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Alek Reyne


In Brief

Ser Alek Reyne is a veteran knight of Castamere. At 45, Ser Alek has been present in all battles since The Dance of the Dragons, and, as such, has become a hardened knight, stalwart commander and a fierce competitor.


Ser Alek Reyne stands tall and proud. He wears the resplendant colours of House Reyne. A silver and crimson finely made tunic, bright in the man’s pride of his house. The sigil of his house, the red rampant lion, is sewn proudly into his chest. He wears plain steel armour, unadorned, for practicality over pompous livery. Often donning strong, black leather boots on his feet to keep a better grip when sparring or fighting. Attached to his back, over a silver cloak embossed with the rampant lion once more, is an plaine battle-axe, wrought with a wooden handle, a present from a friend. A dirk sheathed at his side, with the hilt of a dagger often protruding from his right boot. His face is usually calm and calculating, glittering green eyes set below his blond hair. He has a blond beard running across his jawline, coming to points just below his upper lip on both sides, giving him a lion-like appearence.


Alek Reyne is extremely ambitious and will stop at nothing to expand his power and influence. As ruthless in court as he is in the battlefield, he doesn’t care who he has to step over on his way to the top, although he is not without scruples and etiquette and prefers to carry out his plans as cleanly as possible. He learned early in life the lesson that people could be bought with the right words and right promises, and is skilled at telling people exactly what they want to hear. A skilled horseman and knight ,he is just as fond of the joust as the melee, always looking for ways to display his martial prowess. Alek is very much an enigma, valuing both showmanship and pragmatism, at once both a gentleman knight and an imposing, grizzled battle commander who does not forgive and who does not forget.


      Born 41 years ago as the youngest son of three to the Lord of Castamere, Alek Reyne was groomed for knighthood from an early age. As soon as Alek was old enough to wield a blade, his father exterted his influence and sent him to Casterly Rock to join his older brother Geremy as a squire of Ser Loren, the Lannister heir. During his years at the Lannister court, Alek grew very close to Geremy, and the two Reynes were an inseprable pair. Alek was also very fond of Ser Loren, whom he looked to as another elder brother.

      It was during one of the last battles of the war, the same battle that claimed his brother Geremy’s life, that Alek won his knighthood, although he was not named a knight until years after the war. When the course of the battle turned against the Lannister host, Alek fought bravely to defend Ser Loren even as his brother was struck down in front of his eyes. For his valor in the face of the loss of his brother, Ser Loren promised, and granted, Alek a knighthood as soon as he was of age. Alek was deeply shaken by his brother’s death, and returned to Castamere after being knighted much changed

      Not too long after Alek’s return home, Lord Reyne betrothed Alek to Ameria Serry. Alek doted on their first child, Bella, and raised her more like a lord’s daughter than a knight’s. In the meantime, Alek was granted command of the Reyne forces by his father, and he trained his men hard, hoping to win power and influence with great victories. As the years passed, Alek and Ameria had two more children, Alayne and Wyllis, and Alek’s father died, passing Castamere to Alek’s other brother Bertrand, to whom Alek was rather estranged from his years at Casterly Rock.

      Upon ascending to lordship, Bertrand promptly removed Alek from the command of the Reyne armies, replacing him with his son Victor Reyne, the new heir to Castamere. Alek, surprisingly, suffered this indignity in silence and displayed no hostility towards his brother.
Alek served as an advisor to Victor during the Conquest of Dorne, but Victor listened little to his counsel. Alek grudgingly accepted the command of his brother’s heir, never directly challenging his authority but flat-out insulting his leadership to his men. Alek survived the war, but watched many of the men he’d trained die before Dorne conceded.
After the war ended, Alek followed the Reyne host to King’s Landing, where he remained even after Victor ordered the Reyne troops back to Castamere.

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