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12.2.8. Volantis
  • Sweet red wines from Volantis (I: 492)
  • It is the fashion to tattoo the faces of slaves and servants. A fool might be patterned in tattooed motley from neck to scalp (II: 6)
  • Volantis touches the sea (III: 113)
  • Volantene glass is valuable (III: 408)
  • Volantene sellswords cover themselves with fierce tattoos (III: 440)
  • Volantis is said to be in the west from Slaver's Bay, and may be the nearest of the Free Cities to that place (III: 807)
  • Volantis appears to be a good market to sell slaves to (III: 809)
  • There is noble blood in "old Volantis" (IV: 38)
  • Colloquo Votar was a Volantene adventurer who visited all the lands of the Jade Sea and wrote the Jade Compendium, a thick volume of tales and legends from the east (IV: 76, 85)
  • The game of cyvasse spread to Dorne from Volantis (IV: 186-187)
  • The direction taken in marching from the Disputed Lands to Volantis is the "wrong direction" if one means to cross the narrow sea Westeros (IV: 246)
  • Pieces in the game of cyvasse include elephants and dragons. Players arrange their squares, including mountains, at the beginning of the game (IV: 307, 590)
  • It can be inferred that Volatnis is one of the southernmost Free Cities, along with Lys (IV: 440. V: 20)
  • Lean, green galleys (IV: 510)
  • The Targaryens had been happy to sit on Dragonstone until Aegon developed his ambitions. There had also been pressure for Aegon to go east instead of west, with the Volantenes trying to convince Aegon and his sisters to join a grand alliance against other Free Cities (SSM: 1, 2)
  • Volantis has a warm climate (V: 20)
  • A Volantene coin is described as having a face on one side and a death's-head on the other (V: 29)
  • Fair hair and blue eyes are common in Volantis (V: 32)
  • The swiftest way from Pentos to Volantis is by sea (V: 71)
  • The direct distance between Volantis and Meereen is approximately 550 leagues (V: 73)
  • Volantis is the oldest and proudest of the Nine Free Cities (V: 73)
  • It is said there are five slaves to every free man in Volantis (V: 73)
  • Volantis is ruled by triarchs (V: 73)