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10.2.4. Bannerhouses
  • House Jordayne of the Tor (I: 691. III: 429)
  • House Santagar of Spottswood. They are knights, ruled by the Knight of Spottswood (I: 691. IV: 303, 352)
  • House Allyrion of Godsgrace (I: 691. III: 429)
  • House Toland, the lords of Ghost Hill (I: 691. IV: 600)
  • House Yronwood is the most powerful of the Martell bannermen. Lord Yronwood rules the seat of the same name at the Dornish end of the Boneway, and holds the office of Warden of the Stone Way (I: 691. III: 959. IV: 600)
  • House Wyl, who have their seat in the Boneway (I: 691. IV: 600)
  • House Fowler, ruled by Lord Fowler. Their seat of Skyreach can be found at the Prince's Pass. They hold the office of Warden of the Prince's Pass (I: 691. IV: 594, 724)
  • House Qorgyle of Sandstone (III: 82, 429)
  • House Dalt of Lemonwood. The head of the house is known as the Knight of Lemonwood. They are more powerful than petty lords, but not so powerful as to intimidate House Martell (III: 429. IV: 593-594)
  • House Uller and House Fowler are powerful houses in Dorne. There is a saying stating that half the Ullers are mad, and the other half are worse. The Fowlers
  • House Blackmont of Blackmont (III: 429)
  • House Manwoody of Kingsgrave (III: 429)
  • House Uller of Hellholt (III: 429)
  • House Gargalen of Salt Shore (III: 429)
  • House Ladybright (IV: 196)
  • The Jordaynes, Allyrions, Qorgyles, Dalts, Blackmonts, Manwoodys, Ullers, and Gargalens are among the greatest noble families of Dorne. None of them are small or insignificant (III: 429, 430)
  • House Vaith rules Vaith, and are called the Lords of the Red Dunes (TSS: 101, 106. IV: 724)
  • Around 210, Lady Vaith headed the house. She was a madwoman (TSS: 106)
  • Members of House Yronwood rode with Bittersteel in three of the Blackfyre Rebellions (IV: 198)
  • There is bad blood between the Fowlers and the Yronwoods since the Fowlers chose Martell over Yronwood during Nymeria's War (IV: 594)
  • Dorne has had a violent history, particularly with the mountain houses who lived by raiding across the borders into the marches, feuded with each other endlessly, and were the first to face invaders (SSM: 1)
  • A ruling princess of Dorne never takes the name of her consort. Some of the noble houses of Dorne follow them in this custom (SSM: 1)
  • The vast majority of Dornish follow the Rhoynish custom of the eldest child inheriting regardless of gender. However, some few of the stony Dornish houses, little touched by Rhoynish blood, may go their own way (SSM: 1)
  • There have been a number of Vulture Kings in the past, from various houses, including possibly House Blackmont (SSM: 1)