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Maia Gargalen

In Brief

Maia Gargalen was born in the year 132 AC to Ser Duran Gargalen and Lynette Jordayne. She is twice a widow: first to Ser Jehan Santagar (with whom she has three children: Milo, Muriel, and Jehan), and second to Ser Aimery Allyrion. Since 164 AC she has been serving as a member of the Dornish embassy to King’s Landing.


      A handsome woman, to be sure, but Maia Gargalen is not likely to be called ‘beautiful’ by anyone. She is a fairly-tall woman, of an average frame. Her skin is the dusky-golden hue of the salty Dornish, but her slightly over-long nose mars any real chance at classic Dornish beauty. Her eyes are large and flinty-gray beneath slim expressive brows that are as dark as the ebon tresses she keeps in a long braid worn loose down her back. She carries herself proudly, confident in her worth and her importance in the scheme of things. Maia is neither quick to smile nor quick to frown, rather she considers before revealing a glimpse under her carefully-maintained facade.

      Crimson silk embraces what curves the lady has, an overrobe of sheer golden sandsilk worn loose over that. Her hair is covered by a golden headcloth embroidered ornately with the red Gargalen cockatrice and black snake. About her neck is a chain of gold bearing a pair of enameled pendants: one a golden spotted jaguar bearing an axe on a field of blue and white, the other a golden hand on a field of alternating black and red. Keepsakes, perhaps. She has rings of silver, here a carnelian, there a topaz, even pearls.


Maia is even-tempered, calm, and does her best to see the best in everyone. Some may consider her odd, as her interests lie more in seeing after minutiae than in singing or wine, but someone has to get everyone fed and make sure everything is in its place. Her mind is as sharp as any knight’s spear, and her eyes miss little.


Maia Gargalen was born and raised at Salt Shore, spending a happy childhood there, though her interests might have been considered a bit odd. She was betrothed to and then married to Ser Jehan Santagar, with whom she had three children… though the last never knew his father as he died of fever soon after the child was conceived. Maia mourned for what might have been thought as too long, but eventually she married again - this time to Ser Aimery Allyrion. She was not to be happy with her new husband for long, though, as he died in the siege of Godsgrace.

Since the end of the war, Maia has worked to further the security of her three children, both physically and finanicially.

Notable Events

Social & Political Affiliations

Niece of Lord Davit Gargalen; particularly loyal to her cousin Joleta, heir to Salt Shore. She has reverted back to House Gargalen after the end of her second marriages.

She is still loyal to both House Santagar and House Allyrion, and is known to have loved both of her husbands.

Member of the Dornish embassy to King’s Landing, where she is known as a brilliant steward.

Significant Relations

Joleta Gargalen, heir to Salt Shore - Maia is quite fond of her cousin, the future Lady Gargalen. They were friends growing up and that friendship has continued today. Maia will do most anything for Joleta, and is more than willing to counsel her cousin when the need arises. She dearly hopes that Joleta will find a suitable husband, but also one who will treat her well.

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