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12.4.4. Legends and Beliefs
  • The Dothraki believe that someday ghost grass will cover the world, and then all life will end (I: 190)
  • It is believed that a woman able to eat the entire heart of a stallion without retching or choking will have a strong, fearless son; if she cannot, the child will be weak, deformed, stillborn, or female (I: 409)
  • The Dothraki believe that the stars are horses of fire, a great herd racing across the sky (I: 410)
  • The Dothraki believe that the first man came out of the waters of the Womb of the World (I: 412)
  • The Dothraki believe that one day the dosh khaleen will pronounce that the khal of khals, the stallion that mounts the world, will be carried in the womb of a khaleesi. He will unite the Dothraki people and conquer all the world (I: 415)
  • The Dothraki have a word, maegi, applied to women who they believe lay with demons and practice the blackest of sorceries, evil and soulless creatures who visit men in the dark of night and take their strength and life (I: 560)
  • The Dothraki believe in magics involving grass, corn, and horses (I: 561)
  • The Dothraki believe that the horses of fire that make up stars are ridden by dead Dothraki warriors. The more fiercely the man burned in life, the brighter his star would be in death (I: 671)
  • If a young child too young to ride should die, he will not ride in the nightlands but instead be reborn to begin life anew (II: 140)
  • The Dothraki believe that when the gods are gone from places, evil ghosts feast by night. Such places should be shunned (II: 143)
  • The Dothraki say that the people from the Shadow are spawn of shadows (II: 426)
  • The Dothraki believe it is bad luck to touch a dead man, unless you are the person who killed them (V: 31)