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Dermett Corbray


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In Brief

Dermett Corbray, a knight of the Vale, born in the year 140 AC. Firstborn son and heir of Qarl Corbray, Lord of Heart’s Home, by his wife Lady Molianne Westerling of the Crag. Young brother of Simona Tully, elder brother of Alina Hunter, Endrew Corbray and Derren Corbray.

Former squire to Kermit Tully, Lord of Riverrun. Knighted by his hand, in the year 160 AC, aged eighteen years. Sent to King’s Landing in the year 163 AC to represent his father and family at court.

Formerly wed to the late lady Damia, daughter of the late Ser Robert Farman, of Fair Isle. Betrothed to the lady Desmona, daughter of Lord Benjicot Blackwood, of Raventree Hall. Father of Robert Corbray.

Warden of Crackclaw Point since 166 AC.


A few inches short of six feet in height, Ser Dermett Corbray is a roguish young knight with a strong and resilient build. There is nary an inch of fat to be found on the man’s body, for a lifetime of martial training - combined with a love of exploring the perilous terrain of the Vale - have crafted a physique of taut, strong muscle. He is an extremely dexterous individual, as quick on his feet as he is with his tongue.

A mane of dark brown locks falls across his broad shoulders, framing his handsome features. His jaw is as strong as iron, often speckled with a prickly stubble, while his eyes are a light, steely grey. Above his left eyebrow is a ghastly-looking scar that stretches to his left temple, a wound he received as a squire in the Riverlands. A second scar can be found to the left of his nose, below his eye. A mischievous, sometimes even insolent smirk oft adorns his thin, pale lips, while his nose is slightly crooked after one too many tavern brawls.

The man is known to dress in simple, modest attire. Doublets of brown and grey (or crimson, if he is attempting to make an effort) are matched with breeches of black, with well-worn boots also of black stretching up to his shins. Indeed, the most luxurious item the man is known to wear is a blade of castle-forged steel on his left hip, hanging dangerously inside a scabbard of crimson.


Like the statues that adorned the humble sept wherein he spoke his knightly vows, there are many aspects to the character of the heir to Heart’s Home.

In private - amongst family and honoured acquaintances - the man is said to be a well-spoken and even (and sometimes, overly) affectionate. Well versed in the chivalric code, the man did not learn at the heels of the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands without learning a thing or seven about common courtesy and manners.

It is this, perhaps, that endears the man most to the lowborn of Westeros. Despite his place as heir of an ancient and prestigious house, the man has an entirely affable, approachable nature amongst swineherd and sellsword alike. Notably - and so often has this proven a trouble in the highly discerning court of King’s Landing - he is not above engaging in bawdy and sometimes vulgar banter, especially when he is deep in his cups.

Yet sometimes, it should be said, such slips in etiquette are not entirely accidental. Neither hawking nor jousting has proven as joyous a sport for Ser Dermett Corbray than that or riling those who perceive themselves as his social superior. The lesser lordlings of the King’s court - those pathetic and conniving few that perpetually squirm for favour - have proven more enjoyable sport for the man than even the most tenacious of wild boars on the hunt.

Whether it is by vile language, snarled threats or sheer insolence, the man enjoys nothing more than to rattle even the most unwavering of courtly paragons. The man, it is said, is addicted to chaos and mischief more so than any drink or woman in his short, eventful life.

Having said this, it should be noted; never would the man say an ill word about or to those of /unquestioned/ authority. His father, his liege, his King and His Grace’s family would sooner see the young raven take flight than hear any insubordination or disrespect uttered from betwixt his pale lips. Indeed, two memorably forthright reprimands from Lord Jonothor Arryn may have forever tempered his outwardly pugnacious spirit.

Yet it shall always linger beneath the surface, ready to re-emerge if the sport is good or the cause is just.

What drives the man most as he navigates the corridors of power in the capital of the Seven Kingdoms is his undoubted pride in the ancient House of Corbray. He truly thinks himself and his kin the superior to those who do not meet his exacting and twisted standards. By notable deed - either good or ill - he strives to continue the legacy of his father and grandsire.



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Notable Events

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Social & Political Affiliations

Offices Held

Officer of the Warden of the Kingswood (164 AC - 165 AC)

Royal Huntsman (165 AC)

Officer of the Warden of Crackclaw Point (165 AC - 166 AC)

Warden of Crackclaw Point (166 AC - present)

Significant Relations

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