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Josella Mallister

In Brief

Josella Mallister was born in the year 150 AC, as the first child of Lord Joscelyn Mallister and Lady Belarra Bracken. She is the elder sister of Lena Mallister, as well as the late Jason Mallister. After her brother’s death, she became heir to Seagard, but she has now been displaced by her half-brothers by her step-mother Erena Lydden: Owain, Tion and Lewys. She is betrothed to Ser Malwyn Hightower.


Standing upright and proper, this lady of Seagard is well-proportioned in both height and weight, possessing a well-formed figure, neither being distasteful nor frail.

Her face is marked by high, strong cheekbones. Slightly above are her deep blue eyes, that seem to gaze into the distance no matter how concentrated she is. Other than that, there is little to note on her appearance, apart from a slender, aquilline nose, and lips that appear to be slightly pursed.

She is dressed in a damask gown of silver upon indigo, that is cut long to hide her curvature, her bodice not daring to even show a hint of breast. Upon her feet, she wears sensible silver-coloured cloth slippers.


A Riverlander maid, flowered in a land so strange and different to the kingdoms north of the Red Mountains, Josella Mallister has remained with spotless repute: she is as pious as her famous lord father, always chaperoned by her septa, and escorted everywhere by guardsmen.

To the Dornish, she appears somewhat reserved on the surface, and will not linger in the presence of those of ill repute. Yet, there lies an ever-present curiousity to learn more about the Dornish culture, customs and peoples… she appears to understand both the northron and Dornish cultures, though she is prohibited from full integration into Sunspear’s court.

She is often seen around of her father and step-mother, and her two little half-brothers ... but there is a growing sense of uneasiness between her and the rest of her family, perhaps fuelled by her displacement as heir, in a land where heiresses are as common as heirs…


At the time of Josella’s birth, she was a disappointment best looked over. She was still, of course, deeply treasured by her family as a daughter, but, well, she was not a son. Though by Andal law, she would have inherited Seagard if her father died unexpectedly, nobody really considered Josella to be heir to Seagard then - and in any case, after a sister, Lena, a brother Jason soon followed - the apple of her father’s eye, her little brother to oogle at and to be a good sister.

This early childhood was, of course, spent in the castle at Seagard. The daughter of a pious lord, she was put under the perpetual watch of a septa who was already old - but one who would treat her like a favourite grandchild. Together, the two would practice their stitches, walk beneath the Booming Tower of her fathers town, or pray for hours in the sept.

Then came the Conquest of Dorne - what many saw as a chance for glory, at the time. Banners of indigo and silver left under the command of the trout of Riverrun, in the name of the three-headed dragon. And yet, none would anticipate the summer fever that would afflict little Jason. It was a great shock to all of Seagard when Lord Joscelyn’s golden heir was taken by the Stranger. Life never truly seemed the same, after that, an air of sadness crept into her life where it had never been before. For the time being, Josella was the heir to Seagard once more—though Lord and Lady Mallister were still young, and there was a chance for more children. Indeed, once Lord Joscelyn returned home from the war, Lady Belarra soon fell great with child, and all hoped it would be another son and heir; most of all, her father. But Josellas mother, Belarra Bracken, died trying to bring forth a daughter, who had perished before she even left her mothers womb.

Motherless and brotherless, it was now fully acknowledged that Josella would be Lady of Seagard one day. Until, that is, ravens flew between the Trident and the west, and it was announced that Josella would have a new step-mother: Lady Erena Lydden, eldest daughter of the Lord of Deep Den, and barely five years older than Josella. Further surprising tidings would follow: Lord Joscelyn would go to Dorne as an emissary, to heal the wounds of the war between Sunspear and the Iron Throne. Bringing a large donation of stone and timber for the great renovations of Visenyas Sept, the Mallisters paused in Kings Landing—where Josella’s sister, Lena, was to remain as a companion to the Targaryen princesses in the Maidenvault. The ships to the south soon departed, and so began Josella Mallister’s life in Sunspear…

It was no secret that the pious Lord Joscelyn found Dorne to be a place of sin: one that he wished to shield his daughter from. Josella was forbidden from integrating fully with court life, of course: everywhere she went, her old septa was not far behind, with guardsmen in indigo and silver. And it was simply out of the question that she should deign to speak to the disreputable sorts of people in Sunspear: bastards, women who defiled the Maiden and Mother by living as paramours, men as lie with men and women as lie with women. But, some interaction with the Dornish was inevitable, and after an initial period of trepidation towards them, she found that they welcomed her in a way none had done before: as the heir to Seagard. Surrounded by women who would one day become heads of noble Dornish houses, Josella began to saw her inheritance as no burden, but something to be celebrated.

Only three months later, however, blood fell on the sands of Sunspear, as her father was nearly killed by Prince Rhodry Martell in a tourney. For a time, it is wondered whether she will become Lady Mallister much sooner than expected—but her father soon recovered, and only half a year later, it seemed that she would never inherit Seagard, as her step-mother gave birth to a robust son, Owain. Displaced, she was a tool for marriage again, and was soon betrothed to Malwyn Hightower - son of Ser Perwyn Hightower, a friend of her father who was as equally pious.

As Owain grew up healthy, and two more sons were born to Lord Joscelyn and Lady Erena: Tion and Lewys Mallister - Josella’s inheritance was simply out of the question once more. Though she accepted the Andal law of succession, and wished to be no Queen Rhaenyra, it was hard not to be hurt by her displacement… something she was always reminded of if a Dornish noble failed to understand the difference between ‘first-born’ and ‘firstborn son’ that existed north of the Red Mountains, and a lingering resent started to grow within. For now, she remains a loyal member of her fathers household, and the embassy of the Iron Throne in Dorne.

Notable Events

28th day, 1st month, 150 AC - Josella Mallister is born at Seagard, to Lord Joscelyn Mallister and Lady Belarra Bracken. She is technically heir to Seagard, though her mother and father expect to have many sons.

20th day, 4th month, 153 AC - Josella is joined by a sister, Lena.

19th day, 2nd month, 155 AC - Josella’s brother, Jason, is born. Lord Mallister finally has his golden heir.

13th day, 7th month, 159 AC - While Lord Joscelyn remains in Dorne as castellan of Skyreach, Seagard is swept by a summer fever. Josella’s little brother, Jason, perishes, and Seagard enters deep mourning. Josella is heir to Seagard once more.

19th day, 2nd month, 162 AC - Lady Belarra Mallister dies in childbed, trying to bring forth a stillborn daughter.

19th day, 1st month, 163 AC - The wedding of Josella’s father Lord Mallister to his new bride, Erena Lydden.

16th day, 10th month, 163 AC - The embassy to Dorne departs, with some fanfare, from King’s Landing. They travel by sea upon royal galleys.

7th day, 11th month, 163 AC - The Embassy arrives in Dorne, welcomed by Ser Laurent Dalt and a variety of other lords and ladies.

23rd day, 2nd month, 164 AC - Josella attends a tourney in Sunspear, in which her father rides—and is nearly killed after a blow by Prince Rhodry. She is shocked and sickened, quickly hurrying back to the northron apartments in the Spear Tower ahead of the maesters. For a time, it is not clear if she will become Lady of Seagard much sooner than expected.

27th day, 8th month, 164 AC - Josella is heir to Seagard no more with the acknowledgement and naming of her half-brother Owain by Lord Mallister.

2nd day, 12th month, 165 AC - The betrothal of Josella to Malwyn Hightower is made public.

30th day, 3rd month, 166 AC - As Josella is joined by another half-brother, Tion, it is highly unlikely that she will ever inherit Seagard.

7th day, 7th month, 168 AC - Lewys Mallister, third son of Lord and Lady Mallister, is born in Sunspear. His eldest sister seems cool and even nonchalant at his arrival.

29th day, 10th month, 168 AC - Josella competes in a ladies’ archery contest that marks the fifth anniversary of the embassy from the Iron Throne to Sunspear. Beating Lady Connington in the first round, she goes on to take second place, outmatched by only Lyra Fowler.

26th day, 4th month, 169 AC - Josella is in attendance at the wedding tourney of Rayne Blackmont and Ser Sebaston Vaith; where she sits in the high box with her close Blackmont-blooded friend, Selara Dalt, the heir to Lemonwood. She makes casual conversation with the ladies; and though her grandmotherly septa is by her, she feels as close to the Dornish court as she possibly can, given her father’s distaste.

But then it comes to shock and horror. Mycah Sand, a squire rumoured to have pestered the Mallister with lecherous declarations of love, won the day after disguising himself as a mystery knight known as the Knight of Bleeding Hearts, and after unmasking himself, lay a crown of black roses on Josella’s head, thereby declaring her Queen of Love and Beauty.

Lord Joscelyn’s men rushed to the situation as fast as they could. Dethroning the erstwhile heiress, she was escorted back to her chambers; away from the lusts of Dornishmen…

Social & Political Affiliations

Member of House Mallister
Member of the Embassy of the Iron Throne to Sunspear
Betrothed to Malwyn Hightower

Significant Relations

Joscelyn Mallister, Lord of Seagard - Josella has always been a daddy’s girl and had a good relationship with her father. However, this was hurt a bit when her father chose to marry Erena Lydden so quickly after her mother’s death. Josella still loves her father, but she often questions whether her love for her is as strong as it is for Erena or the future heir of Seagard, Owain.

{Belarra Mallister}, Lady of Seagard - Lady Belarra had a close relationship to her daughter, and Josella was devastated when she passed trying to bear a stillborn daughter.

Erena Mallister, Lady of Seagard - Josella is kind and caring to her stepmother, but anyone who knew Josella’s true mother can easily tell that she is not treated the way that Belarra was by the young woman.

Lena Mallister, Former Royal Companion in the Maidenvault,
Lady-in-Waiting to Philena Ryger
- Josella and her sister were close as children, though they have not seen each other in many years, the former in King’s Landing, the latter in Sunspear. They still send each other letters regularly, and Josella hopes she can see Lena again someday.

Jason Mallister, heir to Seagard - Little Jason was her father’s golden heir, and his death was a tragedy for all of Seagard. Josella still remembers the boy fondly.

Owain Mallister, heir to Seagard - Josella has a little half-brother. She treats him how a half-brother should be treated. She is on the surface a doting sibling.

Tion Mallister - The second of Josella’s half-brothers.

Lewys Mallister - Josella’s youngest brother is just a babe, and she seems cool and even nonchalant in his presence.

Malwyn Hightower, squire to Ser Janden Melcolm, Master of Horse at the Red Keep -Josella’s betrothed in an arranged marriage. She knows little about him, except that he is a Hightower.

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