Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Q&A Session #1

An open Q&A with the admin. Topics discussed include differences between Dorne and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms when it comes to dowries, succession and expected behaviour of unwed women as well as more ideas for SP spending and opening up the Guest and Newbie channels to all players over 3 months old.

Cyrissa says, “I have a question: Fairly mild one. Is there a particular stigma against married/unmarried women being alone with other men in Dorne?”

Balerion says, “That’s a good one. I would say that rumors are always going to be a thing, and it’s not like the Dornish are unconcerned with paternity… but I suppose for people like family members to start being concerned, there probably has to be more than just a bit of smoke to assume there’s a fire, so to speak.”

Cyrissa says, “Ah got it :) Thanks”

Josella says, “Following on from that, are chaperones really much of a thing past childhood for Dornishwomen?”

Balerion says, “I would say no.”

Nymeria says, “Its possible we get a skewed image from Arianne, since Doran for various reasons interferred very little with her, but it seems to have applied to some of her companions too.”

Balerion says, “Yeah. I feel very much that the Sand Snakes and by extension Arianne and her friends are more exceptional than they are the norm in Dorne. It’s a particular family dynamic that doesn’t extend to everyone. I’d say the stony Dornishmen are probably even more conservative, generally speaking, less affected by the Rhoynar.”

Cyrissa says, “And the helpfiles mention it’s desirable for women in Dorne to remain maidens until marriage (especially in the mountain houses). But how impactful would it be on their prospects if they aren’t?”

Balerion says, “I suspect it may matter if there can be questions about paternity of any children allegedly concieved at the start of the marriage, and I’m sure there’ll be men in Dorne who’d prefer to have a virgin bride to make certain of such things. But to some degree it’d depend on the individuals and their families, and how important the marriage is dynastically.”

Balerion says, “Much as I’m sure Dornish women might well prefer virgin husbands for the sake of not catching any poxes they may have collected. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if sometimes grooms in Dorne are examined as part of the marriage contract, to make sure there’s no disease.”

Josella says, “Thinking about that, what with playing a male consort there… would a reverse dowry be common? I.e. the groom’s family paying money to the bride’s to maintain him and whatnot”

Iona says, “following that, what about a reverse dowry in the rest of Westeros in the rare instance of a female heir?”

Burton says, “And since it is marriage we’re talking about, a slightly different question: how exaactly does age work, particularly in negatviely affecting marital fortunes, in Dorne versus Westeros? I imagine the Dornish have a more flexible view on “spinsters”?”

Nymeria says, “I am extremely dubious of men ever being provided with a dowry. The dowry is sort of ... making sure your daughter has a career (aka marriage) whereas sons can always find something to do even if they are not married.”

Nymeria says, “Age is something we have handwaved a lot, because of the nature of the game. But people do seem to marry later in Dorne.”

Balerion says, “I think I’d have to research more, but I see Queen Elizabeth offered a dowry to the duc d’Anjou when she was negotiating a marriage to ally with France… so I suspect Nym is right, that dowries are in part an acknowledgment that women have more limited roles in the world.”

Josella says, “In that instance, does that mean dowry is less common at all in Dorne? Since generally, parents would acknowledge that their daughters can always be councillors etc. and not having marriage as their sole source of income”

Cyrissa says, “And then would a dowry have been involved in Cyrissa-Aryard’s betrothal?”

Nymeria says, “I don’t think the dornish see it as alternatives to marriage. I suspect the idea is still that all women aspire to marry.”

Balerion says, “I would think so, Cyrissa.”

Iona says, “what would that mean in Dorne if a man marries an heiress and moves into her household? would her family still have to pay a dowry to his family even though they’re not living as part of his household?”

Josella says, “Oh yes, I suppose I meant the two aren’t all too mutually exclusive in Dorne. E.g., if a man can rely on finding an office and thus does not need a dowry, then a married woman can easily find an office too and doesn’t need a dowry all too much to provide for her”

Balerion says, “Burton, I suspect you’ll probably have spinsters, but the ages are likely a bit later than they might be in the rest of Westeros. I mean, a big part of the religion of the Seven is about marriage and child-bearing and so on.”

Burton says, “I have another, more vague question: do you happen to have anything planned for rp hooks over the next months in KL? Seeing as we are approximately six months away from Baelor’s death, and in that time we know that the High Septon dies suddenly, that a child succeeds him, that two royal births take place, and that Baelor indulges in more extreme policies.”

Cyrissa says, “Oh and a question about bedding ceremonies: How common are they in Dorne?”

Balerion says, “Iona, so, in general our idea is that there are dowries and dowers in any marraige. A dowry is the money the bride brings to the husband, a dower is actually a provision from the husband or his family for the wife. So, I don’t know, I think these things still happen—after all, lets say they have children and then she predeceases her consort—is he just kicked to the curb or forced to depend on the kindness of his offspring, or is there some sense that the wife and her family should make sure the husband of her children can maintain himself in a style suitable to their status?”

Balerion says, “Burton, we’ve been working on that. Got a check list of these things. :)”

Orbert says, “maybe when Baelor will start locking unmarried women up, one will finally want to marry me”

Balerion says, “Cyrissa, I think we’ve allowed people to decide the bedding ceremony for their marriages themselves. I suspect in Dorne it is probably a bit less common, just because I’m guessing the Rhoynar didn’t do it and that would have been an influence in Dorne. Again, stony Dornish from the mountains were less affected by the Rhoynar influence.”

Dermett blows a raspberry, “Nobody wants an old maid, Orbert.”

Balerion says, “I suspect it was the fact that he was a jackass to Pennei Massey that may have hampered things, rathr than his being old. ;) That said, yes, Orbert probably should get himself betrothed sooner rather than later. Unless he prefers to play the field!”

Josella says, “I imagine maiden cloaks are uncommon in this respect too, and probably nonexistent for female heirs”

Josella says, “Not only did Orbert break up with Dermett’s cousin, he usurped his first wife’s inheritance ;)”

Burton says, “Building on Baelor losing his grip on mental stability, just what is the limit for socialization between men and women that are not kin? Does it extends beyond not being left alone?”

Orbert says, “well, Katla Greyjoy dumped me too for some minor lordling from shield isles”

Cyrissa says, “Don’t think that was her decision”

Burton says, “I can see a friendship blossoming there :P”

Cyrissa says, “Patriarchy and all”

Orbert says, “poor Orbert just want wife who is not ugly lol”

Balerion says, “I think that’s true, re: maiden cloaks. Less common, and not at all for an heiress marrying a consort, since she’s not falling under the protection of his family.”

Balerion says, “Not being left alone is probably the big one. Maids should not be having private meetings with men, chaperones or companions always around, etc.”

Josella says, “Oh I do have a question about the game’s future too: is something equivalent to the embassy going to come back in either zone? I feel bad just sitting on my third, unused character slot right now”

Orbert says, “Baelor could try to pass a law where women would be required to have someone from their family always at their side”

Balerion says, “At the moment, we have nothing like that planned, Josella.”

Dermett says, “Oh aye, I can imagine the Targs would love a law that keeps siblings by their sides.”

Iona says, “hah!”

Orbert says, “especially Aegon”

Iona says, “Welcome back, Derm”

Josella says, “I will see about closing up Maia then, as I only use her for the access to the guest chans these days. I think she’s ready to be purged though as her events are pretty complete and she is at Salt Shore these days”

Burton says, “Aegon would sack Naerys and throw her in the Blackwater if he knew he would suffer no consequences imo :P”

Dermett says, “I never really left. My scent has been rubbed all over the walls and fittings of the Red Keep.”

Burton says, “Same for Aemon”

Nymeria says, “Speaking of the guest chan… What do we think about removing the greeter concept and changing so that anyone can access newbie or guest? Alternatively, after X months on the game. We have always wanted to avoid too much talk there and we also don’t want guests and new players mislead by inexperienced players, but it would make it easier to have someone around to greet people.”

Iona says, “That would explain why KL smells so bad”

Orbert says, “have you inherited your grandpa Leowyn’s famous farting ability mentioned by Mushroom?”

Burton gasps

Burton says, “That sounds nice, Nymeria! Personally, and assuming you deemed it fit of course, I was thinking of trying being a greeter and devoting some time to help newbies out”

Iona says, “I’m down with letting anyone access the newb channel.”

Iona says, “or something like after 3 months, same time needed to get alt or betrothal”

Nymeria says, “I think it is worth trying out, at least. Yes, 3 months might be a good limit, I think it is hard to be much help when you have barely gotten your feet wet yourself!”

Orbert says, “thanks for reminder how long I need to wait before getting started”

Josella says, “From what I see it seems pretty standard for games to keep access open, but not have it automatically turned on. And it would definitely be very helpful”

Nymeria nods. “It wouldn’t be automatically turned on, of course. Entirely voluntary.”

Orbert says, “yeah, I can presonally say that it’s very hard to get in the game alone”

Nymeria says, “In what sense, Orbert? To get a character or afterwards?”

Orbert says, “mostly at the start I think”

Durance says, “As for RP hooks in KL: moving toward the end of Baelor’s reign—would there be room for complications with the Great Sept? Set backs in funding or missing materials—perhaps tied to past events from the Kingswood and Crackclaw Point?”

Orbert says, “watch out for falling masonry durance”

Balerion says, “Sure. It takes decades to finish, no doubt there’d be delays and issues. Who knows how much it cost.”

Dermett says, “The missing Crackclaw money was just *resting in my account*.”

Durance says, “Soon Orb, soon.”

Josella says, “Yes, I had some idea about the Hightowers purchasing cutting rights in the KW, for a plot there about defending some sort of logging camp… I think Burton had an idea in mind about a family feud in the crownlands between the NPC houses that could lead to war, too. And that he imagined that it would lead to some more action on Crackclaw(?)”

Balerion says, “That seems rather far afield for the Hightowers to be looking.”

Josella says, “The idea was that they would keep some of the lumber for their own ventures, such as shipbuilding, since there doesn’t seem to be a large, forested region in the Reach like the Kingswood and Rainwood. And the contribution to the Sept might also earn piety from the Crown. But if you think so, then maybe I could just cut out the Hightower involvement (or have Josella/Malwyn be the ones who propose investing in something like that?)”

Balerion says, “We’ve several plot ideas for Crackclaw and the Crownlands region, Burton’s included. Though one issue with some of the plots we’ve been receiving is just how lengthy the proposals are. We do need to avoid adding more NPCs for Crackclaw right now because we still have a backlog of characters to add from several past plots. The fewer NPCs needed, the better for plotting.”

Orbert says, “is it about names?”

Durance says, “There’s always the KWC for defending a logging camp, though their ranks are rather light. I believe Balon is primed for something to do there, following how the pilgrimage ended.”

Iona says, “That brings me to my big question…what exactly do you look for when approving plot proposals? I asked some vet players for tips when I first started and got some vague yet wildly different responses”

Josella says, “That’s true. I was thinking to avoid vagueness, and bring out a lot of hooks, but there’s also the issue of maybe creating something a little too complex.”

Balerion says, “The whole process of adding characters to both the CDB and the website is time intensive in and of itself. And plots that depend on lots of NPCs often substitute them for conflict among PCs. Better to work out ways to put players at opposite sides of a conflict rather than depending on the NPCs to do it.”

Burton says, “Indeed, I imagined a chain of events described in a job detailing this tp could spice up the region a bit. I believe the next confirmed in lore martial action takes place in Aegon’s reign at the Kingswood, so we could fit in something in between nicely. That said, I’ve kept it as pruned as possible when it comes to names, I’d be glad to explain at an appropriate time :)”

Balerion says, “We should probably work on something explaining plot proposals a bit better. When in doubt, ask Dermett! ;)”

Balerion says, “I am only half-kidding. He’s written good proposals. :)”

Dermett says, “You hear that! “Good”.”

Dermett says, “Words from Caesar.”

Dermett says, “I mean praise. Fuck.”

Iona slow claps for Dermett

Iona says, “We’ll talk later”

Balerion says, “But basically the best step is not to present a fully formed plan with all the details, but rather than brief initial proposal with some suggestions of angles. And give us a goal of some sort—what’s the purpose of this plot vs. some other plot.”

Dermett says, “Won’t be the only slow clap you get around me.”

Balerion says, “Heh.”

Nymeria starts tinkering with a plot proposal guideline doc. “It may end up with the 150 other unfinished guides for the game (hangs head), but if I can keep up enough steam I might finish it.”

Josella says, “True on the PC vs NPC conflict. :) It’s just that I have also been thinking of stuff to reignite the player base with somewhat low activity at the moment. Although possibly in these proposals, NPCs could eventually get substituted out. Good to know that less is more on the detail too, but I also don’t want to worry about being too vague at times.”

Dermett says, “That’s what I’d have said, Bal. I think I’ve still got immensely detailed plot proposals sat on my +jobs list. Because nobody wants to read all that. Not even me.”

Balerion says, “I mean, I hate to say it, but sometimes we get very detailed plots and we can’t figure out how to parse them, we’re basically already going in knowing we’re going to be changing things and when it feels like we have to say no to a dozen things, it starts to feel like we should probably just pass.”

Dermett says, “Keep it short and sweet.”

Iona says, “Careful, Derm. Don’t want Harmon to punish you”

Nymeria says, “Incidentally, I think I may log this and add to the woefully underused OOC logs section.”

Cyrissa says, “What are the rules on physical harm done to a commoner by nobles?”

Balerion says, “To some degree it’s what you can get away with.”

Burton says, “Are you setting up a dungeon Cy? Or hosting Mycah, lets say?”

Cyrissa says, “That sounds wrong”

Balerion says, “Some lord in the heart of his lands abusing commoners who have no one to go to for recourse is not the same as some lord chopping down folks in the middle of a busy square in Sunspear.”

Orbert says, “it reminded me of Charles VI when he once attacked his own men for no reason, screaming treason”

Burton says, “About the plots, I’m in line with what Jos said. I too fear vagueness (hence the walls of text) but since less is more, noted”

Balerion says, “Was that when he thought he was made of glass?”

Orbert says, “that was when his madness first appeared”

Balerion says, “Legally, the right of “pit and gallows” belongs to lords, not random knights. A knight killing a commoner should have some sort of defensible reason—self-defense, protecting the innocent, preventing riot, whatever.”

Orbert says, “he was travelling on horse with soldiers to siege some castle when he randomly decided to attack his own people lol”

Cyrissa says, “So if you could feasibly claim it was self defence, you probably don’t have to answer for it?”

Dermett says, “Let he who has not randomly attacked unarmed peasants cast the first stone.”

Josella chucks stone at Derm

Cyrissa casts stone

Burton says, “And I think he eventually starved himself in a Baelor-like fashion? Minus the piety thing, that is. He was simply insane”

Dermett says, “Help, help, I’m being repressed.”

Orbert says, “I think his son was the one who starved himself”

Cindria hastily puts stone down >.>

Orbert says, “but it was because he feared that his son Louis tried to poison him”

Burton says, “You’re right”

Orbert says, “Charles VI also enjoyed running like some wild animal if I remember correctly”

Cindria says, “since we’re on darker topics, could our educated PCs be aware of the fate of Aerea Targaryen?”

Orbert says, “that was weird part of the book”

Balerion says, “I think, yes, if it’s like… it was a dark alley, no one saw it, they tried to harm me, I defended myself—well, who’s going to look too closely? But if you’re someone who has it keep happening to them, well, some will wonder.”

Cindria says, “I think FB1 said Barth’s account of her death was discovered a century after his death”

Cindria says, “so enough time has passed”

Orbert says, “Martin really enjoys killing off Targaryen branches”

Cindria says, “could there be parents who use Aerea as a cautionary tale of what happens when daughters disobey family?”

Josella says, “Hm it seems Barth died in 98, so a strict century would be about 30 years from now”

Orbert says, “thirteen children but only four grandchilren is quite an achievement”

Burton says, “I could see something like that popping up in Aegon’s reign, let’s say, but Baelor was really really keen to keep some information undisclosed”

Orbert says, “Aerea’s fate is unlikely to be common knowledge”

Josella says, “The book burnings should be happening soon, I think :)”

Orbert says, “poor books”

Burton says, “It would indeed horribly tarnish the Targ name”

Josella says, “And it was covered up that she died of an illness iirc”

Balerion says, “Yeah, almost a hundred years before his papers are found. So we’re probably a decade or two from it.”

Cindria says, “Got it”

Cindria remains in happy blissful ignorance

Orbert says, “perhaps Aegon IV enjoyed such stories during his reign”

Balerion says, “So I think it unlikely anyone would know for sure at this point. The closest I could come up with was someone who was alive then and in KL who might have been confided in by Benifer or Barth, and off-hand I can’t think of anyone.”

Josella says, “I think the book burnings and Lord Belgrave washing the leper’s feet are also the only canon events that have not been covered yet concerning Baelor’s madness (aside from Stonemason dying and the 8 year old getting appointed)”

Josella says, “Oh, and the rumours about him wanting to holy war the north and Iron Islands”

Orbert says, “he has my vote for war with dirty greyjoys”

Burton says, “Guess it would spice things up if people connected to the Iron Islands or the Old Gods begin to get questioned or rounded up etc.”

Dermett says, “To be fair, he has a point. Filthy heathens everywhere.”

Dermett says, “Round Desmona up. I’ll allow it.”

Burton says, “Heh”

Burton says, “And on to wife no 3? Derm, the Margaery of 100s”

Josella says, “Speaking of the north, Jonnel Stark is of age. If we ever wanted to have a really big travel RP there, maybe some people could go for the wedding of him to Robyn Ryswell”

Dermett says, “But with a better butt.”

Orbert says, “I have three more free nieces”

Nymeria says, “I don’t think we can sustain that sort of trip. :)”

Josella says, “Fair enough, it was worth a shot! :)”

Orbert says, “do we even know whom Jonnel married first?”

Burton says, “Robyn I think”

Burton says, “Then Sansa”

Dermett says, “Oh hey, it’s that melee in Last Hearth this year.”

Dermett says, “Hasn’t that come around quick.”

Josella says, “I am not sure if we get an order for either. Thinking about it though, Sansa first might make sense, to bind the claims together”

Nymeria says, “Another thing we have talked a bit about on the mechanics side, sort of, is more ways of using SP. For example, being allowed a named squire or other NPC companion. We cut back on that since the updating was a PITA, but perhaps it could work on a more limited scale with a cost associated.”

Dermett says, “I like that idea, Nym.”

Orbert says, “Yeah, we don’t know the order, unless someone can clarify that”

Nymeria says, “Boy was Aisling surprised when she suddenly acquired THAT half-sister. ;P”

Nymeria says, “Oh shit, her half brother is 21 already. And not dead yet. Damn.”

Josella says, “Lucky Aisling, she only has 1 usurper brother instead of three. ;P”

Josella says, “But I guess whoever marries first might be solved when House Stark is made fully-compliant with TWOIAF, anyway”

Nymeria says, “One is still one too many. ;)”

Orbert says, “it would be nice to know names of some unnamed characters from Fire and Blood, but that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon”

Nymeria says, “If they went unnamed in that volume, they probably won’t be named.”

Nymeria says, “Anyone else have any thoughts on the use of SP, btw?”

Orbert says, “maybe at least Olyver/Royce issue will be resolved”

Dermett says, “I’ve not read it yet but I imagine it ends before Baelor’s reign. On a scale of one to ten how worried are you that the next book is going to throw a gigantic spanner in the works on this game? :P”

Josella says, “It ends in 136 Derm”

Dermett says, “Ah right.”

Orbert says, “knowing Martin, it will probably be released at least three years from now”

Burton says, “I did, but I think I’m covered by your answer, if you mean that there is a slight change of policy re:SPs”

Josella says, “Also wrt the Story Point, I’m not sure I would use it for that. While I’m interested in having named household members, I would probably want to use it for something else. But I wouldn’t be too fussed about the change”

Josella also wrote this article on the wiki, Derm ;)

Balerion says, “We’ve no intention of trying to line things up with F&B2 beyond anything that’s very easily fixable.”

Orbert says, “you ommited mention of Leowyn paramour”

Burton says, “By that you mean? By the time F&B2 comes out the game might have become storngly AU?”

Burton says, “strongly”

Nymeria says, “Very likely.”

Dermett says, “V nice, Josey.”

Cindria says, “Ah, well. That’s v. understandable”

Josella says, “Refresh the page Orbert, she is mentioned now”

Orbert )

Balerion says, “The game will remain committed to following the history as far as possible, but we’re not going to retroactively change significant roleplay we’ve been doing over the last decade.”

Nymeria says, “While we stick to the known details for the period, lets just say George is extremely likely to a) do unexpected things we had no idea would happen and b) change things that weren’t published before.”

Nymeria says, “We have a very detailed account of how the conquest of Dorne happened on the game, for example. George is unlikely to write the same account. ;)”

Balerion says, “Yes. Parts of it are based on his early notes, but not all of it, and as we’ve seen with F&B, he can change his ideas along the way.”

Dermett nods.

Josella says, “I did submit a job of a few characters from F&B 1 that could be added that wouldn’t require major, dramatic rewrites to all the house (i.e. just inserting one new character into a house)”

Jeona says, “If it’s ok to ask, do you think he’ll probably write an extended version of the Conquest that’s already canon on the wiki?”

Balerion says, “I expect if he covers the reign of Daeron the Young Dragon, he’ll flesh that history out, yes.”

Jeona says, “Ok, thanks”

Cyrissa says, “I once read an SSM where George mentioned Daeron was married but died without issue”

Dermett says, “This Leowyn stuff is delicious btw.”

Josella says, “I particularly like the Appearance & Character section ;)”

Balerion says, “Yeah, that’s old. He changed his mind.”

Balerion says, “Though I can’t swear he won’t change it back.”

Cyrissa says, “Ah got it :)”

Nymeria says, “We had an entry on the game wiki for a while that said “oops, we didn’t know Daeron had a queen” and then we had to remove it when he changed his mind again. And yes, he may change it once more. Just look at Jaehaerys’s kids between the books.”

Balerion says, “But in any case, circa TWoIaF, Daeron has no wife.”

Durance takes a break from tax work. “I also like the SP idea. Could it also be used for plot purposes? Such as, spending a SP to use a specific or higher tier NPC for a TP?

Josella says, “Also wrote @ Dermett”

Nymeria says, “Use in the sense of play the character or just have it play a part? Possibly that.”

Josella says, “And updated with how he died etc”

Dermett says, “Noice.”

Jeona says, “I’m sure someone’s already said something like this before, but it would be cool if there was some kind of separate wiki for the stuff that happens in BoD. But then I don’t know if the character profiles are already that kind of thing, and I can think of some reasons another website probably wouldn’t work, like it would take too long or be unneeded or something like that.”

Orbert says, “maybe mention that he drew his sword during the quarrell”

Dermett says, “Yeah Corbrays will do that.”

Josella says, “Will do. Also Orbert, maybe you can tell the rest of the CKII team that most of the new characters can also have wikids from AWOIAF”

Orbert says, “I have only constant contact with one person from the mod. Unfortunately, head of the team is avalaible like three times a week for fifteen minutes”

Orbert says, “I can’t even ask him if I can change something”

Josella says, “Alas”

Orbert says, “and when I change something, he sometimes reverses it few day later lol”

Durance nods to Nym. A temporary part. With the assumption they’re running the plot, or involved in a specific way that they’d be willing to spend the point.

Nymeria says, “Jeona: We don’t want to do another install of the MediaWiki software, it is pretty massive. The CMS we use for the website does include a very basic wiki, but the issue has been setting up user accounts, since it basically gives someone wide access to the whole of”

Nymeria says, “What sort of content would you want to see on it?”

Jeona says, “Maybe just like the biographies of the CGed characters and offices they held or something like that, but yes, now that I think about it, that would probably mean some very long pages that might crash it or something?”

Nymeria says, “No, that is not an issue, really. The issue is keeping that content synched with content on the game. It could get outdated very fast.”

Jeona says, “I was just thinking about a seperate BoD version of AWoIaF because it just seemed like something that could be cool, but I understand if it would break something or if someone could get access to something.”

Jeona says, “Ok”

Nymeria says, “We have wanted to mirror the CDB on the website, but we don’t have the coding skills for that, alas.”

Jeona says, “Does it cost money to make things on the MediaWiki or whatever it is?”

Nymeria says, “No, the software is free. But it is a bit of a resource hog and two installs on the server might not work very well.”

Nymeria says, “We already have the Westeros forums on one server and the, the wiki and the game share another.”

Jeona says, “Could someone create one that just has a link to the website on the Main Page or something, or would you have to get permission or something?”

Nymeria says, “You mean creating a separate wiki elsewhere? If someone wants to setup a page for their character, that’s fine, but we wouldn’t want a game resource elsewhere that people might think is official/checked by us when it isn’t.”

Jeona says, “Ok, sorry”

Josella says, “So a playermade wiki would be okay if there’s a disclaimer that it’s playermade? :)”

Josella says, “I think something like that would be a good alternative if someone has problem with navigating the CDB”

Jeona says, “I wouldn’t mind doing something like that, but only if it was allowed and there was something to make sure it’s unofficial”

Burton says, “I’m down with the idea”

Nymeria says, “Well, no, I meant more in the sense of having a webpage for your own character. A whole player wiki would be .... awkward, I think. People WILL start relying on it and come across discrepancies.”

Cindria says, “what are the main technical difficulties involved with importing the CDB to a website?”

Josella says, “Understood. :)”

Nymeria says, “A one-off important is mainly a matter of mysql knowledge. But for it to be worth anything, it has to be kept synched and PennMUSH doesn’t do mysql well enough.”

Nymeria says, “Err, one-off import, too.”

Nymeria says, “We had a guest on the other week who got interested in the idea, then he looked at how Penn handles mysql and said ugh.”

Cindria says, “Ah. I was wondering if the issue might’ve been with PennMUSH since mySQL itself shouldn’t be too difficult”

Jeona says, “Actually I guess long pages on all of the CGed players would be hard, because I don’t know if there’s somewhere where all of the public information, at least, on that character is stored in the Logs or something”

Nymeria says, “Well, its difficult enough for myself and Bal, we have very limited knowledge. ;)”

Orbert says, “this site would probably need some modernizations”

Jeona says, “Ok, sorry for asking”

Nymeria says, “The MUSH software? Yeah, that isn’t likely to happen. :) There are some new platforms out there, but we couldn’t move stuff over.”

Cyrissa says, “Does Maron marry anyone before Daenerys?”

Nymeria says, “That was in response to Cindria, Jeona. As for where player data is stored, its mainly in the CDB. Log data isn’t collected anywhere.”

Burton says, “Well IMO even a simple shared doc including a short bio for each PC past and presnt would be useful for navigation. This universe is wonderfully rich but the downside is that new people easily get overwhelmed. I know I id, originally, and as a matter of fact a guest a few days ago felt there was too much information for them to do the concept justice. Maybe if we had a catalogue of sorts with former and current PCs, made by players and shared on cloud to be handy whenever, it would help newbies. Seeing as some important events would be included, if briefly. Just throwing this out there”

Nymeria says, “Yes he does.”

Burton says, “About Maron, I imagine staying a bachelor until 35 would be quite the feat for a Prince :P”

Nymeria says, “I do agree that guests get overwhelmed, it has been our issue since day one given the amount of detail. However, that document you are talking about would have to cover _358_ characters (that is how many have been CGed since the start of the game), so I am not sure it would help much.”

Orbert says, “I had no such problem with staying bachelor, heh”

Burton says, “358? Wow. Then maybe the currently played ones only. But in any case, you know best”

Orbert says, “how many actual people have played this game?”

Nymeria says, “True, presenting current PCs could be a thing. But it would require a lot of maintenance. I suppose if players want to do that, collect a document of existing PCs and include their public histories, that’s not an issue. But its too much maintenance for us to add to the site, we can’t keep up with what we already have. :)”

Nymeria says, “I couldn’t really say, Orbert, we haven’t kept a record of individual players.”

Orbert says, “It looks like you need some assistants”

Burton says, “You’re only a bachelor yet because you haven’t found one worthy to be by your side, Orbs, but who knows, there might be such a goddess-on-earth among the thongs of noblewomen after all :P”

Nymeria says, “We need clones, Orbert. ;)”

Orbert says, “hopefully my next betrothed won’t suffer any hunting accidents”

Cindria says, “another lore question: outside of Dorne, if a lady was found to have committed adultery and had a bastard, would the rest of her house be expected to collectively ostracize her, including her trueborn children”

Burton says, “Yeah, I did mean player made and maintained, I understand you have your hands full. I for one am down for it, if others are too”

Nymeria says, “It would be very serious, Cindria. It would certainly besmirch the honour of her whole family.”

Jeona says, “I’d help with the Document thing if it was ok.”

Orbert says, “I would be glad to help at anything”

Josella says, “As would I. There are the profiles on the website, but I find that it’s kind of hard to stay logged in at the moment on”

Nymeria says, “That, alas, is one of the issues with the site—member management is very dodgy. That’s why we don’t have any guest editors or any accounts beyond myself and Bal.”

Josella says, “I did submit some new logs a while ago, but now I can’t even reach the submission page without being auto logged out”

Nymeria says, “Will see if we can do anything about it, but we haven’t quite managed to get ExpressionEngine to play nice with the server setup in that regard.”

Josella says, “Another minor thematic question on the game specifically: Do we know who the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is at the moment, or is that a secret in case more info about the chronology is released in the future?”

Nymeria says, “We don’t know so we haven’t wanted to establish it given that it isn’t a crucial detail for the game.”

Josella says, “That makes sense :) Also in Dorne, how should we RP currency given it’s probably using a different system from the Iron Throne? I saw a reference to a golden sun somewhere, is that correct? Or should we be kind of vague and just use gold pieces, silver pieces, copper pieces, and assume they have as much value as the Iron Throne equivalent”

Balerion says, “Coppers, silvers, no specification as to what they are called. We have used golden suns, which in the past we’ve said have half the weight of gold of a golden dragon, so approximately half the value.”

Cyrissa says, “How would it be perceived if a noble woman dressed the way Lady Nym (Sand) does in the books?”

Cyrissa says, “In Dorne*”

Balerion says, “Scandalous.”

Balerion says, “The Sand Snakes get away with things because they are outside the norm and outside the normal rules thanks to their father.”

Balerion says, “When Arianne thinks of wearing her thinnest silks, it’s because she wants to scandalize her father.”

Nymeria says, “And she expects (wants) him to be shocked, so its clear it is beyond what you normally do in public.”

Cindria says, “on that note, to what extent in Dorne is it ok for maidens to publically talk or joke about sex? I remember Quentyn reminiscing about girls he knew, several of them who flirted with him quite heavily, and he didn’t seem to treat it as outside the norm”

Nymeria says, “Flirting and kissing games is one thing. Being more explicit would probably suggest that the girl in question might not be all that chaste.”

Josella says, “Another Dornish question is that why, with the in-game examples, does it never seem to be that a child takes the mother’s name if she is not the direct heir? If e.g. Lord Uller appointed his sister to rule a holdfast within his domains, and she married a minor Ladybright cousin, would the children still not take her name unless she inherited Hellholt itself?”

Balerion says, “Every time Rhodry has done it, it’s because it’s inappropriate.”

Balerion says, “Let that be your guide. “Did Rhodry do this?” If yes, inappropriate.”

Burton says, “Heh”

Burton says, “Another one that has gotten away with several things due to his royal blood, I imagine”

Nymeria says, “Now, of course, we shouldn’t think of the Middle Ages (and thus the inspiration for the setting) in the way the Victorians portrayed it. People weren’t prudish. But still, polite society and all that.”

Balerion says, “No determination on that one, Josella. We don’t really know how such things work. I guess what I would say is that women preserve their family name when their children are her heirs.”

Nymeria says, “Alright, going to wrap this up for this time and see about posting it to the website. But we’ll try to do this with some regularity; we used to but have fallen out of the habit.”