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Lena Mallister

In Brief

A young lady awaiting marriage, blessed with musical talent, who prior to her betrothal has lived for some years in the Maidenvault.


This black-haired young woman stands, with an upright bearing, a few inches above five feet in height. Her physique is lithe and petite; a dancer’s frame, albeit still possessing ample curvature in the appropriate places.

Several lengthy tresses of pitch black hair frame this woman’s features, which are softened by her youth. Two braids of her dark hair tie together at the nape of her neck, gathering with the flow of her wavy locks to fall to her mid-back. In contrast to her dark curls, piercing blue, almond-shaped eyes peer from her heart-shaped visage.


Lena Mallister has a reputation about her for being of the more happy-go-lucky school of thought, which is somewhat surprising considering that much has happened in her life to take the shine from life. While she will attempt to use her wit and good nature to lift the dour moods often found within even the most solemn of halls, the gravity of situations is not lost upon her.

Of large crowds, Lena is not fond, preferring to remain with a small group of those that she knows intimately. There is one exception to this and that is when performing her music, taking great pleasure in creating the perfect ambience to display her talents.

There are rumours that Lena has been known to fall into periods of self-doubt and despondency, preferring to keep to herself for a day or two at most.


Lena is the second born daughter to the Lord of Seagard, Joscelyn Mallister, and his late wife Belarra Mallister, formerly of House Bracken. She grew up in Seagard, loved by her mother, father, older sister, Josella, and younger brother, Jason.

Lena developed a love for the musical arts from a very young age, appreciating the plethora of songs, dances and sounds from lands both near and far. The instruments used to create some of these pieces fascinated her ear, creating a love for new and intricate arrangements. Lena also received a traditional noblewoman’s training in the arts of needlework, horse riding and instruction in the Houses of Westeros.

While her father, Lord Joscelyn Mallister, was away answering King Daeron I Targaryen’s summons, her brother, Jason, died of a summer fever. The death of her brother left Lord Mallister in a fit of despair, and the family without a male heir. Thus, it seemed that the inheritance would then fall to Lena’s older sister, Josella.

Their father’s eventual return to Seagard resulted in another pregnancy for their mother, and their father was adamant that it was a son. However, it was not to be. During Lena’s ninth year, Lady Belarra Mallister and her unborn daughter died on childbed, driving her father into further fits of despair and melancholy — as well as piety. The young Lena also seemed to be quite affected by the loss, echoing her father’s despair and refusing to eat. The sudden announcement of Lord Mallister’s betrothal to Erena Lydden not two months later shocked both of his daughters as well as Seagard as a whole.

The following year, the two were wed and the family make their way to King’s Landing before continuing on to Sunspear as a part of the emissary to Dorne. However, Lena remained behind in King’s Landing and, as a part of her father’s wishes, entered the Maidenvault to serve as a Royal Companion to the Targaryen Princesses until the time that he could find Lena a husband. After the rest of the Mallister’s family’s arrival in Dorne, Lord Mallister’s new wife soon provided him with the heir that he desired, denying Lena’s older sister the inheritance of Seagard.

Lena remained within the Maidenvault for several years as she learned the skills required of a young lady, as well as keeping company of the Princesses within. Some months into her fifteenth nameday, word arrived that her father had secured her a betrothal, ending her confinement.

Notable Events

27-01-157: - Lord Mallister leaves his family behind to answer the King’s call to arms.
13-07-159: - Jason Mallister, son of Lord Joscelyn Mallister, dies. He is the younger brother of Josella and Lena.
13-12-160: - The return of Lord Mallister to Seagard to reunite with his wife and daughters.
19-02-162: - Belarra Mallister dies in childbed, along with her unborn daughter. Her daughter Lena Mallister is inconsolable and, mirroring her father, is unable to eat for several days.
16-10-163: - The embassy to Dorne departs from King’s Landing aboard ships, Lena remains behind to enter the Maidenvault.
26-04-168: - Lena Mallister is betrothed to Ser Harys Swyft, resulting in her taking leave of the Maidenvault.

Social & Political Affiliations

Daughter of Lord Joscelyn Mallister and Lady Belarra Mallister. Betrothed to Ser Harys Swyft.

Significant Relations

Daena Targaryen: Princess Daena Targaryen was within the Maidenvault at the same time as Lena, with Lena developing a wide-eyed respect for the wilful older woman.

Rhaena Targaryen: Lena and Rhaena spent time together in the Maidenvault, with Lena often entertaining with her music and performances. Even though Lena thoroughly enjoyed the company of the princess, Rhaena being several years older meant that the two were not as close as they could have been were the age difference smaller.

Elaena Targaryen: Serving as a Royal Companion in the Maidenvault, Lena and Elaena were close enough in age and became good friends.

Joscelyn Mallister: Lena’s mostly-absent father. He departed when she was young, and only returned after the death of her young brother. He also arranged for her to be sent to the Maidenvault until a time as she was betrothed.

Belarra Mallister: Lena’s mother was someone that the she looked up to as a young girl. Her death was a great sadness to her and continues to affect her even to this day.

Josella Mallister: Lena looked up to her older sister and respected her immensely, especially following the death of their mother.

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