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Justyn Serry


In Brief

The current Lord of Southshield, Justyn Serry is a knight famed for his chivalry and dashing good looks. The fact that he has learned the flamboyant Braavosi style of waterdancing only adds to his allure. It is only through this training and talents that he manages to overcome the many challenges and twists of fate that fortune throws his way.


Lithe and graceful, this young man has meticulously crafted his appearance to form the perfect chivalric air. Lightly tanned from his many years in the Reach, he seems to glide with every step he takes, his movements fluid and full of finesse. His hair is carefully tousled, shining with a whitish-gold hue in the proper light. His hazel green eyes are remarkably expressive, bright with the passions of youth at times, dark and gloomy at others, often accented by those narrow eyebrows that arch at the slightest curiosity. High cheekbones and finely chiseled features hint at a nobility beyond his station, and his lips seem all too ready to offer one of his charming smiles.

Wearing the vibrant colors of his house, the Lord of Southshield cuts a remarkably dashing figure. His woolen doublet is dyed a silvery-white, trimmed with gold braid. It is masterfully pinked with a rose-blossom cut, allowing the red silken lining to be exposed like a field of red roses. Upon his breast is a golden badge painted with the sigil of House Serry: a white rose upon a red escutcheon, which is set upon a field of white with a red embattled border. A shirt of scarlet satin peeks out at the standing collar and cuffs, both bearing a slight ruffle. A dark belt trimmed in gold is slung about his hips, bearing a brightly decorated scabbard with a waterdancer’s blade of Tyroshi origins sheathed in it. Sturdy woolen breeches dyed a matching red, white stockings, and a pair of heavy black leather boots cover his legs. Curiously enough, on his left arm he wears a whalebone armlet, inlaid with small bands of red gold in a jagged pattern, and pinned securely to his belt, near his scabbard, is a small piece of fisherman’s net.


Courteous and charming, the virtues of the idealistic knights of legend have inspired much of Justyn’s mannerisms as well as his view on life in general. The vows he spoke during his ceremony still ring true in his heart: to fight boldly and for righteousness, to do no harm to the innocent, and to keep the Faith. It is for this reason that Justyn has become renowned in the Shield Islands among the small folk, championing their cause and defending them from bandits and pirates with great zeal. However, this love of the quixotic tales of the Reach have also made him soft. Mercy is often shown to those that plead quarter and show repentance from their crimes, and Justyn has been known to capture rather than kill the villains that oppose him by force, throwing them in his dungeons. Women, in particular, are given great leniency by Justyn, and it is said that he has vowed to never strike a woman in anger, in accordance to the vows he has made.

While this passion for justice has helped his popularity, it is very likely that his handsomeness has played an integral part as well. Though some of the more uncouth knights forget their vows, caring none for their cleanliness, Justyn is not among them. Instead, he keeps up his appearance meticulously, shaving often, keeping his hair perfectly tousled, and wearing fine garments of Dornish silk or elaborately embroidered brocades whenever possible. He has even been known to wear the faintest hints of perfume. His flowery language and charming smiles have won him the heart of many a man, and many more maidens, and Justyn knows that his enchanting appearance is of great aid. And while a knight must be brave, sometimes bravery is not enough. Justyn is aware of this and takes strides to develop a wider arsenal of options available to him, his training in the Braavosi art of waterdancing being a fine example of such an endeavor.


House Serry, for some immeasurable amount of time, has held the position of Lord of Southshield, ruling over the simple fishing community there and remaining vigilant against the reaving of the Ironmen. The Lord of Southshield during the reign of King Viserys I was a masterful diplomat, marrying off all three of his daughters to men of higher station, forging great alliances with some of the more powerful houses of the realm, which had so recently been torn apart by the Dance of Dragons. He did not live to see the fruit of his efforts, having drowned during a trip to a neighboring island. Succeeding him was his eldest son, Lord Jeffroy Serry, a respectable man possessed of a peaceful nature. Around twenty-five years of age when he became the head of his household, he was soon wed to his betrothed, Tilly Ryger. As it turns out, this young woman was possessed of a great ambition, desiring nothing less than to be a part of the active life in King’s Landing. Unfortunately for her, Southshield was hardly in such a state to allow such frivolities, having suffered from both that bloody civil war and from the opportunistic Ironborn raids. Knowing well that his absence would not bring about the rebuilt security the Mander was in need of, Lord Jeffroy refused to leave his post, instead focusing upon rebuilding his island and reestablishing the contacts House Serry had with the other Shield Islands and the House Tyrell. Within a few short years, the Mander was secure once again, and so too was the succession of his household, with a son and daughter both born to him.

Justyn Serry was born upon the thirtieth day of the sixth month of the year 146 AL. With straight hair the color of flax and hazel eyes that leaned more toward green than brown, Justyn was a beautiful boy. From a young age, he seemed to appreciate etiquette and formality, already desiring to become a knight like his father and uncle. His father provided for his family and his people as best he could, but just as winter began to wane away into spring, he took ill, passing away in 146 AL. With Lord Jeffroy’s death, and Justyn still in his minority, his mother, Lady Tilly, became the Lady Regent of Southshield. Though Lady Tilly was Regent of Southshield, much of the governance of the island fell to its Castellan, Ser Ardric Serry, the brother of the late Lord Jeffroy. He was a just man, known for his aptitude in administration over Southshield. It did not take long for the petty nobility of Southshield to turn to him for arbitration instead of the Lady Regent. Being a jealous woman at heart, Lady Tilly moved against Ardric, removing him from his post as Castellan. Though Ardric accepted this dismissal with grace, others urged him to take action. It was with their convincing that he wrote a letter to his sister, Lady Jayne. Months passed, and not only Lady Jayne arrived back in Southshield, but her husband, Ser Gylbert, and children as well. Faced with a renewed resistance from the people of Southshield, rallied around the Serrys, Lady Tilly fled back to Willow Wood, taking her daughter, Sylvina, with her.

Barely seven years of age, Lord Justyn had lost all of his immediate family, and now was entrusted to the care of his aunt and uncle. During the day, Ser Ardric would lecture the young child about the manners of the court, and at night, his aunt, Lady Jayne, would read him a number of tales of chivalry. It did not take long for Lady Tilly to remarry, and when Justyn asked where his mother had gone, his family would only tell him that she had left him to go ‘far away’. Soon enough, Justyn came to view his aunt and uncle as his true parents, growing particularly close to Lady Jayne. As Justyn began to mature, Lady Jayne’s husband, Ser Gylbert Hunter, began to train the young lord in arms alongside his cousin, Renys. Motivated by the romances his aunt told him, Justyn came to favor the sword heavily, eschewing many other weapons in favor of it. Finally, upon his sixteenth birthday, Justyn’s regency was disbanded, making him the new and full Lord of Southshield. It did not take long for Justyn’s first challenge as the Lord Serry to appear. News of a Braavosi pirate raiding shipments between the Arbor and Oldtown and razing villages upon the Arbor spread like wildfire throughout the Reach late in 156 AL. Feeling it to be a gallant enough task, Justyn volunteered his services to Lord Redwyne. His offer accepted, Justyn set sail with his cousin, Renys, his master-at-arms, Ser Gylbert, and a hedge knight with a Smallwood squire by the name of Luthor Rivers.

Within a few days, Justyn’s fleet caught sight of the pirates. Taking little time to consider the odds, Justyn boldly ordered a full attack. As the young Lord Serry boarded the enemy ship, so too did a pair of ships bearing enemy reinforcements. Even so, Justyn closed with the leader of the pirates, determined to bring the man to justice. Little did he know what talents the man would possess. Much to Justyn’s surprise, the pirate used a style entirely unknown to him, succeeding in disarming the young Lord of Southshield and wounding him in the shoulder. For a moment, it seemed as though all might be lost, but then Justyn’s cousin, Renys, appeared, taking the man by surprise and slaying him. With the death of their leader, the pirates soon were scattered. Still, the memories of being so vulnerable were not so easily forgotten. Though Justyn was soon knighted for his bravery by his uncle Ardric in an elaborate ceremony overseen by the Lord Redwyne, he could not help but wonder just what he had seen that day. Fortunately, Lord Redwyne was able to be of aid, noting that the man’s sword was of Braavosi make and, as such, the man was likely a waterdancer. Grateful for Justyn’s assistance in ridding him of the pirates, Lord Redwyne generously offered to provide Justyn a tutor in that outlandish style, and soon Justyn was enthusiastically indulging in his lessons. Justyn would be given an opportunity to make use of what he had learned when King Daeron announced his intent to invade Dorne. While his cousin Renys went to join the Tyrell host, Justyn offered his services to the Redwyne fleet. Though he helped in organizing the blockade of Starfall, he was sent back to Southshield before that fortress was stormed, so as to focus upon the rulership of his island.

A few years later, a ship on its way to the Arbor docked at Southshield to seek shelter from a fierce storm. Aboard was the eldest daughter of the house the Shield Islands feared most: Greyjoy. Though the Ironmen had done much harm to the Shield Islands throughout the years, Justyn received Lady Katla warmly, giving her all the proper courtesy due to the daughter of one of the major houses of Westeros. In a show of generosity, rumored to be done out of infatuation as well as Justyn’s love of the quixotic, the young Lord of Southshield offered the services of Southshield’s shipwrights to conduct the repairs of the ship. Furthermore, Justyn invited the daughter of the Kraken and her company to reside in his keep for the duration of their stay on Southshield. Shortly after Lady Katla’s departure, Justyn entered into negotiations with Lord Vickon for her hand, going so far as to visit Pyke in 161 AL to convince the Lord Reaper. In exchange for Lady Katla’s hand, Justyn would travel to King’s Landing, where he would aid his betrothed in establishing relations with the King’s Court. Furthermore, Southshield would no longer be subject to reaving, for Lord Vickon would not tolerate harming his good son’s lands. Just as Justyn was about to set sail for King’s Landing, a missive arrived about a tourney in Highgarden. Taking his newly appointed squire with him, Justyn departed for Highgarden, intending to proceed down the Rose Road to King’s Landing from there. Once he arrives, he hopes to obtain an office of note under the King, and indeed, win his future fame as a legendary knight of Westeros.

Notable Events

[01/146] Justyn’s father, Jeffroy Serry, dies unexpectedly, leading to a struggle over the regency, which Justyn’s uncle, Ardric Serry, eventually wins.

[12/156] After fighting a group of Braavosi pirates at sea upon, led by a man skilled in the art of waterdancing, Justyn is knighted by his uncle.

[06/160] During a particularly stormy night, a ship of the Iron Islands puts in at Southshield, bearing the daughter of the Lord of Pyke. Justyn is immediately smitten with her, and takes great lengths to win her hand.

[09/162] Justyn rides to the aide of his cousin, Josmyn Reyne, who was been captured by men of Grassy Vale.

[11/162] Having heard that his betrothed was captured by the notorious pirate Sulleman Saan, Justyn risks life and limb to see to her rescue, taking great injuries in the process.

[12/162] Despite his wounds endured from his battle with the Lyseni to rescue his betrothed, Justyn rides in the Tourney of Love to honor her. Urston Coldwater lands a strong blow upon him, however, and sends him into a coma.

[01/163] Justyn is wed to Katla Greyjoy by his good-uncle, the Most Devout Geryn.

[04/163] Having waited patiently and paid many dragons for its delivery, Justyn presents a relic, the Starry Sept Scroll, to King Baelor. The King is overwhelmed nearly to tears at its recovery and blesses House Serry.

[04/163] Katla miscarries.

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