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Concordance The Caswells of Bitterbridge
  • The roseroad crosses the Mander at Bitterbridge (II: 248)
  • The waters of the upper Mander are muddy, at least in the area of Bitterbridge (II: 248)
  • The castle at Bitterbridge is small, its battlements constructed of stone and timber (II: 249)
  • The Great Hall of the Caswell keep is great only by courtesy (II: 254)
  • From the great hall a low doorway can be taken to begin an ascent up a stair tower (II: 257)
  • The keep is scarcely tall enough to call a tower (II: 257)
  • Ser Cleyton Caswell, a pretty young man but easily cowed by the likes of Ser Lucas Inchfield, was among the suitors for the hand of Lady Rohanne Webber in 211 (TSS: 118, 123-124)
  • The Lord of Bitterbridge was Joffrey Caswell around the year 211 after Aegon's Landing (TMK: 663)
  • A hedge knight known as Ser Kyle, the Cat of Misty Moor, claimed to have been sworn to Lord Joffrey's father when he was younger (TMK: 663)
  • Armond Caswell, Lord of Bitterbridge, was among those who fought for King Daeron II against Daemon Blackfyre. In one battle, his banner-bearer was killed and he was allegedly saved by Ser Kyle, the Cat of Misty Moor (TMK: 665)
  • Lord Caswell is styled Defender of the Frods (TMK: 690)