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Malwyn Hightower

In Brief

On the seventeenth day of the fourth month of 150 AC, Malwyn Hightower was born as the first and only child of Ser Perwyn Hightower and Lady Beryl Darry. He is the grandson of Lord Lyonel Hightower and Lord Roland Darry. He formorly squired under Ser Janden Melcolm and is betrothed to Lady Josella Mallister.


A knight barely in his manhood, this young man stands distinctly shorter than average. With a few determined years left of growth, he might become one of the towering heroes of stories, but it is not likely. Still, he stands upright and proud, bearing the haughty aloofness his family is known for. He is as lean and hard as the short spear on his back. His face is round and marked by the soft, boyish features of his teenage years.

A straight and slender nose, dusted with freckles, leads down to a wide upper lip that is shaped like a longbow and set upon the pillowy cushion of his bottom one. Dark brown hair crowns his sun-kissed skin, appearing naturally tousled. His most prominent feature is his heterochromatic eyes, one being a cloudy blue specked with emerald while the other is a lighter green that is a mixture of the sky and grass.


It has taken time, but Malwyn has slowly grown accustomed to courtly life at King’s Landing and has come to call it a second home. Some would still call him a brooding and arrogant boy, and there is some truth to it. Underneath that aloof and oftentimes mocking front, there are glimpses of a heart of gold, and when he is surrounded by friends and family, he is open, witty, and a deeply emotional being. A Hightower through and through, he fervently pursues knowledge and its benefits. Through erudition, he means to better himself and, if possible, an interested listener or two. He is a calm young man, prone to introspect and lengthy consideration. If the movement calls for it, however, he is decisive and always strives to do what is right. This is a knight who follows his own brand of honor, carefully sculpted from years of contemplation.

In battle, he is impassioned and fights with an unsettled heart. That said, he does not seek confrontation and uses his martial prowess as a last resort. When pushed, he wields a short spear and a shield into battle, strikingly similar to the Dornish style of fighting. Like any good Reach knight, he is a skilled jouster as well.


Malwyn was born to Ser Perwyn Hightower and Lady Beryl Darry. From a young age, the boy seemed brilliant showing an eager desire to learn all that he could. For a time, it was thought that he would become a maester of the Citadel or even a septon, but after some debate, these ideas were dismissed. This displeased the child and made him grow bitter, but there was little he could do but pout. For his first step in the path to knighthood, he was sent to his mother’s home in Darry to page for his grandfather. He spent a regrettable few years there. At first, he was easy prey for bullies who thought him to be too bookish. Growing resentful at his treatment, he fought back and found that he was rather competent at it. More than a few noses were broken before he was sent to King’s Landing to be the troubled squire to Ser Janden Melcolm, Master of Horses. He served dutifully under him, managing the knight’s household and writing his letters. All the while, he was improving his martial abilities. They would come to test at the wedding tourney of his uncle, Myles Hightower, and Rylla Tyrell where Malwyn unhorsed several knights and placed second. For this and more, he earned his spurs.

He remains in King’s Landing living in the Hightower Manse as a knight.

Notable Events

17th day, 4th month, 150 AC - A weak baby is born to Ser Perwyn Hightower and his lady wife. One with oddly colored eyes. To the surprise of many, he lived til his seventh day and was anointed at the Starry Sept and named Malwyn.

10th day, 4th month, 160 AC - Malwyn is sent to Castle Darry to serve as a page for his grandfather.

27th day, 8th month, 163 AC - Having been a squire at the Darry household for some time now, but without a specific knight to serve due to a surfeit of wards and squires, Malwyn learns that it has been arranged for him to become squire to Ser Janden Melcolm, the royal huntsman. He departs Darry soon after.

12th day, 9th month, 163 AC - Malwyn arrives at King’s Landing to take up his duties as Ser Janden Melcolm’s squire.

2th day, 12th month, 165 AC - The betrothal of Malwyn to Josella Mallister is made public.

8th day, 10th month, 168 AC - On this day, Malwyn performs bravely in an impressive debut against many veteran knights, including Ser Bryon Waynwood and Ser Dermett Corbray, finally falling in the final against Ser Elmer Crakehall.

9th day, 10th month, 168 AC After a solemn vigil at the Royal Sept, Malwyn walks barefoot to the Tourney Grounds where he is knighted by Ser Janden Malcolm for his performance in the wedding tourney the day before.

Social & Political Affiliations

Member of House Hightower
Former Squire to Ser Janden
Betrothed to Josella Mallister

Significant Relations

Perwyn Hightower, Member of the Embassy to Sunspear -It is no secret that Malwyn has little love for his father.

Samantha Hightower, Lady of the Hightower - From a young age, Malwyn looked up to his accomplished grandmother. The elderly woman encouraged Malwyn’s pursuits of the mind, and she was the one who gave him the journal he still keeps today.

Roland Darry, Lord of Darry - Castle Darry could never be Oldtown for young Mal…but Lord Roland cared for Malwyn as any grandfather should, in spite of the boy’s cold nature.

Josella Mallister, Member of the Embassy to Sunspear - Malwyn knows very little of his betrothed, only that she is the eldest daughter of the Lord of Seaguard who currently resides in Dorne. So he’d be marrying up, he thinks? He is interested to know how much the sandy dunes of the Rhoynish people have changed the Riverlander lady.

Janden Melcolm, Master of Horse at the Red Keep -Malwyn squired dutifully under Ser Janden until receiving his knighthood by the man.

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