the moment, before her green eyes open to look around. “Oh… we are not alone.”

Alek smiles lightly as he watches events unfold. “Ser, my lady, I shall leave you alone to get reacquainted. Please, excuse me.” The Reyne knight bows lightly before making an exit to let the couple catch up.

Getting aware of the situation, Albyn makes a feints a cough once and puts Delanei back on her feet. Giving her a kiss, he then nods to Alek as the man makes his leave. Not sure if Jannia had been keepin up the pace - or probably not caring at all due the sight of his wife - Albyn seems to absorb her presence before he frowns slightly. ” Ella? ” he asks.

Delanei blushes a little, wrapping her arms around her husband’s, laying her head upon his shoulder, not seeming to care that other’s are gathered at the moment. “The trip was wearing on her, she’s resting, little dear tried so hard to stay awake but she couldn’t any longer.” Delanei looks up at her husband’s face, before reaching out to touch it gently, as if not believing he is there before her.

“ Ah yes. Apologises. I should have known, the poor girl. We’ll check on her once I’m sure you’re here, Delanei. “ Again he hugs his wife, probably not planning to let her loose for a while. “ By the Seven, I’ve missed you, my dear.” Albyn gently whispers to her.

Delanei moves her arms around his waist, looking up happily at her husband, “I Am here… I can scarcely believe it, but I am here finally.” She lays her head against his chest, nestling up quite close. “I have missed you, as well.” She leans up on her tip toes, and kisses his cheek.

“You’d better” Albyn says with a jest as he pushes a soft kiss on her forehead. “ How was the trip? No troubles I hope?” he asks, not able to wipe the enthusiastic smile of his face as he looks at the beauty he can call his wife.

Delanei shakes her head, “No… none except for it being far far too long. And you took to long coming to me, what is going on?” Delanei looks up into his eyes, her dark brows furrowed. “Did you get into trouble?” There is a little grin upon her lips, as if she is teasing more then anything.

Albyn’s eyes shine amused as he smiles. ” You could say so. I was taking care of some… business. Nothing important really. I guess your servant just didn’t found me immediately. As you see, there are a lot of barges around.” Then Albyn falls silent again and sighs. ” By the Mother, you look beautiful.” he says as he gently wipes some loose hair of her aside.

Delanei smirks and shakes her head, “You will have to let me in on what this “business” was… then.” She pats his stomach, grinning up at him as he pushes a bit of hair from her eyes. “Well when you are ready, we should go see Ella, she will be quite upset if we don’t wake her up. You are all she spoke of for the last 2 days.” She grins rights herself a bit, releasing her hold on Albyn’s waist, taking his hand in her own.

” I can’t wait as well. Just must have grown a lot in the last year, not?” Albyn asks. Impatient to see his daughter he lets Delanei lead him below deck where the result of their love is dreaming her fantastic dreams.