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2.5.2. Illness
  • Pockmarks on a face (I: 120)
  • Victims of the shaking sickness tremble uncontrollably. Bleeding is one possible treatment (I: 314. IV: 152)
  • Gout (I: 350)
  • The grey plague (I: 517)
  • Greyscale, a disease that can leave flesh stiff and dead and the skin cracked and flaking, mottled black and grey and stone-like to the touch (II: 2)
  • Baelor Breakspear's sons and father died, as well as the Hand who succeeded him, during the Great Spring Sickness which killed many tens of thousands more besides. It was bad in Lannisport, worse in Oldtown, but worst of all in King's Landing where four in ten succumbed to it. A strong man could wake up healthy on the morning and die by the evening, so swiftly did the plague strike. Fire was used to destroy the remains of the dead, and it was noted that there were no rats to be found alive (II: 77. TSS: 119, 121)
  • A pox gotten from a whore (II: 77)
  • The bloody flux (II: 305)
  • Greywater fever, probably known only in swampy lands (II: 320)
  • Brownleg (III: 645)
  • A fit of the shaking sickness is treated with dreamwine to calm the victim, and then leeching is performed to thin the blood in the belief that bad blood leads to anger or other strong emotion that attract the fits (III: 906)
  • The High Septon, a third of the Most Devout, and nearly all the silent sisters in King's Landing died during the Great Spring Sickness (TSS: 121)
  • Dorne and the Vale did not suffer from the Great Spring Sickness, as they closed off their passes and ports (TSS: 121)
  • Lord Bracken's eldest son died during the Great Spring Sickness (TSS: 121)
  • Lady Rohanne Webber's fourth husband, Ser Rolland Uffering, died during the Great Spring Sickness (TSS: 122-123)
  • The grey plague struck Oldtown in the past (IV: 120)
  • Redspots, a common childhood affliction named after the red, itchy spots that appear on the body. Nothing can be done for it but to allow it to run its course, and use salves to soothe the itching. Once suffered, children no longer fall prey to it (IV: 305)
  • It's said the orphans of the Greenblood have great knowledge of the healing arts, able to cure warts and producing the most skillful midwives (IV: 306)
  • A child afflicted with the sleeping sickness may be regularly leeched (IV: 333)