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Humfrey Westerling


In Brief

Humfrey Westerling is the eldest son of Daric and Della Westering, and heir to the Crag. An accomplished jouster, earned his spurs during a lengthy jousting match with the the preeminent knight of his age, Prince Aemon Targaryen, The Dragonknight. Ser Humfrey has travelled as far south as Oldtown and as far north as the Twins earning a living with his lance. After a quarrel with h parents, Humfrey left the Crag and spent nearly five years living the life of a hedge knight. While fighting in Dorne, Humfrey was grievously wounded not once but twice, in the service of King Daeron, the Young Dragon. Upon his return to King’s Landing, Humfrey accepted a post in the Kingswood Company under the command of Luthor Rivers. Humfrey is known, at court, for his honesty, bluntness, and outspokenness.


Humfrey is tall and slim as a lance; with introspective light brown eyes, shoulder length chestnut hair, and a casual grace of carriage which seems intuitive. His breath smells faintly of lemon and mint, at his hip a longsword with seashells etched in its   ivory guard and pommel.


Humfrey is habitually calm and deferential, with intent brown eyes. Though he’s lived on the life of a hedge knight these last seven years his armor and clothes are always immaculately kept, his hair brushed and boots shined to a brilliant luster; his breath smells faintly of mint and lemon. Lord Daric’s heir is known for his fondness of singing and music; though he lacks the aptitude for these arts none can say that he lacks knightly acumen.


Lady Della Westerling was a doting mother. From the moment Humfrey Westerling uttered his first words until his eighth year the young Lady of the Crag catered to his every desire. Humfrey had an armory of toy swords and an army of toy soldiers; before bed a minstrel and a pair of puppeteers regaled the boy, and his sister Amerei, with tales of Lan the Clever, Garth Greenhand and Brandon the Builder. When a four year old Humfrey complained to his mother of a lack of playmates his own age, the lady of the Crag rode to Lannisport in a carriage house and returned with five new guardsmen, four hedge knights, a mummer, and two more minstrels in tow. Lady Della persuaded Lord Daric to take the lot of them into his service; their wives and children arrived shortly thereafter. Thus Humfrey spent the remainder of his childhood building sand maidens and playing come-into-my-castle with the children of hedge knights and smallfolk.

Humfrey’s father, Lord Daric, was often vexed by the abundance of common children his heir kept company with but indulged his wife and eldest son for the love he bore them. Although, the Lord of the Crag demanded that his wife also surround the boy with tutors and Masters-at-arms. In those days there was an abundance of tutors and playmates at the Crag. An old nurse told Humfrey tales of the Age of Heroes, in time, he learned to read the common tongue and the library of the Crag yielded greater treasures. His childhood was idyllic and joyful. Humfrey grew the hours devoted to playtime waned whilst the hours spent under the tutelage of Maester Tytion and Ser Morald Osgrey waxed. In his eighth year the Lord of the Crag began to worry that his wife’s doting mannerisms might forever forestall Humfrey’s ascent to manhood and sent his heir to Lannisport to serve as a page in the household of Lord Loren Lannister.

Although, as oft happens, there was a miscommunication between the Lord of Casterly Rock and his bannerman, Lord Loren already had two pages in his service, thus when the boy arrived he bid Humfrey assist his Maester for the duration of his stay at the Rock. Lord Loren’s Maester was, at first, put off by the young page’s presence. In time the Maester of Casterly Rock discovered that the boy was both bright and able and charged him with great responsibilities and, because there was no lack of bellicose and ignorant lords in the Maesters lifetime, the maester endeavored to make Humfrey into the mind of lord who might make the realm burgeon, rather than bleed. The maester tutored Humfrey, extensively, during his time at Casterly Rock, the intricacies of history and Geography; engineering and healing were revealed to Humfrey beneath brazier light after the ravens had been fed. Humfrey had spent many an hour under the instruction of the Crag’s tutors; he already had the basic knowledge necessary to digest the Maesters lessons, he was an apt pupil. Yet time and time again he would venture into the library of Casterly Rock whilst his tutor slept and study siegecraft and tactics. Though he was young he had no delusions of spending the breadth of his lifetime in peace, he was heir to a lordly house and every Lord of the Crag, within living memory, had also been a knight. Humfrey served the Maester of Casterly Rock, and studied at his side, until his fourteenth year whereupon Lord Daric found him a position in King’s Landing as squire to his uncle, Ser Duren Westerling, a Knight of the Kingsguard. Humfrey came of age at court scouring rust from his uncles white scalemail, crossing tourney swords with the Princes Aemon and Aegon Targaryen in the practice fields beneath the Red Keep; in the interim between his duties and knightly training Humfrey read voraciously. The library of the Red Keep was filled with tales of knights and heroes who had long since passed from the collective memory of the realm. King Aegon’s court also had no end of visiting Mummers and Minstrels. Time and time again singers would fill the feast halls with tales of the depths of chivalry, Ser Erryk and Ser Arryk, and the depths of treachery: Ser Criston Cole. In his twelfth year Humfrey vowed to emulate the former and combat those knights who emulated the latter.

In his seventeenth year, Humfrey donned a suit of crest-less, pale gold armor and competed in King Aegon’s nameday tourney as “The Knight of the Sands.” In his the third tilt he was paired off against Prince Aemon, the Dragonknight. In the first pass, Humfrey shattered his lance against the prince’s shield, Prince Aemon struck Humfrey in the shoulder with suck force that the rondel and pauldron guarding his left shoulder were shorn off, and he barely managed to maintain his seat atop his mount. Blood poured from Humfrey’s arm where several splinters of the Dragonknight’s lance had pierced his flesh but Humfrey refused to yield. After shattering four lances against the Dragonknight’s shield, The Dragonknight struck Humfrey’s good shoulder and he lost control of his mount. The beast fell with Humfrey atop; Humfrey broke his right arm and leg in the fall. Whilst two men-at-arms drug him away from his injured horse the flailing beast kicked him in the chest breaking three of his ribs. In a show of unprecedented chivalry the Dragonknight sent House Targaryen’s Grand Maester to tend to Humfrey’s wounds, when the Grand Maester unmasked “the Knight of the Golden Sands” Humfrey’s Uncle was so impressed that he stepped forward, drew his blade and knighted him on the spot. Humfrey smiled a bloody toothed smile and succumbed to milk of the poppy.

His uncle feared Humfrey might not live through the night, but in the end his constitution and resolve saved him. After a year’s convalescence at the Crag, spent in the company of books and minstrels, Humfrey embarked upon a vigorous training regimen with his father’s Master-at-Arms in order to regain the martial acumen that had atrophied during his convalescence, in time he regained his lost strength and even took the training of his younger brother Symeon in hand. Then one night, without preamble, Humfrey donned his armor and rode off into the night in haste. None of his friends know why he departed with such haste. Some at court in Lannisport and King’s Landing speak of a quarrel between Humfrey and his mother Lady Della, others of the knight’s desire to live up to the legacy of his uncle. What is known is that he road south, along the Ocean Road; that Humfrey spent several months at Brightwater Keep in the company of his elder sister Lady Amerei and her husband Ser Dalton before taking to the road once more. Between his eighteenth and twentieth years Humfrey traveled as far south as Oldtown and as far North as The Twins, competing in tourneys and lending his sword to lesser and greater lords. Yet throughout these years of vagabonding Humfrey carried himself and groomed as though her were a peer to the heroes of minstrels’ songs leading many of his rougher fellows to remark at his vanity.

It was not until the year 157 when Humfrey was twenty that he returned to the West. In the year of the conquest Humfrey joined his father’s levies at the Crag and rode to war against the Dornishmen. Humfrey acquitted himself well but was, again, wounded early during the war, sustaining grievous wounds to the chest from a Dornish lance and arrow three days after the Lannister and Tyrell hosts entered the Prince’s pass. Humfrey convalesced at Brightwater Keep; by the time his wounds had mended the Young Dragon had Sunspear in hand. Since the conquest of Dorne Humfrey has returned to the road, traveling the Seven Kingdoms, competing in tourney lists with freeriders and other highborn lords; the life of a hedge knight.

Most notably, he performed brilliantly at the tourney and melee at Storm’s End, winning praise from Sarmion Stormbreaker and gaining admittance into the Brothers of the Battle, the first and foremost of the tourneying fellowships.

Notable Events

160 AL

12th month, 8th day - Ser Humfrey presents a a fully barded warhorse from his father, Lord Westerling, to Ser Sarmion Baratheon on the occasion of his wedding. To the bride, Lyrissa of House Hightower, he presents a fine white mare with a magnificent saddle and a covering of cloth of silver emblazoned with the Hightower arms.

12th month, 9th day - Ser Humfrey performs great feats of arms in the melee at Storm’s End, being the last but one in a field of forty knights. Defeated by Ser Sarmion Baratheon, Baratheon praises his boldness and inducts him into the tourney society of the Brothers of the Battle.

12th month, 10th day - Ser Humfrey performs great feats in the wedding tourney at Storm’s End, including unhorsing the Dornish knight Ser Aidan Dayne, whom had defeated many of the realm’s greatest knights since his arrival in King’s Landing as a hostage. In the final contest, Ser Humfrey was faced against Ser Tancred Baratheon, Ser Sarmion’s nephew and heir to Storm’s End, whom he had earlier defeated. Baratheon defeated him twice in a row to snatch the prize from him.


161 AL

5th month, 26th day - Ser Humfrey fights in the Battle for Godsgrace, temporarily assigned to the Right Wing under Dagur Saltcliffe, alongside his brother Ser Symeon and his uncle Ser Ryck. Fights and heavily wounds Baduin the Red Spear, who kills Humfrey’s prized mount and flees. Humfrey is grievously wounded by Michael Speardancer, before Ser Symeon defeats Michael. Witnesses the death of his uncle, Ser Ryck Westerling, famed knight of the west, and manages to wound the attacker, Caswyn Dayne, before the Dornish retreat. Identifies Ryck’s attacker to Ser Symeon as a young lad from House Dayne, though remembers little else in his weakened and grieved condition.

5th month, 28th day - Ser Humfrey, having taken to his bed of a dread fevor from the wounds he received at the hand of Michael Speardancer, departs Godsgrace with the other seriously wounded. Traveling upon the “Warrior’s Sword”, one of the vessels under Oakenfist’s command, his destination is Planky Town, where he will await transport to King’s Landing, and recovery.

6th month, 7th day - Several ships loaded with wounded depart the Planky Town, headed for King’s Landing. Ser Humfrey is present on one of them.

6th month, 23rd day - Humfrey, somewhat recovered, arrives with the wounded from King’s Landing. The very next day, word arrives from Dorne of King Daeron’s death and the destruction of his army.


162 AL

12th month, 7th day - Ser Humfrey takes the field on the second day of the Queen Daena’s Tourney of Love. During the Joust of Valor Ser Humfrey unseats his friend Ser Urston of House Coldwater in the day’s first tilt. In his second tilt Humfrey falls to the White Lion, Ser Jaesin Lannister of the Kingsguard. In his third and fourth tilts Humfrey unhorses the Squire Balon Smallwood and Ser Elmer Crakehall, Lord Loren’s Captain of the Guard, before falling to The Knight of Thorns, a mystery knight, in his fifth tilt.

12th month, 8th day - Ser Humfrey makes an excellent showing at the Tournament of Love’s melee of Honor, between the Brothers of Battle and the Company of the lance. Ser HUmfrey unseats Ser Willard Ryger before losing his seat to Ser Myles Hightower. After remounting Ser Humfrey drives Ser Argos Waxley and Ser Ethos Mertyns from their seats. In the end it comes down to the Ser Humfrey and his cousin Ryckon Westerling. The tourney ground resounds with the crack of Humfrey’s tourney sword and Ryckon’s tourney mace, after a lenghty and epic duel the Knight of the Crag falls to his cousin and places second in the melee.


163 AL

2nd month, 26th day - Erton Florent arrives in King’s Landing. Erton Florent, Humfrey’s nephew arrive sin King’s Lading, shortly after being promoted form paige to squire, to serve Humfrey as the heir to the Crag’s new squire.

3rd month, 26th day - Ser Humfrey competes in the White Tourney at Kingslanding unhorsing Ser Durance Darklyn after a hard fought tilt. In his final tilt Humfrey is paired with Ser Galfrid of House Velaryon, both knights strike true, their lances exploding in twin storms of slivers and kindling. After consulting Good King Baelor the Royal Herald bids the Humfrey and Galfried continue afoot, with swords; after enduring several withering blows from the Velaryon Knight Humfrey yields to Ser Galfrid.

3rd month, 24th day - Humfrey writes to her Uncle Ser Darmen Tully, Lady Tinessa Tully, and his father Lord Daric in order to initiate a betrothal contract between himself and Jannia Tully.

4th month, 5th day - Ser Humfrey Westerling joins the Kingswood Company, as an officer, under the commander of Ser Luthor ‘Lord Rivers’ and Ser Farin of Houser Prester.

4th month, 9th day - Ser Humfrey joins Ser Janden Melcolm, Ser Jonn Lannister, Ser Elmer Crakehall, Ser Brynden Tully, Ser Justyn Serry, and a host of men-at-arms and squires, including his cousin Ryck Westerling, in a boar hunt lead by ‘Lord’ Luthor Rivers. In the course of flushing the boar from the brush, a young beater is critically wounded when the boa gores his thighs. Humfrey pulls the boy, off the game trail to safety, calls for his horse, throws the lad over his saddle, ties his fine cloak over the boys wounded thighs and rides at breakneck speed to the hunting lodge where he sees the boy to the Maesters in attendance at the hunting lodge.

Humfrey the tale of the boy’s injusry to ladies Jannia Tully, Katla Serry, Sarya Baraethon, Melissa Lannister, Alyse Stone, Carmella Dondarrion, and Soranna Hawick while washing the boy’s blood from his hands.

When the hunters return withthe boar, a great beast nearly foru and a half feet in height, Humfrey aids in cutting down the boar’s mate, spearing her twice, when she she-boar attacks the nobles.

After the boar falls, Humfrey excuses himself to stand vigil over the wounded youth.

6th month, 10th day - Westerling escorts Jannia Tully to Visenya’s Sept for her daily prayers-and all hell breaks loose. Two fires rage through the city. Westerling sees a man, a peasant, bathed in wildfire-his flesh and eyes running like candle tallow. Humfrey grabs a guardsman and tears away his spear rushes toward the man and stabs him in the breast piercing his heart. Westerling lets go of the spear after giving the peasant the gift of mercy moments before the wildfire leaps up the spear shaft. Humfrey carries buckets and jugs of water in a lengthy bucket brigade organized by Reyna Saltcliffe in an effort to fight the red pyre while pyromancers fight the green blaze with buckets of sand-then Humfrey joins Dagur Saltcliffe, Urston Coldwater, and Luthor Rivers, in attacking a burning building with buckets of water. When Jannia Tully succumbs to the smoke, Humfrey mounts a horse proffered by his squire and carries her to the Tully manse.

6th month, 30th day - Ser Humfrey Westerling receives word from Lord Daric Westerling, via a raven from Riverrun, of the conclusion of a betrothal contract between House Tully and House Westerling. Humfrey will wed Jannia Tully.
Rather than announce the betrothal immediately, Ser Humfrey forgoes the announcement until he has time to begin laying plans for a tourney to celebrate the betrothal-since a great many recent betrothal celebrations have been rather lackluster-in Humfrey’s estimation.

7th month, 4th day - Ser Humfrey announces his betrothal to Lady Jannia Tully. The men of the Kingswood Company and Lady Jannia’s servants are heard to remark at the largess of both houses. Lady Jannia nets a holdfast, lands, and villages—a few days ride from the Crag—, and accompanying incomes. Indeed, Lady Jannia may be the first maid to become the Lady of a Holdfast through a betrothal contract.
Ser Humfrey remains tightlipped with regard to the nature of the dower gifted to him by House Tully. Ser Humfrey declines to hold the customary betrothal party. Although, Westerling affirms, to many his Kingswood compatriots, that Houses Westerling and Tully will hold a tourney and feast to celebrate his betrothal to the Lady Jannia.

7th month, 9th day - Ser Humfrey attends the ‘scheduled’ white cloak ceremony-to view the long anticipated induction of Ser Galfrid Velaryon and Ser Sorin of Sevenstreams into ‘Good’ King Baelor’s Kingsguard. Westerling hears listens to his sovereign speak of the ills of harlotry-then his sovereign banishes all of the whores of Kingslanding-less those who join the motherhouse. Westerling turns to depart then stops and challenges his sovereign-“Does the maid not charge us to protect all women? Many and more will fall prey to the murderers and rapers free from the jails of Kingslanding.”
Westerlings words fall upon deaf ears. When the High Septon lifts high his crystal to gild the words of the Septon King, Westerling give the man a look of utter revulsion and departs the gathering at a quickstep. He spends much of the day speaking with knights, huntsmen, and foresters of the Kingswood Company-then rides into the Kingswood late in the afternoon.

8th month, 5th day - Ser Humfrey rides in The Tourney of Love and Beauty to celebrate his betrothal to Jannia of House Tully. In the first tilt, he falls to Andred Stone in the first pass. In the second he unhorses Ser Ermen Frey in the first pass tilt—before falling to his future brother-in-law Ser Brynden Tully, in the third pass of his third tilt.

8th month, 6th day - Ser Humfrey rides in the Tourney of Battles. He unhorses two knights of little note, then Ser Elmer Crakehall before falling to Ser Brynden Tully. Ser Humfrey unhorses Ser Endros Buckler in the next tilt before falling to Ser Mathin Lannister. At the conclusion of the tourney, Ser Humfrey presents Ser Sorin of Sevenstreams with a purse of 30 dragons and the champion, Ser Brynden Tully, with a purse of 50 dragons. Through the tourney, Humfrey raises 170 dragons for Ser Farin Prester’s Kingswood Septry.

8th month, 27th day - Ser Humfrey takes the field in his cloak of many seashells for Princess Rhaena Targaryen’s 16th nameday tourney. In the first tilt Ser Humfrey unhorses Ser Derek Darry, in the first pass. In his second joust, Humfrey breaks three lances against the shield of Ser Burton Crakehall and is declared the winner by the Princesses because his strikes are truer. Humfrey unhorses Ser Janden Melcolm and Ser Brynden Tully, both in the first pass—and waits for the winner of the loser bracket. In the final tilt, Ser Humfrey is unhorsed by Ser Brynden and waits for the last tilt to be called, to decide the winner; athough there is to be no final tilt this day. Princess Daena believes Humfrey should be champion, or so many say, while her sisters are swayed by the words of Reyna Saltcliffe. Many believe Reyna’s words are prompted by a perceived impropriety or slight, when the heir to the Crag asked Reyna to write to Highgarden for grain to feed women and children displaced by ‘Good King’ Baelor’s edict, or, perhaps by a rumor, allegedly, initated by the heir to the Crag as a reverb to a rumor, allegedly, initiated by Lady Katla Serry. When asked about the event Humfrey simply remarks at his future good brother’s skill and Lady Reyna Saltcliffe’s skittishness around Westermen.

9th month, 5th day - After writing to his Uncles, Ser Dale, Tymos Westerling, Humfrey’s cousin, arrives in King’s Landing to serve as squire to Humfrey’s future good brother, Ser Willard Ryger.

9th month, 11th day - Ser Humfrey defeats the squire Andred Stone in the first round of the Sea Games on The Stag of the Sea. He then places second, just behind his future good brother Ser Brynden Tully. Humfrey is awarded a purse of 25 dragons.

Social & Political Affiliations

Member of Sarmion Baratheon’s Brothers of the Battle

An Officer in Ser Farin Prester’s Kingswood Company

Significant Relations

Sarmion Baratheon - At the Tourney of Storm’s End in celebration of Ser Sarmion’s marriage to Lady Lyrissa Hightower, Ser Humfrey aided the Stormbreaker in unhorsing Ser Aidan Dayne, the Knight of Twilight. In the end it came down between the two of them, the Stormbreaker won the tourney unseating the heir to the Crag with a massive swing of his blunted warhammer. After the melee Ser Humfrey presented the Stormbreaker with a broken mother-of-pearl seashell from his breastplate, as a memento of the Stormbreaker’s victory. The Stormbreaker then invited Humfrey to join the Brotherhood of Battles, Humfrey accepted the honor and is now a steadfast ally of the Stormbreaker.

Talbard Storm - Ser Humfrey Westerling has always admired ‘the grey knights of the mind’ He learned a great deal from Maester Tytion and the Maester of Casterly Rock. Humfrey holds Maester Talbard in high regard due to his intellect, wisdom, and wit—the latter of the three especially. Notably, At Ser Astos Corbray and Lady Belissa Caron’s wedding Humfrey and Maester Talbard spent a great deal of time drinking and sharing jests.

Willard Ryger - Ser Humfrey has jousted with the heir to Willow Wood on many occasions-in the practice yard and then at the tourney of Battles. Humfrey considers Willard an excellent knight and a good match for his betrothed’s elder sister Lady Andrya.

Jannia Tully Once, before he was familiar with her character and intellect—Humfrey Westerling thought Jannia spirited, willful, and promising. It was only after their betrothal that Jannia’s moral and intellectual shortcomings manifested.

The most notorious incident involved a hunt wherein Jannia ran in front of a wild boar—prompting Jonn Lannister to name Jannia “The Fishwife’s Witless One.” When Baelor Targaryen banished the fallen women and their children from King’s Landing, Jannia bobbed her head in acquiescence—and later remarked “if they do not move on, they deserve to starve.” Although Urston Coldwater and Willard Ryger accused Jannia of false piety and maligning the truth—the erstwhile heir to the Crag did not learn of these accusations until Jannia lied to her brother Brynden Tully about the contents of a discussion regarding Jannia’s Septa. Since his return to from the Septry of Sand Maidens Humfrey has remarked “It is not for me to speculate why the Seven fashion lackwits—but I am thankful the Crag will be spared The Fishwife’s lackwit.”

Reyna Tyrell - Ser Humfrey Westerling’s perception of Lady Reyna Saltclifffe has been tarnished by her behavior after Princess Rhaena’s nameday tourney. Ser Humfrey has accused Lady Reyna Saltcliffe of lacking “compassion of spirit.”

Janden Melcolm - Ser Humfrey has jousted with Ser Janden on several occasions—he holds the knight of Old Anchor in high regard for his skill at arms—even though he is not well acquanted with the man.

Jonn Lannister - A faithful supportter of House Lannister, like his father, Ser Humfrey lead a small Westerling contingent during the Conquest of Dorne, under the command of the greater host’s commander Ser Jonn of House Lannister. Humfrey holds Ser Jonn in high regard for his sharp intellect and Jonn’ loyalty to his future bannermen. Although many refer to Jonn as the black lion, Humfrey has noted that Ser Jonn possesses a sense of honor, something lacking in a great many knights. Humfrey also regards Jonn highly for his black humor and razor-sharp wit.

Luthor Rivers - Humfrey served in the Kingwood Company under the command of Luthor Rivers for several months until pressing matters in the Riverlands called Luthor back to the Riverlands. Humfrey was fond of calling Luthor ‘Lord Rivers’ not as an insult, but because he considers Luthor a commander of men and one of the finest knights in Baelor’s kingdom. Humfrey dispensed with calling Luthor ‘Lord Rivers’ only after Luthor, in a show of friendship and gallantry said “Let there be no titles between use” and that Luthor would suffice

Duren Westerling - Ser Duren of beloved memory; the standard by which Humfrey measures his metal as a knight. Duren taught Humfrey nearly everything he knows of jousting, riding, chivalry, and swordplay.

From Roleplay

Memorable Quotes

“The lion share of these women did not have Septas to teach them how to sew—and none of them receive stipends from great houses. None save the mistresses of lords who vagabond from their wive’s beds. Many, certainly not all, of -those women- proffer their virtue to men to stave of hunger and destitution. The maiden bids every knight protect women, not women of virtue, women.”

-Humfrey’s remarks to Alyce Bar Emmon on the occasion of King Baelor’s banishment of all the fallen women from King’s Landing-

“The White Lion said his sister’s hair was fairer than Serry’s.”

-Humfrey to Elrone Darklyn on the occasion of Jaesin Lannister’s sparring match with Justyn Serry.-

“Dorne has the Humfrey it needs, but not the Humfrey it deserves.”

-Ammon (Am) on Humfrey Westerling-

Selected Logs

The Stormbreakers Wedding - Ser Humfrey attends the Stormbreaker’s Wedding.

Campfire Songs - Ser Humfrey shares reminiscences of war with several other knights.

Melee of Honor - Ser Humfrey competes in the Melee of Honor and places second.

Joust of Valor - Ser Humfrey competes in the Joust of Valor. pie

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