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Reyna Tyrell


In Brief

Reyna Tyrell has come a long way from the young girl who married Ser Colyn Rowan at the age of 16. She bore him two sons and, after his death, moved to King’s Landing at her brother Lord Tyrell’s request. A brief period of unfortunate behavior led to her swift marriage to Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, a sellsword captain who had been disowned by his own lord father on the Iron Islands and who was in need of reward for his deeds in the Conquest.

To everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be a good match. Reyna has given him three children, and has more than redeemed herself through the many trials and pitfalls that comprise life in Westeros. Between them, they have gathered enough influence to be comfortable as they are, though they remain sword to Highgarden in a queer reversal of the usual order of things for a married couple. During the Dornish Rebellion, when so many men returned to Dorne after Lord Tyrell’s murder, Reyna even served as Steward of the Red Keep—the first and only woman to do so, outside of the Targaryens themselves.  Indeed, although her brother Ardon is Lord-Protector of the Reach for their now-lord nephew Leo, it is Reyna who manages Highgarden’s affairs at court, in addition to serving as Princess Naerys’s Mistress of Keys.


Reyna is a very small woman, prone to being too thin. Her face is pretty rather than beautiful, though when she smiles she is pleasant to look upon. She has an abundance of honey-brown hair that curls naturally and vexes her to no end, brown eyes that show her keen intelligence, and a grace of bearing that comes of growing up at Highgarden.


Reyna is generally known to be amiable and approachable, though when disappointed or roused to anger, she does not hesitate to show it. She rarely carries a grudge for long, and is easily disappointed when someone proves to be other than she thought them to be.

This is not to suggest she is easily taken advantage of. She may be amiable, but she is shrewd enough to seem amiable even to those she dislikes or disapproves of. Since she let herself be fooled by Ser Mavros Uller into begging assistance for his people in Dorne from her brother (before his murder) and then finding that Mavros was loyal to the Dornish cause after all has taught her very painfully to be very careful with her generosity in the future.


Notable Events

Marriage to Ser Dagur Saltcliffe on an hour’s notice 11-07-158

The sinking of the Sun Pearl and her captivity with several others in the Kingswood at the hands of the Starveling’s men 14-11 to 18-11-158

Reyna’s third son, Thoryn Saltcliffe, is born. 02-6-159

Dornish Rebellion: Reyna’s brother, Lord Garvys Tyrell, is murdered in his bed by a host of scorpions falling from the canopy. During the interim of the war fought (in vain) to quash the rebellion, Reyna serves as Steward the Red Keep at the request of the Hand, though it is never a formal title. When the man who was steward does not return from Dorne, she gladly relinquished the duty to another of her own suggestion, Ser Conrad Arryn, with whom she maintains a good—and influential—relationship. Reyna resumes her usual duties with Princess Naerys and is made the head of her household and called Mistress of Keys.

Reyna’s fourth child, a daughter named Rhiannyn, is born.  21-08-160

Reyna miscarries her fifth child. 12-11-161

The great Highgarden Tourney, 26-07-162 through 20-09-162. The tourney is held to celebrate the betrothals of Lady Jeona Tyrell (daughter of Garvys) to the heir of the Ayrie, Eldred Arryn; and of Lady Lyessa Tyrell (daughter of Ardon) to Damon Lannister, son of the heir to Casterley Rock, Ser Jonn Lannister, both betrothals brokered by Reyna.  Ser Dagur wins one of the jousts and carries her away to his tent after crowning her his Queen of Love and Beauty—the entire court knows that her sixth child was conceived that day. The tourney is an enormous success and once more cements Highgarden’s reputation firmly in the realm.

While escorting Princess Naerys’s beloved nurse, Lady Glenna Massey, across Blackwater Bay so that lady can die at Stonedance, their ship is captured by the notorious pirate, Sullehman Saan. The crew is put to the sword, Lady Glenna thrown overboard as too old and ill to be of use, and the rest of the ladies captured, including Reyna and her cousin, Lady Mellony Fossoway. Aboard Saan’s ship, the women are beaten repeatedly, and Mellony is taken as a particular favorite of Saan’s. In the parley on Crackclaw Point, Lady Doryssa Massey is murdered before the eyes of the gathered knights intent on securing the ladies’ release. Later, when Ser Dagur and the rest of the Crackclaw men storm Saan’s ship, Lady Mellony is also murdered as Saan makes good his escape.  Reyna’s recovery is long, and the fever she took on her return home nearly kills her. She and her still-unborn child survive, lading Dagur to believe that this will be the strongest of his son when it is born at last.  17-11-162 through 24-11-162

Reyna’s fourth son is born and named Aeron Saltcliffe after the requisite seven days. She is told that this will be her last. 24-04-163

Social & Political Affiliations

Mistress of Keys to Princess Naerys Targaryen and first of her Veiled Ladies; lady-in-waiting to Queen Daena during the Highgarden tourney and the journey to and from.

Former Steward of the Red Keep, a position never held before by any woman not of Targaryen blood. Influential with the current Steward, Ser Conrad Arryn, to whom her eldest son, Tywell Rowan, is page.

Significant Relations

Lord Garvys Tyrell, deceased
Ser Ardon Tyrell, Lord-Protector of Highgarden
Lord Leo Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden and Protector of the Reach, Warden of the South etc.
Princess Naerys and Queen Daena
Most Devout Septon Geryn, widely believed to stand next in line to the position of High Septon—and her father’s brother.
Ser Conrad Arryn, Steward of the Red Keep
Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, Warden of Crackclaw Point

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