Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Storm of Insults
IC Date: Day 22 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 22, 2006.

Almost two weeks have gone by since the arrival of hostages and heroes from the Conquest of Dorne, since then anger has seethed in curt word and wrathful glances amongst those who compete for the love of the commons and the Iron Throne. The King’s Peace was shattered, however, when Ser Sarmion Baratheon appeared in the training yard with naked blade in his hand, his ire keen on the full plate mail clad Ser Doran Dondarrion.

Harsh words were tossed at the Blackbolt of Blackhaven by the Stormbreaker, calling him both liar and murderer for his deeds on the Boneway. These insults were met with confusion from Ser Doran, whom at the time was meeting with his sister Lady Carmella Dondarrion. The Stormbreaker then denounced the Blackbolt, stating he claims honors that are not his to claim, and that everyone knows not to trust a kinslayer. At this Lady Carmella was outraged, being this is the first time she had heard of the Blackbolt slaying their uncle, Ormond Yronwood.

Carmella Dondarrion went on to assault her brother, in which the Blackbolt reached up his armoured gauntlets to stave off the blows from his younger sister. Ser Doran called for Carmella’s sworn-sword, Ser Amond the hedge knight of Oldtown to remove his sister from the yard.

The Stormbreaker, sheathing his sword, proceeded to verbally assault the black armoured Dondarrion knight, calling him helpless and not worth fighting. Ser Doran erupted in tears of anger and grief, partly due to the barbed words spoken by Carmella, and his own sword found its way to his hand. The marcher knight dropped his visor on his great helm to hide his shame and tears, and demanded that Ser Sarmion return his blade to his hand. The Stormbreaker continued to refuse, and the Blackbolt marked him a coward in front of the gathering crowd that had now grown quite large.

Repeatedly Ser Doran called for Ser Sarmion to take up arms as the half-dornish knight prepared for battle, but his order continually fell on def ears. Ser Jaesin arrived at the scene, calling them both out and telling them that the king would not stand for such barbaric displays. After which the Lannister quickly departed to fetch the Hand of the King.

Ser Richard Harte, Commander of the City Watch, showed up to look for the guilty, but Ser Doran had already departed in frustration as the crowd mocked him for his public display of emotion. Ser Sarmion gave his apology to Ser Richard, as the old knight of the City Watch called for the crowd to disperse.