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12.2.7. Tyrosh
  • Tyroshi men wear brightly dyed forked beards (I: 30, 140)
  • The ruler of Tyrosh is called the Archon (I: 30)
  • The Tyroshi keep slaves (I: 30)
  • There is a particular Tyroshi accent, that can be heard in Tyroshi who speak the Common Tongue of Westeros (I: 139)
  • The Tyroshi are infamous for their avarice (I: 139)
  • Tyrosh appears to have access to the sea (I: 139)
  • In Tyrosh a kind of cake is baked named honeyfingers (I: 490)
  • Tyroshi pear brandy (I: 492)
  • Tyroshi armorsmiths can make fantastic helmets shaped like birds and animals, chased with precious metals (THK: 466)
  • The Tyroshi make a device with which a wet leather cord can be securely looped around the neck of a person. As they struggle to move forward (perhaps to reach a means of freeing themselves only a little out of their reach), the cord tightens so that eventually they strangle themselves (II: 583)
  • Sellswords are common in Tyrosh (III: 267)
  • Tyrosh fights over the Stepstones and the Disputed Lands (III: 433, 756. SSM: 1)
  • There are blue-eyed Tyroshi (III: 476)
  • Some Tyroshi wear pointed mustachios that they can paint to various hues, such as gold (III: 476)
  • There are pleasure houses in Tyrosh and Lys (III: 479)
  • Roro Uhoris was a smuggler, known up and down the narrow sea as the Blind Bastard even though he was neither blind nor a baseborn. He was executed by the Night's Watch after being caught in the Bay of Seals after having traded weapons to the wildlings (III: 608)
  • Vermillion-dyed beards (III: 676)
  • Following the failure of Daemon Blackfyre's rebellion in 196, Bittersteel and Daemon Blackfyre's surviving sons fled to Tyrosh where they plotted their return (TSS: 121. TMK: 650, 664)
  • Tyrosh is far larger than the shadow city of Sunspear (IV: 40)
  • Tyroshi are described as being boisterous and loud (IV: 508)
  • Ships pass the Bleeding Tower when entering Tyrosh harbor (IV: 521)