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8.2. The Tyrells
  • The crown has borrowed money from the House (I: 163)
  • Lord Tyrell is Warden of the South (I: 687)
  • The Lords Tyrell style themselves as Defenders of the Marches and High Marshals of the Reach (I: 687)
  • Members of the Tyrell household such as men-at-arms and servants wear the golden rose of the house sewn on the right breast of their tunics or doublets (II: 248)
  • At least some Tyrell household guards wear gilded halfhelms and green cloaks eded in gold satin, with the golden rose of Highgarden sewn on their breasts (III: 65)
  • The Tyrells can command the largest army in the Seven Kingdoms, although the Lannisters have more wealth (SSM: 1)
  • The role of the wardens are to defend their assigned regions from invaders, and are in theory the supreme generals of their area so as to avoid disunity (SSM: 1)