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Willard Ryger


In Brief

Willard was born as the first son to Lord Terin Ryger and his wife Lady Philena. He is the heir to Willow Wood and a knight, earning his spurs from his mentor Ser Roger Ryger after riding well in the tourney at Maidenpool in the beginning of 162AL.


A tall and very slim young man, his arms and legs slender and proportionate. Although he looks a little clumsy there’s something in his moves, in his stance and the way he positions himself that gives pause to thinking him a weak and easy opponent. He gives off an air of laid-back nobility.

Mid-length waves of bronze flow from his head to settle just above his shoulders. They are tied at the back with just a couple strands loose at the sides of his face, framing it. The pale blue eyes are in a bit of a contrast shining like two crystals in the tan of his face. He has a straight nose without any distinct features and a small mouth with lips constantly smiling or grinning as if he’s always thinking of a jest or jape. He’s a comely man with a feel of youth still lingering about him.

He wears the finery of a knight: leather boots and breeches, a silk doublet white with the green weeping tree of his house embroidered on the front. On his waist is a simple leather belt with a silver buckle from which hangs a leather scabbard, noticeably used though still quite presentable, with a longsword whose pommel is shaped in the form of a shooting star. His back is covered by a short cloak reaching mid-calf, deep green and trimmed with cloth-of-silver. On his right hand’s fingers are two signets - one with two dices showing the numbers “V” and “II”, the other - a beautiful silver band depicting a swan being sheltered by a willow tree.


Witty, affable, all laughs and smirks is what is generally said of young Willard Ryger. He has wits and can make people laugh. Although there is more to him than meets the eye… He will get somber, if not angry, when someone mentions Dorne and their feats during the War or the Rebellion. He is a fighter, believes in battle, in proving oneself with steel and tired muscle, though he also believes that luck plays a major part in our lives and that everything actually stems from there. Despite being quite proficient at jousting he despises lances and riding at lists in general as empty showing off, nevertheless he’d never miss a tournament as that’s just another chance to show what he’s got to all of Westeros.

He travels to King’s Landing to make a name for himself either through his father’s connections or of his own merit. Only time will show what this young knight will be able to achieve.


Willard was born as the first son to Lord Terin Ryger and his wife Lady Philena. Being the heir to Willow Wood he started learning the basic skills and knowledge needed by a noble, as well as more complex teachings his the future lordship. In addition to that, as a male scion of a noble house, he started his weapons training with a master-at-arms as soon as he was able to hold one.

His father, as soon as his heir achieved an appropriate age, gave him as a squire to his famous brother, the great knight Ser Roger Ryger. Willard was dutiful as far as working with weapons went, especially favouring the longsword and shield combination that is usually common with knights, but other duties were a hard and unneeded chore that he tried to worm himself out of to the obvious dismay and disapproval of his magnificent uncle. Ser Roger thought that the boy lacked strengh (which he incidentally did lack) and tried all manners of exercise to make him stronger – like sending a number of foes at him at the same time, which led mostly to Willard gaining in speed and dexterity to avoid the battering and in toughness to endure them.

As he squired for his uncle, the tidings came of war with the new King marching on Dorne. Ser Roger was one of the first to come, the dutiful knight that he was, and with him arrived Willard. The sixteen year old then squire was sure he’d make a name of his own in this war and get knighted before his seventeenth birthday. Ser Roger, thinking Willard too weak and to undisciplined to take part in the war made Willard stay behind in the camp, sometimes in the reserve, guarded by his retainers so that he would not try to get himself into battle. The whole year of the Conquest of Dorne Willard spent behind lines, with retainers, supply wagons and in camps. He was seething pure rage at everyone and anyone, and had to be brought to senses by his uncle a number of times.

All this did not come unnoticed by the other knights, lords and retainers in the army and thus began Willard’s hatred towards his magnificent uncle for making him a laughing stock of Westeros and for taking away his possibility of gaining spurs in combat

After returning to Westeros Ser Ryger still thought of Willard as not ready for knightship, but not wanting a feud with his brother he retained his nephew and further tried to “make a knight out of the lazy strawman”. He was also asked by the Melcoms, his wife’s family, to take on another squire – Kennard Melcolm, a black sheep son of a black sheep of the Melcolm family. The house hoped that such a splendid knight as Ser Roger would be able to shape him into knight material. And thus Willard gained a companion in the form of the fat, gluttonous and fond of drinks lad, nicknamed Kegs by all who knew him.

It was not until his 20th birthday that Willard finally received his spurs. Riding very well in the tourney at Maidenpool, in one of the final jousts he met with no other but his mentor Ser Roger, who unhorsed him, of course, but not until they both broke as many as six lances on each other. After that Ser Roger finally succumbed and gave Willard his much coveted knighthood. And this was the end of their mutual journey – Willard, now -Ser- Willard, was glad to be rid of his uncle. The great knight did train him well (especially in the usage of sword and shield as well as giving him a great deal of training in jousting), even if he himself did not think that. And the heir to Willow Wood gained a friend, companion and squire, when Ser Roger sent Kegs away finally judging him unworthy of the noble path of a knight. Willard got used to the obnoxious and outposken lout so he decided to retain the Melcolm black sheep.

The newly knighted Willard came home to Willow Wood with his squire to find that the quiet home castle was not to his liking. He decided to leave for King’s Landing and try to achieve something at court either using his father’s position there or by his own merit. He would prove to Ser Ryger, to his father, to all of Westeros that he’s the true knight material, a warrior, a fighter!... Right after that cup of Arbor gold. And that slice of boar with honey and almonds. And one throw of dice for good measure. And that pretty black haired servant girl. And…

Notable Events

Squired for his uncle, the famous knight Ser Roger Ryger.

As a squire he took part in the Dornish Conquest although his participation was more of a mockery. During the whole year he stayed in camp and at the supply wagons, unable to actually fight as his uncle, Ser Roger Ryger, forbade him and made sure his retainers were there to hold Willard in place.

He received his spurs after riding very well in the tourney at Maidenpool in the beginning of 162AL, where, in one of the final jousts, he met with no other, but his mentor Ser Roger Ryger who unhorsed him, but not until they both broke as many as six lances on each other. After that feat Ser Roger gave Willard his much coveted knighthood.

He was appointed as the Deputy Warden of Crackclaw point by ser Dagur Saltcliffe after serving as an Officer for the Warden for the past half a year in the 4th month of the year 163.

Betrothed to lady Andrya Tully in the 6th month of year 163.

Social & Political Affiliations

After spending almost a year in King’s Landing ser Willard Ryger has become more engrossed in the affairs of the court as well as making new acquaintances all around. His father’s support, as well as a few new friends and comrades made, have helped him strive in in the Red Keep - the appointing to Deputy Warden of Crackclaw Point and the betrothal to lady Andrya Tully being adequate examples of his well faring.

Significant Relations

One of his major assets as he arrives to King’s Landing is his lord father, Terin Ryger, who is the Master of Laws and sits in the King’s Small Council. If there is any problem with which Willard has problems by himself, he knows he can count of his father’s help.

For the last year Willard has been able to make new acquaintances, a few friends and supporters - ones he can count on as well as those of a debatable nature. His closest circle consists of:
- his commander, the Warden of Crackclaw Point, ser Dagur Saltcliffe whom the young Ryger admires and has set for himself as an example of a knight and leader.
- lady Andrya Tully - his betrothed and the woman he loves, as is apparent to all that have seen them together.
- ser Urston Coldwater, retainer of Farin Prester and a Kingswood man. A flawed, yet interesting and loyal knight.

From Roleplay

Memorable Quotes

“Why, luck is the most important of assets! One lucky day can surpass the profits of a lifetime of hard work!”

Selected Logs

Reach Justice - first conversations, first conflicts, first opponent…

Melee at Grassy Vale - Willard’s first real battle during the pursuit of ser Josmyn Reyne’s kidnappers.

The Queen’s Joust of Love - Willard’s first tourney since earning his spurs.

All in a Day’s Work - conversations, conflicts and troubles abound in just one day of Willard’s life.


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