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12.8.2. Politics
  • A wealthy merchant from Qarth calls himself a member of the Thirteen (II: 149)
  • The Thirteen are wealthy (II: 311)
  • The Pureborn are notorious for giving poisoned wine to those they deem dangerous (II: 420)
  • The Pureborn are also named the Enthroned (II: 421)
  • The Pureborn are descendants of the ancient kings and queens of Qarth. They command the Civic Guard and the fleet or ornate war galleys which rule the straits between the seas (II: 421)
  • To receive an audience with the Pureborn, one should make a traditional sacrifice in the Temple of Memory, offer a traditional bribe to the Keeper of the Long List, and send a traditional persimmon to the Opener of the Door (II: 421)
  • When a person receives blue silk slippers, it announces that they are summoned to the Hall of the Thousand Thrones, where the Pureborn hear petitioners (II: 421)
  • There is a saying: "It is easier to milk the Stone Cow of Faros than to wring gold from the Pureborn" (II: 422)
  • There are three factions of merchants: the Ancient Guild of Spicers, the Tourmaline Brotherhood, and the Thirteen. Each fights the others for dominance, and they all struggle against the Pureborn (II: 422)
  • The Thirteen control about 1,000 ships, the Ancient Guild of Spicers own about 1,200 or 1,300, and the Tourmaline Brotherhood has about eight hundred (II: 639-640)