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Concordance The Royces of Runestone and the Gates of the Moon
  • Lord Royce wears bronze armor, reputedly thousands of years old, worked with runes that are supposed to ward him from harm (I: 246)
  • The junior branch of the Royces has existed for at least some sixty years (III: 520)
  • The Gates of the Moon were raised by the Arryns when they wore the Falcon Crown and ruled the Vale. The Eyrie was their summer castle, but when the seasons turned colder, they would reside at the Gates. For many years, the post as Keeper of the Gates were granted to kinsmen of the Arryn kings and lords, but it was never hereditary (IV: 155)
  • The Royces of Runestone can easily gather 1000 soldiers (IV: 329)
  • Vassals of the Royces include Lord Coldwater of Coldwater Burn, the Knights of the Gull Tower of House Shett, and Lord Tollett of the Grey Glen (IV: 706)