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Concordance The Florents of Brightwater Keep
  • In about 206, Lord Florent was blind (THK: 477, 478)
  • The Florents can gather at best two thousand swords at best (II: 13)
  • The Florents of Brightwater Keep are very rich (II: 443)
  • House Norcross serves in the household of the Florents (II: 731. III: 221)
  • The Florents regularly dispute the Tyrell claim to Highgarden (III: 66)
  • The Florents claim descent from Garth Greenhand through the female line, among others. Their own blood claim is indeed superior to that of the Tyrells (III: 67, 947)
  • The Florents are counted among the greater lords of the Seven Kingdoms (III: 215)
  • Florents have had wives from House Osgrey in the past (TSS: 112)