Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Call of the Seven
IC Date: Day 5 of Month 11, 169 AC
RL Date: June 04, 2018.

The High Septon is on his death bed. Maesters have been sent to his side, even the Grand Maester at the request of King Baelor, and all agree that age and the ailments that come with them have taken their toll; the Seven are calling one of their own home at last, to sit among the just in the Father’s golden halls with all those who have come before. The Most Devout have gathered, and prayers from septas, poor brothers, and more can be heard in septs throughout the city. Baelor himself has taken to spending much of his days and nights at the High Septon’s side, reading to him from the Seven-Pointed Star and other holy tracts. Some say he hardly eats, and does so only at the High Septon’s urging.

Some have feared that the king might wish to delay the marriage of Prince Daeron to the Dornish princess Mariah in light of the High Septon’s failing. But indeed, the High Septon has insisted otherwise, making the king swear that when he is called to the bosom of the Seven, the king will see it as a cause of celebration rather than grief, and that the binding of Dorne to the Iron Throne through the marriage would be a blessing to the realm. The High Septon, despite his fading strength, insisted that the king go and act as septon to the prince and princess, joining them in holy wedlock. And so the king shall do. As to the question of the High Septon’s successor, it is said that some of the Most Devout have approached the king to discuss the matter, but Baelor has refused to hear them, saying that the gods will provide guidance when the time is right.

And so the realm waits, and in the Red Keep preparations are made for the court to travel to Dorne. Already at the docks are more than a dozen galleys, chosen by Lord Velaryon for the task of escorting the wedding party to Dorne. And there are whispers that a new white cloak is being readied, for the long-awaited seventh White Sword. Many speculate they know who the king will name, but the most common rumor—seemingly given impetuous by the High Septon’s own failing health—is that the king has become convinced to name a good and upright knight to the Kingsguard, a man known for piety as well as courage: Ser Peron Stone, called the Pious.