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12. Other Lands
  • It is well known that the cheapest place to buy slaves is right off the ship (II: 642)
  • There are cultures in the eastern continent where men are allowed more than one wife (II: 643)
  • Colloquo Votar’s Jade Compendium, a thick volume of tales and legends from the east (IV: 76)
  • The Weeping Woman is favored by old women, the Lion of Night is preferred by rich men, the Hooded Wayfarer by poor men. Soldiers light candles for Bakkalon, the Pale Child, while sailors prefer the Moon-Pale Maiden and the Merling King. Even the Stranger has a shrine (IV: 314)
  • Strange coins from many places: silver and gold, copper and bronze, square and round coins, triangles and rings and bits of bone (IV: 402)
  • Wine from Yi Ti (V: 22)
  • Pirates on the Stepstones (V: 71)
  • Pirates on the Rhoyne river (V: 71)
  • Talk of "stone men" on the Rhoyne, said to be real but poor damned creatures (V: 71)