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Garlan Hunter


In Brief

A slender young man of average height. His skin is tanned by the Reach sun. He wears his curly brown hair in a short, unwieldly mop. His green eyes are often observant and his movements are calm and restrained.


Standing here before you is a well built young male of just shy of six feet tall. Whilst not muscled like a maiden’s fantasy, his body is well proportioned and has the typical long distance runner’s build slender, but still strong, His outward appearance, whilst not striking shows signs of age beyond his years and much hardship, the smell of leather and blood clinging to him like perfume. His eyes, almost seem to sparkle emerald-green as they constantly flicker about, taking in the surroundings as if memorising them.

His shoulder length hair, almost at contrast with his eyes is a dark brown colour with wavy curl to it but is always kept well groomed. It wafts around him in the breeze, it’s tendrils curling and moving of their own volition. His tanned face, as with the rest of his body appears to be unmarked by visible or noticeable scars, although noticeably weathered as if to suggest he has spent a great deal of time outdoors amongst the elements. A week’s worth of stubble perhaps covers this man’s lower face and chin, grey pitting the black shadow to give an almost salt and pepper effect.

Garlan’s attire is simplistic, yet functional. His clothes seem worn and well travelled, matching his appearance yet give the impression of deception, whilst his stance exhibits confidence and authority beyond his years.

Dark brown woollen pants, tucked into dark brown almost black knee high leather boots. Worn over his chest is a brown woollen tunic with silver knot-work around the edges. He has a dark brown woollen cloak draped over his shoulders clasped with a silver brooch shaped like a single rose. Belted around his tunic is a dark brown leather belt with a sword sheathed on the left side and a dagger on the right. The sword’s scabbard is rosewood holding a hand and a half or ‘bastard’ sword, the plain curved guard going into a rosewood handle and ending in a plain steel pommel. The dagger is sheathed in a leather sheath and is a plain brown leather wrapped handle with a straight guard.


Garlan grew up in Southshield, raised by a Hunter of Longbow Hall and the Serry’s of Southshield. His role models, his father Ser Gylbert and his cousing Ser Justyn have caused him to rever honor and duty above all. He believes in knights following their vows, that his word is his oath and that’s something nobody can take from him. He trusts in the lords above him and believes fully in the Seven. He is very polite and fairly well spoken but typically remains quiet and in the background as he doesn’t like to ever be the center of attention unless it’s on the tourney field.


Born of Ser Gylbert Hunter and Jayne Serry on 12th day of the 4th month of the year 145 at Longbow Hall. Two years later his father, mother and himself left for Southshield in order to support Ser Ardric Serry to become the regent for Justyn Serry. His father was appointed the Master-At-Arms for Southshield. His mother Lady Jayne read stories to him and his cousins Justyn and Renys about tales of Chivalry from the Reach. When he was old enough to enter the training yard his father and Ser Ardric started training him in combat. Garlan’s dreams and fantasies were the shining knight on horseback, lances streaming behind him. He strived to keep his training equal with the weapons he was learning, but since his cousins seemed to be very keen on practicing the sword especially Justyn he trained a bit more on the sword and shield than he did the rest of the weapons he was learning.

When he turned 11, his cousin Lord Justyn Serry came into his own as the Lord of Southshield. When the Braavosi Pirate began raiding the trade route around Southshield, Garlan wanted to sail with his cousins to challenge the pirate but was told he’s too young to sail into battle. However he got to stay back and watch his cousins return triumphant, Justyn received his knighthood with a wounded shoulder. Deciding he was going to show that he’s not some kid to be left behind next time so he started working harder on his combat skills while he still continued learning the courtly arts from his mother.

On his 15th name day he was summoned to appear before Ser Justyn and his father Ser Gylbert when Ser Justyn asked Garlan’s father for Garlan to serve as Ser Justyn’s Squire. Of course Garlan was so excited he was answering for Ser Gylbert but quieted down with just a single steely glance from his father. The process complete Garlan begins his duties as Ser Justyn’s squire. Ya know the whole polish the armor, sharpen the sword groom the horses… Treat the constant injuries… But it’s the start towards becoming the Knight he’s always dreamed of being.

For two years Garlan’s trained as Ser Justyn’s squire when they head towards Kings Landing as part of Ser Justyn’s betrothal agreement. As they’re on the way to Kings Landing they receive word that there’s a tourney in Highgarden so they divert to check out the tourney. Along the way Ser Justyn rides off with his cousin Renys to free Ser Josmyn Reyne but Garlan was pushed to the rear of the group during the skirmish and got to sit and watch the duel between Ser Alyard Corbray and Ser Edwyd Buller and with the death of Ser Edwyd, Ser Josmyn was set free.

A few months later Garlan accompanied Ser Justyn to Crackclaw Point to assist Ser Dagur in his pirate problem, well rather to assist Ser Justyn as he assists Ser Dagur with some pirate problems. Unfortunately for Garlan who wanted to get in there and prove his worth he was left guarding the camp. After the fight was over and he was working with the Maesters and helping care for Ser Justyn they returned to Kings Landing where Ser Justyn decided to enter the Tourney of Love and promptly get beaten so badly he went into a coma. Upon which Garlan wanting to take part in the melee had to return to his knight’s side once again assisting the Maesters in caring for Ser Justyn. He received word that Ryckon, a younger squire, managed to win the melee. This has made the young man the person to beat when it comes to skill, at least at the squire level.

Notable Events

Garlan competes in the shipboard melee in King’s Landing, and - by some miracle - is the last man standing on his team. He is struck down for the second time, this turn by Tormund Bloodaxe, after giving a fine account for himself in the melee.

Garlan is knighted at the hands of one of the Kingsguard in a ceremony at the Royal Sept, and participates in a tourney afterwards. He wins a number of tilts, including against his cousin Roland, and fellow newmade knights Jeomar Waters and Darran Selmy, before falling at the hands of Ser Elmer Crakehall.

Ser Garlan participates in the royal hunt organised by Ser Dermett Corbray. Though unsuccessful at gaining any notable prize game, he proves himself an honourful knight by playing a small part in de-escalating the Northron-Dornish violence at the ensuing feast.

Ser Garlan and Ser Orson Baratheon both found themselves attending a bear-baiting in the Dragon Pit of Kings Landing, in which Ser Orson was shoved into the pit by a drunk Lording. Despite the danger, Ser Garlan jumped into the pit himself to come to the Royal Huntsman’s aid as the bear broke free of it’s chain. Together they both skilfully slew the bear and became close friends and allys as a result.

Social & Political Affiliations

Household Knight of House Serry

Significant Relations

Ser Orson Baratheon  
Having first met the man known to be the best bowman in King’s Landing at an organized hunt in the Kingswood, Ser Garlan found the man to be somewhat of a show-off though accepted this as the man’s nature of position.

The pair both found themselves attending a bear-baiting in the Dragon Pit of Kings Landing, in which Ser Orson was shoved into the pit by a drunk Lording. Despite the danger, Ser Garlan jumped into the pit himself to come to the Royal Huntsman’s aid as the bear broke free of it’s chain. Together they both skillfully slew the bear and became close friends and allies as a result.

Ser Dermett Corbray
Though the two knights often hold different opinions, Garlan finds the man’s bold views refreshing rather than offensive. He sees Ser Dermett as a close friend since his arrival in Kings Landing and the counsel the he offers the Young Hunter, and respects the Corbray’s office and skills.

Ser Justyn Serry
Garlan is Ser Justyn’s cousin as well as squire. 5 years younger than Justyn, Garlan always admired his cousin’s skill and was very excited to have become Justyn’s squire.

Ser Rolland Hunter
Though distanced by upbringing, time at court together has again brought Garlan closer to his younger but more prominent cousin. Though he sees himself as Roland’s equal when it comes to martial skills, Garlan admires the man’s superior eloquence and wit. Roland is also one of the few people at court Garlan does not feel he has to keep up appearances with.

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