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Elyse Meadows


In Brief

After losing all of her brothers over a ten year span, the once bratty Elyse Meadows has become a young woman of deep passions and deeper sorrows. Her one refuge is her singing, which is said to be amongst the finest in all of King’s Landing.


This young lady has long, curly, black hair that drapes down to about the middle of her back. Her fair skin and storm grey eyes blend beautifully with the dark strands. While she looks quite fragile she is quite striking by the standards of many. She has a shapely form that is curved in the right places, suiting her smaller frame quite nicely.


Elyse is perfectly personable and polite at almost all times; when her temper flares it can be a slow burn but she will grit her teeth and smile through it. She has a somewhat tragic air about her since almost anything can remind her of the loving family lost to her and the knowledge nothing can restore it. 

She has come to grips with that fact and does her best to try to find what joy she can in life.


Elyse Meadows was raised by her father Robett Meadows and her mother Tendra Oakheart. She is the fifth among 7 children. Her three brothers have all died in some form or another, leaving her and her sisters as the only children to her parents. Elyse was given a typical noble upbringing and decided to come to King’s Landing.

Notable Events

Attended the trial of Mathin Lannister
Sang for the court at a gathering hosted by Farin Prester

Social & Political Affiliations

Loyal to House Meadows, House Tyrell
Friendly to House Baratheon
Animosity towards House Reyne

Significant Relations

Rymella Meadows - younger sister

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